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Cosmic Marvel is going to suck so much now.

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A Note from the Author

As an intense Cosmic Marvel fan, there has been something missing this last year with no titles being put out. With news of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie, the status of these beloved characters are sure to change drastically. This is how I always envisioned their stories continuing.

Continuity: It's always hard to keep up with everyone in the Marvel Universe. In my mind, Bullseye is obviously alive and with the Hand after Shadowland. And the GOTG with Peter Quill have not returned as seen in Avengers Assemble.

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I hate cosmic stuff.

So it surprised the hell out of me when I found myself in the middle of something more important than anything I ever thought I'd be a part of. I mean, what could I hope to do that would save the entire universe? Here on Earth, I'm stronger than most people and know how to take a beating. Not exactly the power set of a cosmic player. And even with my "super" powers, guys like me are a dime a dozen.

A while back, I found myself caught up in a super-powered Civil War and got myself in a wheelchair for standing up for what I believed in. I have a certain psychotic killer to thank for that.

It all seems so silly now.

One of the good things about traveling through space and time is it really puts things into perspective. Meeting true heroes can do that too. Richard Rider, Nova, and Peter Quill, Star Lord, gave their lives to save everyone. Not a neighborhood, not a city, but the entire universe. It was the second time Peter saved me.

With Peter's death, the Guardians of the Galaxy disbanded. Everyone on our ragtag team of heroes went their separate ways. We all needed time to heal.

I found my way back to Earth where everything seemed back to normal too. Maybe it's time I get back to normal also.

Cleveland, Ohio

Jack, clad in civilian attire with his red, white, and blue hair, walks into a typical apartment building. One that just so happens to have been his home in what seems like ages ago. He climbs the stairs and stands in front of his old door, hesitating.

It's been so long since I've seen Lucy. She probably thinks I'm dead. Aw c'mon, I've stood toe to toe with tentacle creatures from another dimension. I can do this.

He knocks and waits. After a moment, he knocks again. Giving up, he descends the stairs and knocks at another door, that of the landowner. Unlike his door, this one opens in seconds revealing an overweight man with a thick mustache and a stain on his shirt.

"Ya? What do you want?"

Composing himself, Jack says, "I'm looking for a woman named Lucy who used to live on the seventh floor."

"A Lucy on the seventh floor? I don't think so. Why are you looking for her and, hey, what's with your hair?"

"My hair? Oh I'm just very patriotic I guess. She's my girlfriend."

"You don't know where your girlfriend lives?"

"It's... been a while since I've talked to her last."

"Well if you're talking about whoever used to live in 7G, they moved out months ago."


"Ya, a man and a woman. I think they were a couple. Sorry, man."

The landlord shuts the door on Jack, leaving him standing there once more.

Ouch. I can't say I blame her. I could have came back after I escaped from 42, but there was no telling what I'd have been coming back to.

Leaving the building, Jack turns back one last time and looks at his old window.

Goodbye, Lucy.

He starts aimlessly wandering the streets.

What am I supposed to do now? Lucy's moved on. My old life is gone. I probably can't even use my name anymore without raising a red flag in some database. Should I start again from scratch? Should I superhero again? C'mon, universe. I helped save you. Give me a sign!


Yes! Superheroics it is.

Glancing for the distress, Jack dashes towards an alley. At it's mouth he sees a man getting mugged by a group of thugs.

"You guys should all walk away now while you still can."

The men stop kicking the bloodied man on the ground to look up at Jack.

The leader says, "You should take your own advice, freak."

Lifting his head off of the ground, the victim moans, "Please, help me."

Jack takes a few steps into the alley, "Let me break it down for you guys with an analogy. You know what an analogy is right? This wall here, is one of your faces."

He gestures to the brick wall to his left. Then, suddenly, he pivots and punches the wall sending chunks of brick and mortar flying in all directions.


The group eases back and then books it down the other end of the alley. Jack bends down and helps the man up.

"Are you alright, sir?"

Slowly rising, "Yes, I'll be fine. They didn't even take my money yet. Thank you so much."

"Don't worry about it. I was just righting a wrong. Any decent folk would do the same. In fact, there is another wrong I should probably right. Do you know who Bullseye is?"

"Bullseye? As in the supervillain Bullseye?"

"That's the one."

"Um, the last time I saw him on the news was during that whole Shadowland thing in Hell's Kitchen I think. He was with those crazy ninjas in that fortress."

"Ah, thanks a lot. Have a nice rest of your day, sir."

Jack pulls his sleeve back and presses a few buttons on a small machine connected to a wristband and teleports away in a flash of light. The man looks around in utter confusion.

Shadowland, N.Y.

I feel like this gift from Knowhere is gonna come in handy here. Thanks, Cosmo.

Jack is standing on a rooftop looking out to Shadowland.

How the hell was this built in New York while I was gone.

Looking to the castle standing against the night sky, Jack takes off his coat, revealing his Guardians of the Galaxy uniform.

Looks like I couldn't keep this off for too long.

Jack tosses his coat onto the roof and rummages through his bag, pulling out his mask, before dropping the bag on the roof as well. He fits the mask into place and runs towards the end of the ledge, jumping off of it.

At the gate to Shadowland, Jack kicks it in with a loud crash. He walks into the large courtyard and is almost instantly greeted by a horde of red-robed Hand ninja.

"I'm looking for the psychopath, Bullseye. This is his current address, right?"

The ninja swarm upon him with a variety of weapons. Some leap down from the walls and others appear from clouds of smoke. The first to reach him is one with a large spear. The ninja thrusts it at Jack, who manages to grab it. He pulls the unsuspecting ninja towards him and lifts him into the air. Using him as a weapon, Jack throws him at the closest group of charging shinobi. The next opponent is punched in the face, causing him to slink to the ground. A pair of Hand ninja rush at Jack from behind, but are meant with a spinning kick that sends both tumbling.

Looking back just in time, Jack dives to the side to avoid a barrage of shuriken. When he gets back up on his feet, Jack charges through the horde of ninja, sending some flying into the air.

The Hand slowly moves back forming a circle around Jack with a dozen ninja laying at his feet. The circle parts in front of Jack and Bullseye steps into the clearing, brandishing a pair of knives.

He twirls them around and says, "What's all this? All this for me? My, my, someone really wants to die."

Jack stands up straight, "You don't even remember me, do you? Figures."

"Remember you? We've met?"

"You shoved a blade into my spine and paralyzed me."

"Listen, man. I've done a lot of things to a lot of people. This time, though, I promise I'll shove the blade somewhere else."

"Sorry, but things are different. You can't sneak up on me now."

"Is that what this is? Revenge? You gonna try to kill me?"

"No, this is just righting a wrong in the universe. However small it might be. This is justice."

"Justice? Ha ha ha ha. Please. So you're going to try and arrest me? Or do you want to break my back in return? I got news for you, creep, My bones are coated in Adamantium. There ain't any way you're gonna break my back and this time after I'm done with you, you won't be walking again. I promise you."

"Ok. I love jumping from roof to roof, you know. It was my favorite thing to do when I got my powers. So what could I do to you that would equal what you took away from me when you paralyzed me? Hmm. You do love to aim, don't you?"

In an instant, Jack pulls out a space pistol and with two quick shots, shoots both of Bullseye's eyes.


Bullsye grasps his face and just screams.

"Ahhhh! You son of a bitch! My eyes!"

Streams of smoke sneak out between his clutching fingers as he continues to yell in pain.

Jack Flag holsters the pistol.

"I guess we're even, man."

Just then, Jack's teleporter start beeping. Glancing at it, his eyes widen and a smile stretches across his face.

"I'd love to stay for the rest of this slumber party, but duty calls."

With that, Jack presses a button on his wrist and teleports away in a flash leaving the courtyard of ninja and Bullseye rolling on the ground.

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The Only way I'd allow this is if the story is about Carnage trying to breed a twisted reflection of himself to be his brother in slaughtering. The said brother is instead strongly against killing and precedes to run away from Carnage before realizing the damage all symbiotes cause and going on a quest to kill and absorb all of them resulting in a universe cleansing of all the 90's symiote-character abortions. This will make the few remaining symbiotes (Venom and Carnage-bro) seem more powerful and relevant. This will also give a future story plot to exploit in the form a Symbiote Escape story with the return of (Carnage and company).

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Marvel needs to start getting its shit together and keep characters dead for a loooooong time if they want any shock value attached to them again.

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Now my interest is FINALLY peaked.

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ehh I wouldn't say Rick is a stone-cold killer now for killing the two Philly guys. It's like star wars, you can't forget to mention that Dave shot at Rick first. Rick was just better. After all, Han shot Greedo first and that says a lot about his character.

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ya, i don't care anymore. the only thing i look forward to with Marvel is just the cosmic stuff. i'm so sick of events.

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Yes, i don't even care about main Marvel continuity anymore. None of the events are even good. All they do is try to change the status quos all the time to the point where it doesn't matter. Not to mention they sacrifice good storytelling to do it.

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I cannot stand Deadpool and people's love of him. He was alright until people started loving him and now everyone writes him as one of the most unstoppable characters in the Marvel Universe. 

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