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Top 100 Strongest Fighters in Dragon Ball (2017)

I haven't updated this in a long time, for latest scaling go here:

I will delete all non-canon (video games, GT, DB Heroes, etc) once I have time.

List items

  • Already stated by Whis to be the strongest but he's not a fighter. He's already destroyed 6 universes because he was in a bad mood. Don't let his smile fool you.

  • She is Whis' older sister and boasted that she is "still" stronger than Whis after 1000 years. Vados' profile for "Preparing for the Tournament" (6th chapter of DBS manga) states that her true strength may be above Whis.

  • He has the ability to go back in time 3 minutes. He was trained by his sister, Vados. He knocked out Beerus with a Karate chop. He is still above Vegito because of his fighting technique and ability to manipulate time.

  • The formula for fusion is unknown, but it states in the Daizenshuu (the official guidebook) that the power of Potara is greater than Fusion Dance. Vegito would always win in a fight against Gogeta. With Kaioken, he may be arguably stronger than Beerus. However, due to the recent retcon, Beerus has the upperhand due to the time limit which is even smaller in SSB since ki is expended quicker.

  • Confirmed by V-Jump 2004 to have a power level of 2.5 billion in SSJ during Movie 12. Now with the current forms of Goku and Vegeta, they are easily above Beerus at SSB. The GT Perfect files stated that SSJ4 Gogeta was 10x stronger than SSJ4 Goku, implying that Fusion dance may be = (A+B)x5. However, Gogeta is non-canon and hence, these numbers cannot be taken too seriously especially since they are from V-Jump. Fusion Dance forces both fighters to match their power levels which requires the stronger fighter to lower his/her power level. This is one of the reasons why logically, it is weaker than potarra where this matching and lowering does not occur.

  • At 100%, this guy may be capable of things we haven't seen yet.

  • Not much to say here. He has reached SSB and can do Kaiokenx10, allowing him to surpass Hit's power and possibly even Beerus. However, his technique is still fresh and his ki is unstable.

  • After training with Whis and sparring with Goku, he received God ki from Goku while exchanging some blows. This allowed him to achieve SSB. He is almost evenly matched with Goku but he cannot do the Kaioken which still puts him below Goku.

  • He is weaker than his brother but was not afraid of Hit or Goku. Even though Hit has the ability to aim for vital points, it was also shown that pure ki alone can break the dimension in which Hit uses to hide himself.

  • He's got 1000 years of experience. He held back against Goku because he couldn't use his assassination techniques. He keeps improving himself throughout the fight. He clearly won against Goku even without assassination. He took several hits from a Goku in SSB+Kaioken x10 and still could keep fighting.

  • He has been able to spar and even beat SSB Vegeta in his base. In SSR, he almost killed Vegeta and he is stronger than SSB Goku. It was revealed that Black is just Zamasu in Goku's body. This is the same body of Goku post-Multiversal tournament. Logically, Black should then be at the same power level as current Goku, but oddly, he is not. Black has a different form of zenkai boosts that occurs even without healing. This may be due to the fact that Zamasu's God ki mixed with a Saiyan body altered the Zenkai which allows Black to heal during the fight and hence, obtain Zenkai boosts during the fight itself. This makes him stronger than Goku even though they share the same exact body.

  • After training for 4 months, this guy went from being weaker than Android 19 to being stronger than SSB via Golden Freeza. Frost is still stronger than his 4th form.

  • Gohan has gotten much weaker. He is barely able to transform to SSJ and was almost beaten by Ginyu. He is weaker than Piccolo now. Hence, he is no longer FPSSJ but only the first grade of SSJ. He will not be able to beat Cooler who is 4x stronger than Freeza was on Namek.

  • Unfortunately Comicvine doesn't separate Future Trunks and Chibi Trunks. I'm going to use the strongest canon version of Trunks which is Future Trunks. Chibi Trunks would be below Cabba and above Goten. Future Trunks' SSJ2 is on par with SSJ3 Goku in the manga. Additionally, he is seen fighting Zamasu and Black and is stronger after receiving training from Vegeta. In the anime, Trunks had a transformation beyond SSJ2 called SSR (Super Saiyan Rage) which allowed him to fight Zamasu and Black alone for a while.

  • He was stronger than 18 but weaker than 16.

  • The soon to be immortal God. He has fought Goku and Trunks both who were in SSJ2. He has even sparred with SSB Goku in the future. However, since he is immortal, he can spar with anyone stronger than he is. Strongest of all Kaioshins from all 12 Universes.

  • He took a Final flash from a SSJ Vegeta at full power directly to the face. This is after Vegeta already has the power of SSG.

  • You might find it surprising that he's this high on the list. His strength is controversial because his Assault Form damaged base form Goku which beat 4th form Freeza. In the manga, he took some hits from SSJ Goku (not a 1-hit KO like it showed in the anime). Hence he is above Gotenks who could not land a single hit on base Vegeta. He is also above SSJ3 Goku from Buu saga because SSJ3 Goku could not touch Beerus but SSJ Goku with the power of a God could. He is also above 4th form Freeza but not Golden Freeza.

  • He was chosen over Gohan to participate in the Universal tournament. He was able to block attacks with one hand against Frost. He only lost because Frost cheated again.

  • At SSJ3, he is stronger than Kid Buu / Fat Buu, but was weaker than Super Buu.

  • This website doesn't separate the different Buu forms, so I will go by his original form which is Kid Buu. His power might be weaker but his regenerative abilities is what make him a tough opponent.

  • This version is Super Perfect Cell i.e. the SSJ2 level when he self-destructed and regenerated. As Cell as Saiyan Cells, he can also turn SSJ and SSJ2. This puts him above Broly and Hatchiyack who were opponents fought before Cell. He is above Bojack because of his ability to regenerate which Bojack lacks. Hatchiyack who is stated and confirmed to be more powerful than Broly was never defeated by anyone beyond SSJ1.

  • He is the King of the Demon Realm. His power level was close to Cell's but much weaker. Gohan fought him in a weaker form of SSJ2. Adult Gohan was shown to have SSJ2 with lightning in the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai, so it is assumed that he could transform into this state during his fight with Dabura. Vegeta stated he could beat him easily. In a real fight, he could beat Broly because of his intelligence and his spit.

  • Strongest of all the Androids. He was able to go head-to-head with Cell in his first form and claimed that he was stronger.

  • Shown to be much stronger than Piccolo (after fusing with Kami). This automatically puts him above Android 17 who was equal in strength to Piccolo fused with Kami. This also includes other Kaioshins in other universes, which should be around the same level.

  • As a Kaioshin, he has to have a base strength. Zamasu was the strongest of all Kaioshins but below SSJ2. We know that the Kaioshins that were killed by Buu were above the androids but below Super Perfect Cell.

  • She beat both Goten and Trunks in the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai.

  • Even though he is a newly transformed SSJ, his base was enough to land a hit on Vegeta. Vegeta was training him during the fight and could have beaten him in his base. He is clearly stronger than Goten and Trunks and even Gohan (due to lack of training) evident by his fight with Vegeta.

  • This guy is canon. He's the fusion of Abo and Cado. His power is greater than Freeza from Namek. Goten and Trunks individually could not defeat him and had to fuse.

  • He might just be as strong as Gohan if he didn't stop training.

  • His ability to send any attack to a different dimension allows him to absorb any attack. This puts his dimensional ability greater than Janemba's who also can transport attacks through portals. Botama however does not need a portal. He took several hard hits from a base Goku who was able to beat 4th form Freeza. Base Goku is now > SSJ3 Goku from Buu saga. In addition, Akira Toriyama stated that subsequent fighters/opponents will usually be stronger than previous ones. Hence, we can assume that he's stronger than all the opponents from Z. He's also the top 5 strongest fighters in Universe 6, so his base power is no laughing matter even though base Goku defeated him effortlessly.

  • Even Piccolo could have defeated this guy.

  • Killed by SSJ Vegeta.

  • A lot of people believe that King Cold is in his 2nd form and that he had further transformations, but he didn't have time to transform since Trunks finished him quickly. In fact, in an interview with Toyotaro and Naho Oishi regarding RoF, it was stated that while Freeza's family was strong, he was on a different league:

    Implying that Freeza is stronger than King Cold.

  • His Kikoho was able to fend off a Cell that absorbed Android 17. He even helped deflect a ki blast from Super Buu. He has many feats, but he is still below an SSJ. He fought SSJ Trunks in Movie 9 and lost. He received training from King Kai and easily dispatched the Ginyu Force. More recently, he defeated most of the members of Freeza's henchman.

  • Official last power level is 180.

  • This guy was stated by Akira Toriyama to be the strongest human in an interview a long time ago. This was true at one point. However, after he got married to 18 and started a family, he stated himself that he gave up martial arts. Since then, he's become significantly weaker. He had more trouble than Tien to defeat Freeza's forces. His power level on Namek was 75,000. Thus, he can beat all of the Ginyu Force except for Ginyu. He stopped training while Tien did not. We can all agree though that he's much stronger than Yamcha.

  • While he is a Kaioshin, he's one of the oldest Kaioshins from the 15th generation. Goku fired a ki blast at his face which Gohan stated that Goten in his base could've handle. It's possible that after fusing with a witch, his power decreased.

  • Captain Ginyu had the highest power level of 120,000. His ability to body swap allows him to take any person's body on this list, possibly even the Omni-King!

  • He did train with the other Z-fighters during the Cell Saga. After that, he hasn't trained at all. He was shown on King Kai's planet to take down the Ginyu Force.

  • Other than Captain Ginyu, the rest of the Ginyu force had power levels ranging from 30,000 to 60,000 according to Kanzenshuu.

  • Power level of 28,000 after transforming.

  • Power level of 22,000.

  • Power level of 18,000.

  • He is obviously stronger than Nappa and Vegeta were from the Saiyan saga. He is comparable to Bardock who was 10,000 but a little stronger.

  • Bardock had a base power level of 10,000 shown in the TV Special according to guidebooks. He unlocked his Super Saiyan abilities later which is 50x base. Hence this puts him at around 500,000. Then considering the Zenkai boost after healing, he is above 530,000 (Freeza's 1st form).

  • He hasn't trained for centuries. However, we can assume that's he a little stronger than King Kai who is onl a Kaio.

  • His max power level before he died was 4500.

  • Believe it or not, his power level is 3500. He is just as strong as Piccolo was when he fought Nappa. This is based on official databooks. Similar to the East Kaioshin, King Kai also represents the average power of the Kaios, with Zamasu being an exception.

  • He is not a SSJ, so he is already weaker than Goten and Trunks. However, he is most likely stronger than Raditz.

  • His max power level before he died was 1500.

  • While he had boasted to Goku that he was stronger than Raditz, according to official guidebooks, his power level is 1300.

  • Believe it or not, this guy has a confirmed official power level of 1030. He is above all the maggots. He swallowed Goku's kamehameha. He is actually more powerful than Kami. The original Piccolo (before he split into King Piccolo and Kami), was stronger than Mr. Popo.

  • After training at Kami's place, his power level rose to 970.

  • Power level 260 after gaining his youth.

  • He is in fact weaker than Mr. Popo. Official guidebooks put his power level at 220, weaker than King Piccolo at his prime. This is because he did not wish for youth from Shenlon.

  • Cyborg version has a power level of 210.

  • Official power level is 190.

  • He's strong when he gets angry.

  • He was trained by Roshi but was weaker than him. He only gave Goku a good fight because he knew to grab his tail. His power level is <139.

  • He is mostly a healer even after Guru released his hidden power but during the GT saga when Baby took control of everyone, he was able to fire Ki blasts.

  • She fought Spopovich in the tournament who got a Majin upgrade. She still lacks fighting experience and techniques which puts her below Roshi.

  • Last official power level of 130. Chi Chi beat all the qualifiers at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai and was defeated by Goku. She had the same power level as King Chappa. She may have learned a trick or two since then.

  • Confirmed power level of 120.

  • All of the Colonels, Sergeants, and Generals had a power level of at least 100 or higher. Some of them like Blue had abilities like hypnosis.

  • He was the winner of the 24th Tenkaichi Budokai, so he is not weak. King Chappa most likely got beat by him which means his power level is at least 100 or greater.

  • He is quite weak but always saves the day!