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The Lies - Part 2 0

Okay, this book was just creepy and weird. I'll try to be nice, but I definitely thought this issue was step down from both issue one (Lies part 1) and the year one story in the last issue. I don't feel like this issue continues very well what was set up in the first issue. That book had a distinctive war feel to me, and this book kind of maintains a little of that, while also having some weird and vaguely sexual scenes between Wonder Woman and an ugly Cheetah. Let's talk about all the weird st...

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The Return of Wally West- Part 1 0

This issue was way better than the Rebirth special. Honestly, this book made "Titans:Rebirth" feel completely pointless. The first few pages retread the events of DC Rebirth, Flash:Rebirth, and Titans:Rebirth so you don't need to have read those books to make sense of the story here. After the flashbacks the story starts right off from the end of Titans:Rebirth but you don't miss anything. This issue has the Titans truly reunite. It does include some action, but the story is primarily setting ...

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Better than Batman- Part 1 0

This issue was a big improvement off of the "Nightwing:Rebirth" special. As I suspected in my review of that issue, it can be skipped entirely. This new start for Nigthwing provides enough insight into the situation that the story makes sense without the Rebirth issue. In this story Nightwing has been working for the Parliament of Owls because they threatened to kill Damian Wayne otherwise. Here we learn Damian is in no danger and that Dick is acting as a double-agent in order to bring down the...

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Beyond Burnside- Part One 0

In full disclosure, I have not read any of the recent Batgirl books and skipped all her adventures in "Burnside." This is my first time looking at a Batgirl book since Flashpoint. I was one of those people who was pretty resentful that they made Barbara Gordon Batgirl again at the cost of losing Oracle. I did read "Batgirl and the Birds of Prey: Rebirth" but I was not that impressed. I thought the story was fairly strong, I liked that it tracked the history of Babs and the Birds of Prey and sol...

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Path of Doom- Part 4 0

Once again, Action Comics continues to deliver. I have been impressed with every issue of this series since Rebirth and the renumbering, and this issue is no exception. In this story, Wonder Woman joins the fight against Doomsday. I really liked the inclusion of Diana here because it helped reconcile a few of the new 52 plot points. I found Wonder Woman's exchange with Lois Lane to be particularly moving. Overall, I think Dan Jurgens has done a great job pacing this story arc. This issue feels ...

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This was terrible. 0

Rarely, do I ever find a comic book that I think is terrible. I really wanted to like this issue, I love the Justice League, and I wanted to see the series improve after a very weak Rebirth special but this issue was, in my opinion, even more poorly constructed than that disappointment. I don't know what Bryan Hitch is doing here, but I'm already thinking DC needs to get this book away from him. A high-profile series like the main Justice League title deserves much better than this. There is on...

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Okay, what? 0

After reading the last issue of Batman and being disappointed in how it followed up the first, I was hoping this issue would redeem the story arc, but sadly it does not. I still think that the first issue of the Batman was a very strong premiere, but it feels like the series is already in a sort of decline. This issue is not completely terrible, the artwork by David Finch is nice, but the story is confusing and lacks good substance. This issue primarily describes the origin of Gotham and Gotham ...

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Made in China 0

New Super-Man is DC comics newest addition to the Superman family of comic books, and though initially I saw it as another weak attempt at diversity, I was pleased with what I read. This new series does introduce a new Chinese Superman, but it also introduces an intriguing story and universe, that benefits from its cultural awareness.You will not be able to ignore the cultural context of this book. It is set in the People's Republic of China, there is a note that reminds you the dialogue is spok...

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A Different Journey Down the Same Path 0

"Year One, Part One" is the beginning of another retread of the Wonder Woman origin story. If you have seen the animated movie, or read any of the previous takes on the origin of Wonder Woman this is similar fare. The story is nothing new, but it is done differently from what I've seen before. I did read the previous issue of Wonder Woman, and I did enjoy it. I had no major complaints or compliments to warrant a review, but in general I did like what I saw. I was a little surprised that the book...

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The Return of Nightwing 0

I've been trying to read as many of the DC Rebirth titles as I can. Nightwing feels pretty standard as far as Rebirth specials are concerned. I have not been reading any of the recent Grayson books and I have never followed the Nightwing character before. This issue, like a couple of the other Rebirth specials, was a little too "inside baseball" for me. Not very much happened here except for set-up, but I can't say I'm not interested in what might happen next.The art here by Yanick Paquette is f...

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Just Keeps Getting Better 0

Of all the series to come out of the DC Rebirth so far, I would have to say I have been the most pleased with the run on Action Comics. The story that Dan Jurgens has been writing here has really served to captivate me. With this story we are now three issues into the arc, and the story just keeps getting better. First off, I am a huge fan of Tyler Kirkham's artwork. When I heard they he would be serving as one of the artists on this book I knew I was going to have to check it out. I picked up h...

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Most Improved 0

In my opinion, this issue was an improvement over the first. The previous focused so much on Jonathan Kent, that Superman felt sidelined in his own book. Here, the balance is much better.In this issue, Superman takes Jon with him on a rescue mission. Superman rescues a Coast Guard submarine from an ice trap while his son stands by to "watch and learn." But then an alien squid monster attacks the submarine and Superman needs Jon to use his heat vision to help to defeat it. The story might sound ...

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Not as good as No.1 0

After reading issue one of the Batman series post Rebirth, I was very impressed. It was one of the best comic books I had read in a while. This issue is nowhere near as good as the first. It's good, but it's just not very good. Issue one was excellent, but issue two was a letdown.Off the bat, I was annoyed with the time jump from the previous issue. If you read the first issue, it ends with the arrival of Gotham and Gotham Girl, two new meta-humans. I was hoping this issue would pick up immediat...

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It's a comic book 0

Just read Justice League: Rebirth. Honestly, it was whatever. I guess it was a good issue in terms of building up the team, but the team is pretty much the same as it was before Rebirth, so I don't get why it needs building.Sure, there are technically three new members. The two new Green Lanterns, who really aren't that cool. I read Green Lanterns #1 and wasn't blown away or anything. There is also the new Superman, who is actually the old Superman, but that takes a bit too much explaining. Thi...

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Nothing to Rage About 0

Green Lanterns is one of the new books where I did not read the Rebirth special before reading the number one. Unlike a couple of the other Rebirth titles, this one was easier to tap into. I don't know anything about Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, the main characters of the book, but they are explained rather well here. There are a couple road bumps, like why Jessica locked herself away and Simon's connection to Argus, but for the most part, if you are a new reader like me, you will be able to get ...

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In "The End" 0

This is the first issue of a Green Arrow series I have ever read. In this premiere issue of Green Arrow, Oliver Queen and his new companion, Black Canary, take down a human-trafficking ring and Ollie tries to get bottom of how his company might be involved in some shady business. This episode is a good foundation for a new arc, but if you are like me, and didn't read Green Arrow: Rebirth you are bound to be confused.The only Green Arrow mythology I know is what is present on the CW show. This is...

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Hyperdrive Start for Han Solo 0

I don't read many Marvel comic books these days, but I will read a Star Wars series when one hits. Though the price is a little steep for me, $4 bucks for this issue was worth it. After reading, I can say with certainty that this is a quality comic book. This number 1 gets the story of to a good start and sends Han Solo into hyperdrive. In this story Han Solo must compete in a race of the Dragon Void in order to rescue Rebel spies who have special information. The issue focuses on Han Solo bein...

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It's about "The Son of Superman" 0

Superman #1 was not what I was expecting from a Superman comic book. It's not terrible, but it doesn't have very much to do with Superman. The story focuses on Jon the son of Lois and Clark, as he comes to grips with his growing powers and the fact that his father is such an important superhero. It's a nice story, but it lacks anything truly special. The first part of the book feels very disconnected from the rest of it. This "prologue" as I would call it, is told from Superman's point of view. ...

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Take a look. 1

This new volume of Batman gets off to a good start. A really good start. I didn't read the Rebirth Special for Batman but this issue was still a wide open door to me. Originally, I thought the concept for this "I Am Gotham" story seemed a little too ridiculous for my tastes, but after reading this issue I found myself convinced this would be a book to invest in. The main thing that put me off about this book was the new characters of Gotham and Gotham Girl. I didn't like the entire idea of supe...

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A Flash of Something 1

Let me start out by saying I was disappointed in this Rebirth special. Of the Rebirth issues I have read this one was particularly dull and uneventful. It takes place after the events of Rebirth, and here Wally West meets Nightwing and other Titans. The entire issue is spent on Wally West's efforts to be remembered and the subsequent flashbacks all of the Titans experience, none of which are particularly interesting. Before I complain more about it, I do want to give credit to the art work and w...

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My Impressions 0

This issue of Justice League is a callback to the start of the new 52, and offers a flashback story set six months before the first Justice League arc "Origins." In this mostly standalone story, Robin (Dick Grayson) joins the Justice League on a mission. The Leaguers are initially thrown off by the fact Batman had a sidekick he never told them about, but they all agree to let the boy tag along. I enjoyed how Robin was presented here. I really liked his costume, and I thought it was interesting ...

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The Problem with Pink 0

As a long time fan of the Power Rangers franchise I was really excited to read Pink. I've enjoyed what I've read from Boom! Studios Mighty Morphin Power Rangers book, and if you have read that, this issue compares to it pretty well. This issue starts off after Kimberly's departure from the Power Rangers team, and focuses on a story where she regains her powers to fight solo against an invasion of strange monsters in France. The concept actually works pretty well, and Kimberly is a strong enough ...

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My thoughts on this issue 0

This issue acts as a conclusion to the first arc of the Poe Dameron comic book. It might not make sense to you if you haven't read the previous two issues. The story is set prior to the events of Episode VII: The Force Awakens and focuses on the Resistance pilot played by Oscar Isaac in the film. This is a good comic for a number of reasons, though I do have a few silly complaints, the story plays out very well overall. The greatest strength of this issue and the Poe Dameron series in general ...

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Diving Back In 1

I have been reading Aquaman faithfully since the start of the new 52. I own all the issues and I loved what Geoff Johns did for the character. Recently though, the stories have been weaker. Especially the Cullen Bunn arc, which was honestly really terrible and I hated it so much. When Dan Abnett came on to the series I was really happy with what he did. He took the character back to the status quo Geoff Johns and Jeff Parker had established. Now, I'm interested in seeing where Abnett takes Aquam...

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Superman Returns 0

Let me start with the disclaimer: I did not read any Superman during the New 52. The only New 52 Superman I read was from his appearances in Justice League and I honestly didn't read too many of those either. I picked up this issue with the intent of maybe hopping onto the Action Comics band-wagon. It's been around for 957 issues so it must be a pretty big deal. I wanted to see if this might be a good addition to my pull list, and really, I have to say it is. After reading this issue I will def...

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Attempting to Jump On 1

Prior to reading this comic, I don't remember ever reading a single issue of Detective Comics. I decided with the Rebirth event to try and jump on, and start reading this title. I am a solid DC fan and know a good amount of the character histories but it has been awhile since I've read any Batman at all. This is a good Batman. The art provided by Eber Ferreira is well done. It is strong comic book art and a strong art style that works for this story. I am not a fan of all the character designs...

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Right on Fire 0

 Scarcely can I remember a comic that has been this good. I've only just recently took on reading X-Factor, starting at issue 13 and before reading this, was still pretty skeptical about the series... but how things change. Louise Simonson is a fine writer, and this is a perfect example of why. The story focuses on the rescued mutants Rusty (Flame Demon) and the former Morlock Skids. Without knowing what had happened before issue 13, including both characters back stories, I still understood the...

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Fallen Angel 0

This issue is a big deal. No spoiler that Angel dies, thanks to the cover, but how and why? The earlier issues have a lot of necessary information needed to understand this story fully, but thanks to good-hearty dialogue the situation would make sense either way. After a battle with the Marauders (whoever they are) while saving Artie (one of the rescued mutants) Angels wings were severely wounded. Warren was taken to the hospital and the doctors diagnose his wings with gangrene. This incident ha...

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Better Explanation... 0

So after reading the last issue of X-Factor, my first one ever, I was sort of confused but it interested me enough to continue with the series, so here I am. This follows up the last issue really well, it explains in full detail all the issues I didn't understand before. Now I realize that this Master Mold guy was once a sentinel. He's sent to go kill of mutants, after he awakens from his slumber in the Alaskan Ocean. Problem is, every human has the so-called 'X-factor' in their genetic make up ...

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Does X Mark the Spot? 1

So yeah, I know this comic is like 20 something years old, but I just got my hands on a bunch of old comics and had to share my thoughts. Yes it's hard to believe, but I'm a DC guy, I don't normally read Marvel Comic at all. But since I got a good chunk of the X-Factor series for free, I might as well take a look see.  Besides, If I never dabble in Marvel why would any Marvel person every get into DC...Well so I'm going to go through X-Factor slowly but surely starting with issue #13, since its ...

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Giant Mistake? 0

Okay its Christmas Day and the lovely girlfriend of my brother gave me this nifty comic as a gift. I read and decided to make a quick review of it before I never do. Well this giant issue has its ups and downs, its composed of however many pieces written and illustrated by different people, so not all of them really click. I'm a big fan of the JLA and of time-traveling adventures but this time I felt it sort of fell short.  My biggest complaint is the 'Fishnet Femme Fatales!' segment, where Blac...

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