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Aquaman - Greatest Stories

A list of Aquaman's best (IMO) stories. Mainly focused on the Peter David era and later stories (but some older ones are included). Also it focuses on stories where Aquaman gets to kick butt (so most of the stories include some amazing moments and feats by the Sea King).

Some stories are not presented as arcs on the site, so the description provides all the relevant issues when needed.

Some of those stories are also not Aquaman exclusive, but feature Aquaman (or an alternate version of him) as a main character and he plays an important role (like most of the JL stories).

The list will be updated from time to time.

List items

  • Aquaman's first new 52 story pits him a new mysterious race of underwater creatures. Amazing art, very nice action some mystery and setup that pays off later and a distinct "Aliens" feel.

  • Story arc that follows Triton's bloody rise to power culminating in Aquaman's battle against the Olympian. Peter David's last and grandest arc on the title he used to return Aquaman to prominence as a very powerful A-list badass hero. Many plot threads are resolved here and all in all a very "big" storyline for the Aquaman universe with great action, visuals and some humor.

    The issues of the storyline are Aquaman v3 Annual #1, Aquaman v3 #34 and #42-46

  • Emperor Aquaman

    Aquaman's Flashpoint incarnation plays a huge role in the creation of the New 52 universe. A dark and epic storyline that shows the personal clash between Aquaman and Wonder Woman (and consequently Atlantis and Themyscira) that leads to huge ramifications for the DCU. Great action and a very tense arc.

    The issues of the storyline are Emperor Aquaman - issues #1-3, Wonder Woman and the Furies issues #1-3, Flashpoint issues #1-5 but mainly #4-5, Deathstroke & the Curse of the Ravager #1-2

  • A one-issue team up with Etrigan vs an ancient threat. Simply one of the best one-issue Aquaman stories ever. The art and story are great and both Aquaman and Etrigan get to shine.

  • One of Peter David's personal favorites. Aquaman does not make an appearance until the very end, but this volume sets up and details the whole Atlantean background in the DC universe. A very "Game of Thrones" like epic, century spanning storyline with great art by Esteban Maroto.

  • An incredible horror sci-fi mini series under the DC Black Label, which means this is an alternate timeline / world in the DC Multiverse. This Aquaman is more akin to a mythical figure than a regular superhero, which makes the moments he appears all the more weighty. The story and pacing are excellent, the art is stunning and fits perfectly to the reality distorting feel of the story, and Aquaman gets some incredible moments to shine, particularly towards the end of the story.

  • An excellent team-up adventure with the Flash. The rest of the JL and the world are incapacitated and the two heroes must save the day against an alien force that threatens the entire planet. Great moments between the two characters, some of the best action moments for Aquaman in years and overall a great and fun adventure with two great leads.

  • Aquaman's first story of DC Rebirth from Dan Abnett, puts the Sea King against Black Manta and a mysterious secret society that tries to frame him and start a war between Atlantis and USA. A great story that greatly expands Aquaman's Altantean world, shows his political side and has some great moments from both Aquaman and Mera, with a surprise guest star.

  • The Kordax Saga

    The beginning of Peter David's longest arc on the title. A huge story that involves an Atlantean ancestor of Aquaman seeking revenge, a war between alien races, the lost cities of Atlantis, Ocean Master and a global invasion. Great story, nice art and Aquaman in the middle of it, kicking but and being a leader.

    The issues of the storyline are Aquaman v3 #11-25

  • Issues 1-6. Nu 52's JL origin. It's JL vs one of DC's most powerful villains. The writing might not be up to the level of the latter JL issues, but still it has great art by Jim Lee and the action scenes are huge and epic. Needles to say Aquaman kicks huge amount of but.

  • It's a multicast book, but the breakout star was Aquaman. The story focuses on Aquaman's return to the world of the living after the events of Blackest Night and results in the "Aquawar". Great action and visuals, by the art team of Johns and Reis that would translate to Aquaman's excellent new 52 run.

    The issues that involve Aquaman's story are #0-7, #9-11, #16, #18-21, #23-24.

  • The War with Cerdia

    A great epic story from Dan Jurgens and Steve Epting, that sets a confrontation between Atlantis and surface country, all being manipulated by a mystery villain. The entire Aquaman centric cast shines here and the action scenes are top notch. the characterization of Aquaman is also great after the "not so good" (to put it lightly) Erik Larsen run.

    The issues of the storyline Aquaman v3 #63-70

  • Will Pfeifer's best work on Aquaman with great art by Will Pfeifer. The sory revolves around the sinking of an entire city, the chaos it ensues, the mystery behind it and Aquaman trying to resolve the situation, performing some amazing feats in the process.

  • Aquaman vs the Deep Six

    Again one of Peter David's (and Martin Egeland's) best stories. A four issue action packed confrontation between Aquaman and the extremely powerful Apokolyptian gods, the Deep Six. Very entertaining story, with ramifications for the rest of the DCU and Aquaman (again) kicking major butt. The iconic "bearded, armored, hook hand warrior king" look debuts here.

    The issues of the storyline are Aquaman v3 #5-8

  • Aquaman travels to Hawaii to find some answers and gets to meet and fight 2 DC powerhouses. A very fast, funny and action packed two parter, with some great Aquaman moments and fights.

    The issues of the storyline are Aquaman v3 #3-4

  • A series of stories with Aquaman and many of his most well known supporting cast and some of his villains. References the entire history of the character, from the 60s to the 90s to now, and the stories are energetic, full of great action and more traditional straight super hero stuff. Much better than the main Aquaman series at the time.

  • Where is the Justice League?

    A very action packed storyline that involves the Grant Morisson JLA vs the Ultramarine Corps and ties with the excellent Seven Soldiers arc. Aquaman gets some top notch moments and feats here.

    The issues of the storyline are JLA Classified #1-3

  • Aquaman vs King Shark

    Chronicles the first meeting between Aquaman (the original one, not the One Year replacement Aquaman) and King Shark. A very epic feeling story with some great moments and a very "fantasy" feel.

    The issues of the storyline are Aquaman: Sword o Atlantis #46-47

  • JLA vs Ultramarine Corps.

    The JLA has to face off against a new very powerful team of metahumans. Great story by Grant Morisson, nice art by Howard Porter and great Aquaman moments, including one his best showings of speed.

    The issues of the storyline are JLA #24-26

  • JLA vs the Star Conqueror

    Grant Morisson's JLA in a very tense adventure during the best run the title ever had. Aquaman plays a huge role and gets to show how powerful he is.

    The issues of the storyline are JLA #22-23

  • Everyone knows this. Every character gets their moments to shine. All in all an excellent, epic and visually perfect storyline with (again) some great Aquaman moments.

  • The first time Geoff Johns got to write Aquaman extensively in a story. Nice and very thrilling story. Aquaman gets to really shine and show just how powerful he is.

  • Aquaman: With the Fishes

    Aquaman has to deal with a new powerful villain and he does it in a very unique way. Great story and artwork.

    The issues of the storyline are Aquaman v4 #21-22

  • Peter David's origin for Aquaman. A great story with nice characterization of Aquaman, that fleshes out the character and his history.

  • Aquaman's first appearance by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger. A fun simple self contained story and the birth of the most famous aquatic hero ever. Needles to say Aquaman is a badass from the very beginning.

  • An old school one issue JLA story. Aquaman has some nice moments and gets to start up the story.

  • Aquaman in Skartaris

    Another Dan Jurgens, Steve Epting story. Aquaman travels in Skartaris and meets Warlord in an epic fantasy-like three parter.

    The issues of the storyline are Aquaman v3 #71-73.

  • A 4 issue mini series that introduces the "blue camo" suit (that would later make it to the New 52 as the basis for the Drift's costume) by Neal Pozner and Craig Hamilton. Very epic and mystical storyline that introduces the lost city of Thiera Na Oge and it's cast.

  • A self contained JLA story that connects the current and the "Satellite Era" JL versus a common uber powerful foe. Aquaman plays a major role and gets some great moments.

  • A self contained story about the less than stellar JLA Detroit. Aquaman is the leader of the team and shows that even at their lowest point, the JL are still DC's greatest heroes. Nice story, good art, great action.

  • A self contained six parter that focuses on how the JL deals with threats that might have a political background. Aquaman plays a major role using his connections and influence. Plus the best and most prominent use of the Water-Hand takes place in this story.

    The issues of the storyline are JLA Classified #26-31

  • JLA travel to a magical realm to help Kyle Rayner locate a person from his past. Writen and drawn (beautifully) by Timothy Trumman the story features a spot on Aquaman with some amazing moments and feats.

  • During the Death of Superman storyline, his Justice League teammates recall former adventures with the Man of Steel. This is the Aquaman issue, and it's a great self contained team up story.

  • The JLA has to deal with a very powerful cosmic threat, with the whole existence at stake. Mark Waid again delivers on JLA and Bryan Hitch's pencils are excellent. Aquaman plays a major role and gets some major moments.

  • The three part prequel to Grant' Morisson's JLA. Every member of the big seven get their moments to shine in a great story. The mystery in this story is also great and engaging.

  • Communications Error

    Just one of the stories in this 80 page volume, it features a team up between Aquaman and Steel fighting some piece of alien tech on the Moon. A very thrilling and action packed little story with some great interactions between the 2 leads and some great Aquaman moments.

  • A one shot of the JLA vs Imperiex, that has extreme ramifications for the Aquaman universe. One of Aquaman's shining moments.

  • Justice League of America vs the New Order

    One of the original JL's best and most brutal stories. Aquaman gets some really big moments.

    The issues of the storyline are Justice League of America v1 #221-223

  • Grant Morisson's first JLA arc. A new team of uber powerful aliens appears claiming the want to help Earth, but something doesn't feel right. Great story and although Batman gets the best moments, Aquaman gets some of his own, including one of his signature uses of his telepathy.

    The issues of the storyline are JLA #1-4

  • JLA vs Asmodel (and Neron)

    Another great Grant Morisson JLA story. A world ending threat appears and the JLA have to deal with it. Aquaman again gets some great moments and great characterization.

    The issues of the storyline are JLA #6-7

  • Issues 44-47. A JL story that involves mythical creatures, Tartarus and the Spectre. The story starts when Aquaman calls on the JL for assistance against some monsters. Aquaman and Wonder Woman take center stage, and we get some cool 1 v1 fights between Superman and Batman, Flash and GL and Aquaman and WW. Fun story, good pace, nice conclusion. A nice example of simple superhero storytelling, that doesn't need many issues.

  • Issues 1-7. A great start to the Scott Snyder League. With big repercussions for the DCU, multiple villain appearances and a growing mystery. The action is great, the art very good and Aquaman gets some great moments (including another scuffle with WW).

  • A twelve issue maxi series that revisits the then JLA origin. Great and fun story from Mark Waid and nice art by Barry Kitson. Aquaman is one of the 5 main characters and has a lot of great moments through the series.

  • Aquaman tries to find who sunk a major city which leads to a direct confrontation with one of JL's most powerful members. Very tense issue and one of Aquaman's most famous covers.

  • Aquaman as normal people see him in action. Great view to the character and what make's him so unique.

  • Aquaman guest stars in this Justice League Dark story, when Atlantis and the magic it possesses become a target for one of DC's most notorious wizards. Aquaman is great in this story (again much better than in his last own title) and it's also a great callback to the Aquaman / Etrigan team-up that took place in Brave and the Bold.

  • Pre Flashpoint Aquaman, around Zero Hour taking on Deathblow from Wildstorm. A very self contained story, with Aquaman at his most bad@ss. Although the main Convergence series was by far one of the worst events DC ever published, a lot of the tie ins were great and that's the case here.

  • A Silver Age team up of super-heroes that substitue for Superman and avert distasters all around the world when he goes missing, while Supergirl is trying to figure out if her cousin has returned. A fun story that shows how the other members of the League measure up to Superman's powers, without there having to be a fight. Aquaman has a couple of his best moments ever here

  • Aquaman on the run from Atlantis and the introduction of the Lady of the Lake, the Thirst and the Water-Hand, one of Aquaman's more famous power-ups. Great recap and jump on point, a good deal of great Aquaman moments and a nice story focusing on the more dark and mystical side of Atlantis

  • The big Aquaman centric crossover for the 2018 Justice League series, under Scott Snyder. It's big, bombastic, involves space water gods, Poseidon, death, sacrifice etc. Having said all that, as an Aquaman fan, this sounds better than it actually reads. Still a good, "big" Aquaman story, but with many missed opportunities for the character. Better than "The Obsidian Age", considerably worse than "Throne of Atlantis"

  • Issues 29-39. The League fights against Perpetua in Snyder's big multiversal finale for the title. Aquaman returns and plays a key role.

  • Sea King, the Crime Syndicate's Aquaman of Earth-3, plays a major role in one of the best New 52 stories, spinning out of Forever Evil. We get to see Sea King in action, showcasing his powers and attitude, as one of Aquaman's best alternate versions and a serious semi-mystical powerhouse.