Marvel Cinematic Universe Predictions

Ok well this is my first blog so please forgive the quality I just wanted to share my thoughts on the new movies announced and it might be a little long for a regular comment. If this goes well and I have time I might make a few more.

Age of ultron

This movie looks amazing but I'm not here to discuss how cool it'll be (it'll be awesome) I'm here to talk about how it'll affect the universe. So someone will probably die because from we've seen everyone looks very depressed. We know at the very least they become aware of the danger they put themselves in.

Chances of death

Hawkeye 45%. Look it's clear he isn't being done justice to his comic persona so why keep him. He was in the first so it'll mean something but he wasn't very popular

Quicksilver 44% by 2018 there will be 4 speedsters on the big and small screen. 2 quick silvers and 2 flashes. Not that I don't like them but come on, we don't need that many speedsters. It's clear fox won't be killing off their version and dc will be anything but killing main characters. The only thing keeping him alive is the inhumans movie bit he sent black bolt.

Hulk 10% his death would make people realize the threat but I doubt marvel will be willing to give him up this early

Ant man

The first movie after age of ultron most likely won't be too important to the universe. It'll introduce ant man and maybe wasp but as far as we know (not much) it won't change the universe for ever

Cap 3

The civil war story line is a big one. This really is going to develop trust issues between everyone grudges will be made and it'll likely affect chemistry for later.

Chance of death

Cap 50% it happened in the comics and chis evens is having contract issues

Doc strange

It'll introduce magic, realms and will introduce a fan favorite power house.

Guardians of the galaxy

(This is only my prediction)

Now lots of people think this is where Thanos will get tons of power but that isn't what I think. This'll introduce the skrulls,Adam warlock and nova (maybe). We still don't know much though but I want to set up skrull stories

Thor 2

Not sure what ragnarok story line but it'll change thor. Loki will be in it though and that makes the movie at least decent

Chance of death

Loki 50%

Thor 50%

Black panther

It could be the most mature movie yet but we really don't know much

Captain marvel

More importance to the kree. Likely will introduce supreme intelligence


More kree. And lockjaw

Avenger. 3/4

It'll be the end of the universe like we know it. Quite a few people will probably die but I'll just give my top 5

5 captain america

We know Chris evens is unhappy if he doesn't die in cival war it'll be here

4 nebula

After Thanos her character won't really be needed but she'd make the movie better

3tony stark

No better way to show power than by killing the most popular member

2 Drax

The Thanos killer could be a touching moment where they both kill each other or somthing

1 Thanos

What are they gonna do have the cops arrest him and put him in jail? (it'd probably work)