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Oh HEY there comic vine.....just thought you might want to see all the growing number of Graphic Novels and trades I have so here it is!

Oh HEY there comic vine.....just thought you might want to see all the growing number of Graphic Novels and trades I have so here it is!

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Justice League Unlimited.

So a while ago I decided that I should start watching Justice League Unlimited, because I have only heard good things about it and yet for some reason never really payed attention to it. So I started watching and immediately got hooked on it. It really is a spectacular show with great storys to tell and they do a great job of the lineup of characters that they have and focusing on different characters in different episodes. I just finished watching the two Metamorphis episodes where it shows Metamorpho's origin and how it affected Green Lantern and thought it was a great episode. So I just wanted to thank everybody for encouraging me to watch it and also do you guys have a favorite episode from the show? Thanks

Green Lantern coming soon.

So recently we have had some news on the upcoming Green Lantern film we saw part of the script, we found out that along with the flash movie the same director will be on for the Green Lantern sequel, and we had that promotional image. All of it has just been pumping me up to see this movie and I really can't wait. So we heard that the script would involve Parallax and wow was I surprised I really didn't expect them to introduce it in the first movie and honestly I'm not really sure how I feel about that considering it is a pretty heavy issue to deal with and I thought the main villain would just be Hector Hammond anyway if they pull it off well I'm happy with whatever happens. So anyway what were your thoughts on this ? Do you like the fact that Parallax will be in it ? Do you like the idea of a Green Lantern sequel straight away ? Anyway here is the official image. Thanks for reading.

Iron Man 2 the third time.

So last night I saw Iron Man 2 for the third time and I gotta say I enjoyed it almost as much as I did the first time I saw it. Iron Man 2 is great and it now holds the record for the movie I have seen the most times in the cinema. I love all the easter eggs in this movie and I saw the one about the Incredible Hulk aftermath from the park and that was pretty cool, so all together this movie really rocks and I would suggest seeing it at least twice because some things you don't really understand the first time ya see it . So yeah even the third time I saw it I extremely enjoyed it !

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The Phantom

So the other night I started watching the old Phantom movie with Billy Zane and I gotta say it's not as bad as some people say but defenitely has it's well let's say weak points. First of all Billy Zane is fairly convincing as Kit Walker, and his costume works perfectly for this movie the effect with the tattoos and his belt all looks pretty great and he even does an all right job as the Phantom, but this movie's main flaw is the plot and a couple of other characters but mainly Drax, I don't know if this character is fromthe comics or not but I do know that his character is pulled off terribly and doesn't really get any motivation for his "evil crimes" . So all in all this movie isn't so bad , Billy Zane isn't too bad and the Phantom works quite well but the rest of the movie kinda just falls apart. The Phantom is actually a very old superhero going back to the `30's I think ,but this character has been around for ages and ages and has been made popular by having his strip in the newspaper every morning, so I think he is quite familiar with average person therefore I really do think that they need to remake it I mean look at all the unnecessary remakes being made now like Spiderman the first movies were pretty good and yes I know the third wasn't the best but it was certainly redeemable, but anyway then we have the Phantom a popular character that has been around for ages and they still haven't bothered to remake it, anyway it's just my opinion that they could make a really, reallly, really good comic book movie. Anyway what do you guys think? Do you want a remake? If so who do you want him to be played by ? Thanks for reading.
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So I just wanted to write about the recent quest system without making a forum on it, anyway I really have been enjoying the quests, and I just wanted to thank all the Mods and staff for making them for us. So yeah thanks for the quests and I am really enjoying them. Thanks.
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