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Looks awesome, but I'm still mad that Martian Manhunter is still not in the movie.

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@suemorphplus209 Probably, but I think this one will be different. If she doesn't break up the fight at all, then I think Bats will win because of Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, if the fight is based on the book. The book also inspired to make the movie and how Bats would look like. I think Supes would win if he decides to go all out a little with Bats like he said in the last trailer.

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Hayden Panettiere, from Heroes and Nashville, for me. Still have a crush on her.

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I believe that Wonder Woman is going to interrupt the fight. I bet she's going to make them see their differences and try to make them see eye to eye, like show Bats he's on their side and wants justice for all, like Bats. I think she also breaks them up because she's trying to bring peace, love, equality, and quell man's aggression towards each other, (Bats and Supes). I think she's also going to defend Superman for his actions.

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Hi Comic Vine. I had this origin story for the JL in my head for some time and I thought I should share it with you. Sorry if it’s too long, but please give me feedback and I would like to hear your stories too.

My origin story for the Magnificent Seven will consist of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash (Barry Allen), Aquaman, & Martian Manhunter and the bad guys will be Lex Luthor and Darkseid.

The story starts with Darkseid coming to Earth, arriving at the White House via boom tube, kills all the bodyguards, mentally shuts down the minds of Luthor’s reinforcements from coming, and meets President Lex Luthor in search of the Anti-Life Equation, which he knows is on Earth, but doesn’t have time to search for it. They make a deal that if Luthor brings the Equation to Darkseid, Darkseid will give Luthor the entire Earth to control, but unbeknownst to Darkseid, Luthor has the Equation at LexCorp to find a way to kill Superman and for studying it, while Luthor also sends nuclear weapons for Darkseid to fight his war on New Genesis. Darkseid leaves the White House and tells Luthor he has 1 week to find it or he'll invade Earth. Luthor decides to let Darkseid to invade the Earth if he fails to humiliate or kill Superman with his plan.

The story then transitions tomorrow with Clark Kent in Gotham investigating the city’s hero, Batman. He learns on TV that there's a space satellite falling to Earth and is about to land in a big US city by watching the news live. He flies there as Superman and manages to stop the satellite, but an alien, Wraith, (from Superman: Unchained) jumps out of the satellite and fights Superman on live TV. Wraith and Superman exchange blows while fighting throughout the city, but Luthor tells Wraith in his earpiece to let the live TV broadcast see Superman “finish him”. When Superman tries to speed-blitz Wraith, he explodes at the last second like an atom bomb, killing and destroying everyone and everything in the city. Since this was in live TV, the world sees and believes that it was Superman's fault who caused the explosion because they still see him as a god with unimaginable power, making Superman the world's enemy. He flies to his Fortress of Solitude to hide. Luthor is satisfied, but knows he’s counting on Darkseid to invade to take down the rest of the world’s heroes.

After arguing with Jason Todd about almost beating criminals to death, Batman believes his fears come true as he watches the live coverage of Superman's fight with Wraith and prepares to take down Superman. He travels to Metropolis the next day and kidnaps Lois to make Superman come to him. Lois presses a button on her watch that Superman gave her and Superman comes out of exile to rescue her in her apartment, only to find a batarang and her watch at her bed. He searches frantically all over Metropolis, but is forced to leave when General Sam Lane sends forces to the city to take him down.

When he returns to the Fortress, he hears Lois's heartbeat, and flies to Gotham. He saves Lois by breaking into an abandoned warehouse, but is now confronted by an armored Batman outside. The two of them fight as Lois gets to safety. Before they fight Batman tells Superman to not hold back. The two of them talk as they fight, but Batman calls Superman “Kent”, trying to scare Superman to let him know he knows who he is, but Superman calls Batman “Bruce”, revealing Superman knows Batman and Bruce are the same guy. As they fight goes on, Superman starts tossing Batman around like a rag doll. Superman realizes Batman wants him to beat him up badly if Batman can’t win the fight, turning public opinion around Superman even more. So Superman decides to let Batman beat him, but make it look convincing to him and to the news reporters catching the fight live.

At the same time, Lex Luthor sends Wonder Woman and Aquaman in Gotham to bring in both Batman and Superman. The Guardians of the Universe also send Hal Jordan to arrest Superman so they could imprison him in their prison built next to a red sun. Hal gets Barry to help him out by bribing him with money for his date with Iris West.

Batman's suit doesn't hold its own too well with Superman, because it's a prototype, but Superman feels dazed and stunned from the armored Batsuit’s blows. Batman can feel Superman's blows and is eventually bleeding internally and coughing up his own blood. He's saved by Wonder Woman and Aquaman, who both quickly blind-sided and speed-blitz Superman, and Batman retreats. GL and Flash also arrived, and under Luthor's orders, WW and Aquaman are ordered to arrest them too. Seeing the destruction they're all causing, Batman returns to the fight. The fight goes on and the six heroes cause major damage until John Jones arrives and mentally knocks them all out, including the reporters and cameramen. He then destroys WW and Aquaman's earpiece so the government won't track them down and flies them all to his home in the Colorado Desert.

The next day, they all wake up and J'onn explains his origins to them and what's going to happen in 3 days. In Mars, the peaceful Green Martians were fighting the barbaric White Martians and the Greens were winning until Darkseid's Parademons arrive and help the Whites. The Manhunters (Green Martian Cops, Detectives, etc.) later discovered that J'onn's evil twin brother, Ma'alefa'ak, made a deal with Darkseid, that if he brings the Anti-Life Equation to Darkseid, then Darkseid will give Ma'alefa'ak a curse to wipe out the entire Green Martian race. Eventually J'onn stopped his brother, but encountered and fought Darkseid. He barely won and Darkseid let J'onn read his mind to see the atrocities he committed across this universe. J'onn only beat Darkseid by sending him home via a boom tube. Mars did have the Anti-Life Equation and were studying it until the Parademons arrived. J'onn later buried every Green Martian on the planet, including his wife and daughter and imprisoned all the White Martians in the Still Zone. One of the Green Martians hidden the Equation on the US somewhere. In 1955, Dr. Erdel transported him to Earth and seeing as how Earth has bad guys like on Mars, he decided to stay on the planet and help people as a detective.

He also says he's been watching on all of them since they made their debuts, especially on Clark because Jor-El and J'onn were best friends and before Krypton exploded, he told J'onn to help his son if he ever was in trouble or was being investigated. He then says, during his current time as an FBI agent, he's been finding Mother Boxes in random cities after suicide bombings occurring in America and other countries, which he knows it’s from Parademons because before the invasion of Mars, there were suicide bombings before it started. He then says that they need to work together to find them all and destroy them before the invasion begins. They all agree to work together and they split up to find the Boxes.

Darkseid, who's getting impatient, decides to invade the Earth early, by sending a Parademon with a Mother Box, onto the rooftop of The Daily Planet, and leaving the Box there. The League manages to find many Mother Boxes worldwide and they destroy them all. Right after that, the Mother Box at The Daily Planet opens a gigantic boom tube above the city and the invasion begins.

The League, after trying to get along while they hunt down the Mother Boxes, heads to Metropolis, where J'onn informs them that the invasion in Metropolis will eventually spread to other cities. GL tries bottleneck the boom tube with WW and Superman's help. Batman, Flash, & Aquaman are fighting Parademons in the ground and helping civilians evacuate. MMH reads people's minds in Metropolis to tell the League telepathically, who needs the most help in the city. He also mind controls the citizens of Metropolis to evacuate. The heroes do extremely well in defending Metropolis, but the Parademons then retreat back into the boom tube and the heroes regroup on the ground. MMH then tells them that their god is coming as Darkseid appears to them and by channeling his Omega Energy, smashes his fists to the ground, causing a massive shockwave that destroys the surrounding environment. Before though, GL created a bubble around the heroes, making them survive the destructive shockwave, but the intense shockwave broke the bubble, knocking them out.

Superman gets up faster than the rest and fights Darkseid. Darkseid makes Superman an offer to join him, but he refuses. They begin to fight after Darkseid says that he’s disappointed. Darkseid takes Superman’s attacks like they were nothing, while Superman is getting weak when Darkseid punches him. As Superman’s recovering, he makes Supes angry by killing US soldiers and civilians trying to evacuate by using his Omega Beams. He also reveals that he was responsible for Krypton’s destruction when he made a deal with General Zod. He explains that the deal was that he’ll invade Krypton and help Zod overthrow Krypton’s leaders, while Zod fights MMH, (who was on Krypton before the invasion) and bring him to Darkseid to be used as a weapon. That eventually failed as both Jor-El and MMH stop Darkseid by bringing Radion weapons into the war and Darkseid retreats, stopping Zod’s coup, but Darkseid also activates machines that will make Krypton’s core unstable . Superman gets extremely mad and fights Darkseid in the sky with everything he’s got, but Darkseid badly beats up Superman and he has his Parademons take Superman to the labs of Apokolips to be studied. They take Superman to Apokolips as Batman watches them. Luthor then decides to go to Metropolis and give Darkseid the Anti-Life Equation, but dresses up in his armor in case the heroes interrupt them. Darkseid slowly walks to LexCorp, where he knows where he’ll meet Luthor.

GL then wakes up and goes to fight Darkseid, but Batman stops him and they have the same talk in the New 52 JL book. GL and Batman wake up the rest of the League and tell them what happened to Superman. They decide that 5 of them will stay in Metropolis to fight Darkseid, while Batman convinces MMH to stay here and help the other heroes, while Batman rescues Superman. MMH downloads his and the Parademons’ memories of Apokolips, its labs, and the internal programming of Mother Boxes in Batman’s brain and he lets himself be taken by a Parademon to go to Apokolips. The 5 heroes proceed to fight Darkseid.

GL distracts Darkseid while the rest of the League attacks Darkseid, surprising him. MMH and Darkseid telepathically talk to each other and Darkseid says he’ll make the League work for him or kill them if they refused, which they all do. During the fight, Darkseid is beating the League badly, but they keep coming back up. They later realized that they can’t stop and defeat Darkseid, even with MMH’s experience with fighting him. Through J’onn’s telepathy, the heroes agree that the only way to beat him is to send him home, but they have to wait for Batman and Superman to return. The heroes begin to doubt that they probably won’t survive before they return.

At Apokolips, the Parademon carrying Batman takes him into the labs. Batman frees himself from the Parademon and explores the labs to find Superman in the vents. He finds him in a room where he’s guarded by Darkseid’s lieutenant and lab scientist, Steppenwolf and Desaad. Batman sees a Mother Box near them on a table and plans to use it to send him and Superman home faster instead of flying outside to the big boom tube. He also hears them talking about how they could use a substance called Radion to create weapons to kill the New Genesis Gods. He leaves the air ducts and slowly sneaks up on the table and reprograms it to open a boom tube to Earth, thanks to the information MMH downloaded into him. Desaad and Steppenwolf discovered Batman and his plot and try to arrest him, but Bats finds Radion grenades near him, throws them at them and they leave the room. He then frees Superman. Superman and Batman defeat Desaad and Steppenwolf as they enter the room again, but Superman tells Batman he’s been depowered thanks to the red solar rays in the room. Batman activates the Mother Box, creating a boom tube to Earth and they escape, while Superman steals small Radion sticky bombs, which he knows that it can also hurt the Apokoliptians. As they neared the exit, Steppenwolf shoots Batman in the head by a ray gun, knocking him out. Superman grabs the Mother Box and destroys the Apokoliptian circuitry by using his heat vision.

Superman and Batman fall from the sky as their boom tube disappears. Superman is exposed to the sun’s rays and regains his powers. He grabs Batman before they hit the ground and they fly on top of the Daily Planet. Batman says he’s fine and the two of them see the 5 heroes struggling against Darkseid. Batman tells Superman to go help them while he manages to spray his explosive gel onto the Radion sticky bombs. He puts them on his belt and finds the Mother Box that opened the gigantic boom tube above Metropolis. He takes it with him, dives down the building, and see how the heroes are doing. Hope was lost when he just saw Superman, MMH, and WW fighting Darkseid while the rest are down. Batman then places explosive batarangs on the hood of a car and drives toward Darkseid. As Darkseid throws MMH on the ground with the others, knocks out WW and holds Superman by his throat, Batman jumps out of the car as it hits Darkseid and explodes.

Darkseid lets go of Superman and walks towards Batman. Darkseid talks about how he admires Batman’s attempt on trying to save the heroes, his attempt to stop him, and his courage. He also goes on about how he admires humanity because we kill our own kind to get what we want, which he wonders if Batman will ever do if he ever wants to permanently stop crime in Gotham. Darkseid then starts to throw punches at Batman, but he avoids them, gets behind Darkseid, and silently places the Radion sticky bombs on his back and helmet. After placing all the sticky bombs on him, Darkseid punches Batman from behind and flies through a wall into the Metropolis Mall’s food court. Batman has a very hard time getting up and Darkseid walks his way to Batman. As he gets closer, Batman tries to crawl and get the Mother Box, which fell off his utility belt, but Darkseid kicks it away and says it’s a pity that the perfect human will have to die. Before he can blast Bats with his Omega Beams, both Superman and Wonder Woman came from behind Darkseid and Superman carries Darkseid to the rest of the League. WW helps Batman up his feet, grabs the Mother Box, and flies him to the fight, but keeps him hidden. She tells them that he needs to open a boom tube on the Mother Box when MMH tells him to and Bats agrees.

The League fought bravely as they try to weaken Darkseid, but to no success. Superman eventually punched Darkseid so hard that he went flying across the street. MMH told Batman to open a boom tube so Darkseid could just fly through it and send him home. Batman opens up a boom tube, but Darkseid caught himself and is walking his way out of the boom tube. The Flash spins his arms, creating a whirlwind at Darkseid, Aquaman shoots electricity at him, and Green Lantern shoots beams at him to push him back, but with no luck. Superman, Wonder Woman, & Martian Manhunter fly around the word superfast in order to punch Darkseid back home. Darkseid, reading J’onn’s mind, channels his Omega Energy again to his fist so that when they get closer, he’ll smash his fist to the ground, disintegrating them and leveling the entire state. Batman, who is now outside and knew what Darkseid was doing, sets off the explosive gel covered Radion sticky bombs with a button on his belt and Darkseid is badly hurt, which also causes his Omega Energy to go away. As he got up, Supes, MMH, and WW punched him at the same time in his face, chest, and stomach, and he went flying into the boom tube, sending him back home. They punch Darkseid so hard that he went right through Apokolips and was floating in the planet’s orbit. He takes off his helmet and body armor, revealing that his nose is bleeding badly thanks to Superman, he has a hole in his chest thanks to MMH, and one more in his stomach thanks to WW. He flies back to his palace, which is destroyed because he went through it, and says he’ll be back. Batman closes the boom tube, the Mother Box gets fried, and the rest of the Parademons commit suicide, ending the invasion.

The heroes feel good about themselves and their victory, until they see Luthor arrive at LexCorp. The Magnificent Seven confront Luthor as to why he’s here and Luthor answers them by showing them the Anti-Life Equation in his armor’s chest. He reveals his deal with Darkseid, his framing of Superman, claims he knows the secrets of the Equation, and dares the League to take him down. They all charge him, but Luthor stops them all with a wave of his hand, causing them all to freeze. Luthor tells them to kneel and they all do so. Luthor starts to monologue on how he will rule the Earth with having his name plastered on walls and signs and how he’ll save the Earth from aliens like Superman and MMH. He makes Superman lie down on his old desk and pulls out a Kryptonite spear from his back and attempts to stab and kill him. But, Green Lantern breaks free of the Anti-Life Equation’s influence and hits Luthor with a baseball bat, temporarily stunning him and freeing the rest of the heroes. They all hit Luthor hard and Flash vibrated himself to go through Luthor and he grabbed the Equation. After that they took apart most of his armor, they discover that his chest armor is carrying a small nuke, which will go off they try to take it off or knock him out. He reveals the only way to remove safely is for him to take it off. Aquaman hears beeping noises from a few floors below and as it beeps faster, he tells everyone to leave. Supes grabs Luthor as the rest fly or jump their way out. As they fly or jump, they see a Boom Tube appear in the middle of LexCorp and LexCorp goes down like the Twin Towers in 9/11. Luthor gets so pissed off that he removes his armor’s chest piece and WW restrains him by tying him with her lasso. Batman then said he recorded everything what Luthor said and did by using his cowl and gives the data to Superman. Supes takes Luthor and the nuke to Washington D.C. and the rest of the heroes start cleaning up Metropolis, while Bats walks away to Gotham, promising he’ll help Metropolis financially.

A few days, later the world news says Luthor will be on death row and that the citizens of Metropolis and the rest of the world are grateful for the “super friends” saving them. Pete Ross becomes US President after Luthor’s reelection. The world sees them as heroes, but for some, gods among us. After the invasion other heroes started appearing, like Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Hawks, Zatanna, and others. General Lane says we were lucky this time, but then says what will happen if something like this happens again. The heroes went their own ways after cleaning up Metropolis, but Batman was able to find John Jones’ number and he called him to say that he has an idea. Together, along with Supes, take technology from around the world, both human and alien, and combine it to make a Watchtower satellite. After launching it to space from Mars, J’onn telepathically calls the heroes to come to space.

At the Watchtower, Batman says the satellite will serve as a beacon for them to alert them of alien threats or other large-scale threats and eventually their headquarters. He also tells them that the Anti-Life Equation is in the Watchtower. When Flash questions them as to why they were here, Superman spoke and said he thought he could protect the entire world all by himself since he made himself known to the world first, but as more threats or an invasion like this happened, he knew he couldn’t do it, and said that if they stick together, as a team, they could do more good than they ever did before. He even came up with an official name for themselves called “The Justice League”. The Flash says that’s a stupid name, but agrees with Superman’s idea and he officially joins the team. Wonder Woman joins as well, seeing this as the perfect way to accomplish her mission that the Greek goddesses and Amazons gave her. Aquaman joins too, but also tells him that he won’t be with them all the time because of Atlantis. Green Lantern joins, but makes the same excuse as Arthur, but saying that his work on space will take most of his time. Batman joins as a part-time member. Martian Manhunter says he’ll join, work full time and flies to the control room. Knowing something’s wrong, Superman flies to the control room and asks him what’s wrong. J’onn says that he had his chance to avenge his people for what Darkseid did in Mars, but J’onn says that he feels so lonely without his people. He also says that he’s sorry he didn’t tell Clark about his time on Krypton. Superman says he forgives him and that the League can’t never replace the family, friends, and race he had on Mars, but tells him that the League can be his new family, and Clark tells J’onn that he’s the brother he never had. J’onn gets a big smile on his face and they fly with the rest of the League to celebrate.

Back at the Batcave, Alfred brings Bruce dinner and sees him watching footage of the heroes and creating plans. When Alfred asks him what he’s doing, Bruce says that he’s making contingency plans to take them down in case they go rogue. When Alfred asks Bruce who’ll take him down if he goes rogue, he says that the Batfamily will, but if they fail, then the League will definitely stop him. Alfred then asks how far he has got in trying to find Jason. Bruce says that he can’t find him and all he knows is that he went to find his biological mom. Shortly after that, J’onn calls him on the Batcomputer and says there’s a giant starfish floating above Washington D.C. Bruce puts on his cape and cowl and flies away in the Batjet to D.C.

Background Info:

The reason WW worked with Luthor is because after stopping Ares from starting WWIII, she allied herself with the world’s most powerful country, America, and becomes a US government agent. She also adopted the American flag colors to show to the world that she’s on the good side. The reason Aquaman worked with Luthor is because he wanted Atlantis to get recognition to join the United Nations after his brother, Ocean Master, tried to sink the world with the Doomsday Thermal Reactor and to make up for the destruction it cost. All the heroes made their debut some time in a six-year timeline. Superman’s origin story is similar to the Man of Steel movie, except Johnathan Kent is still alive, his Fortress of Solitude is the same on in the Injustice video game, and he did not kill Zod, but sent him to the Phantom Zone in his Fortress. Batman’s origin is his Zero Year origin. Green Lantern’s origin is the same as his Secret Origin story. The Flash’s origin is the same as his origin in The Flash TV show. Luthor is mad that Superman and Zod destroyed his city when they fought, that he’s not gaining as much attention as he did before Supes showed up, and how people worship him, which Luthor wants people to do to him rather than Supes. Darkseid’s origin is his Pre-New 52 origin.

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I think we're all forgetting or didn't know about Jason Fabok's design of Diana. I think this costume is one of the bests of all time.

As seen in The Amazo Virus and Darkseid War story arcs from JUSTICE LEAGUE.