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Top Ten Detectives

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  • Batman Worlds Greatest Detective

  • Green Hornet From The 30's And With A Movie From 2011

  • Rorschach By DC Comics Was Created In 1986 And Solved The Case Of The Comedians Death

  • Batman's First Robin Dick Grayson Becoming Nightwing Later On Obviously Is A Good Detective Seen As Batman Trained Him

  • Don't Know Much About Blade Besides Hes Had A Few Movies And Hes A Good Detective Based On My Sources

  • Magical Detective One Of Two On This List John Constantine

    Is One Of The More Under Rated Characters In DC's Roster

  • The Question I First Found Out About Him From Batman Brave And The Bold And Automatically thought He looks Sick

  • Jessica Jones I Only Know About Her From Her Netflix Series Witch I Didn't Love But I Didn't Hate

  • The Second Of The Two Magical Detectives He Has Had Quite A Few Movies But Other Than That Don't Know Much About Him

  • Detective Chimp The Silliest Detective I've Ever Seen When I First Heard About Him I Thought He Was A Joke Character