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Justice League Now! #1- Zatanna vs. Toyman

Ok, so this is another piece of fan-fiction, written a few years ago, I think back when I was in Jr. High. I love the premise of a time-traveling Justice League, and I wrote this to express that obsession. Please I do want opinions; at least of the idea as a whole. But I mean, be aware not everything is exact, and no information is precise. I thought the alternate timeline stuff might give me some leverage to do what I want, but I don't know. My comic collection is not huge; so my characterizations of any of the heroes might be off. I've never read a single comic with Matrix Supergirl in it, so I just took the liberty to do as I pleased. Just let me know what you think! But don't give me a hard time about the facts... I tried my best here. I hope you enjoy. (: 

Justice League Now! #1

-Zatanna vs. Toyman

                Costumed criminal, Jack Nimball, or as many called him; the Toyman, jumped across the alleyway, rooftop to rooftop, on a pogo-stick. Superman was giving chase and though Jack’s pogo-jumping was certainly quick, it was no match for Superman’s speed.

                Superman held Toyman down by his shoulder onto the roof. The Toyman gave an awkward smile as he tilted forward and the pogo-stick fell from beneath him. As Toyman recovered his footing, backing away from Superman he grimaced, “I was trying for a record tough guy!”

                “Well, sorry to rain on your parade, but you need to hand over the figurines.”

                “Aw, come on Supes, you’re smarter than that!”

                Superman glared at him, “Hand them over and nobody gets hurt…”

                Nimball laughed maniacally, “Except for that sassy reporter you’re always saving.”

                “What? Lois?”

                “Exactly bubs, since we’re pals I’ll be honest, Luthor hired me to distract you so he could get to Lois… pretty good plan, if I do say so myself.”

                Superman looked around surveying the buildings with his x-ray vision, “Where are they?”

                Just as he turned to the Toyman he heard a loud pop. Dust surrounded him and he was overcome with weakness. He saw Toyman standing above him, holding an item that resembled a blow-dryer, laughing wildly. “Aw buddy… I was just toying with you! The reporter lady is safe, at least for now… but you on the other hand, you should be getting pretty itchy!”

                In fact, superman was itching tremendously but he was too weak to scratch himself. He cried out.

                “Yeah, yeah you’re probably wondering what I did to you! Well the truth is Luthor lent me some of that meteor stuff you can’t stand. Kryptonite, is it called? Well I got it ground up, and I mixed it with genuine itching powder, ingenious huh?”

                Superman didn’t answer, but lay covered in pale green dust, gasping for help.

                “Well adios, tough guy!”

                “Stop right there Toyman!”

                Nimball turned to see the two incoming figures; the first, drop-kicked him to the floor. “Black Lightning, come on! I was just having some fun!”  

                Lightning held up his hands, sparks flying from his fingers. He clenched his hands into fists of pure electrical energy. “Somebody needs to teach you a lesson.” Toyman let out a vicious scream as Black Lightning electrocuted him.

                Meanwhile, the other hero landed next to Superman, “Hold on Clark.” From this hero’s arms came two gales of wind blowing any trace of kryptonite itching powder off his skin and into the air.

                Superman stood up, “I appreciate that John.”

                Red Tornado nodded, “What are friends for.”

                Black Lightning held Toyman down, “Let’s hand this guy over to the police.”

                In moments, Toyman was in the backseat of a cop-car driving away from the scene. He giggled to himself, ashamed, “It was such a perfect plan, and then those other guys had to show up… its times like these I wish I was part of a Legion of Doom, or something; then I would’ve been able to get away with those figurines!” Nimball then realized, he was not heading towards the police station. The cruiser turned into a dead-end alleyway. Toyman said nothing to the cop as he got out of the car. “Come on Jack, he’s just a cop, no need to get nervous.”

                The cop opened his door and commanded, “Get out!” Jack didn’t move. The cop reached in and yanked him out, throwing him to the ground.

                “Wait a second officer!” Nimball said as he lay on the ground. “If I killed your mom or sister or girlfriend or something, it was nothing personal.”

                “Shut up!”

                Toyman did. The cop stood up and flashed; his entire body briefly became someone else. Then it happened again. And then on the third time, he stayed in his new form. This figure spoke to Toyman, “I have a job for you, and don’t worry you’ll get plenty of toys.”

                AND NOW…

{My name is Matt Ryder, but lately I go by Waverider. I came from a future that no longer exists; a future I prevented from ever happening. In some timelines I no longer exist, in others I never did, but Now I do.}

                Waverider glided through the time stream, until he came to a fold; a little island, where time does not exist. It is called the Time Zone by those who reside there, but in truth, that name is illogical.  It is a series of titanium platforms that float aimlessly in the whiteness of a never-ending pause. In that whiteness, timelines travel at the speeds of rushing rivers, and one can see all the truths that reside within them. Waverider landed on the central platform of this place and was greeted by a friendly face.

                He was floating on the underside of the platform above; wearing nothing but work-pants and using a wrench made of green light to make repairs. “Matt, good to see you,” the green wrench disappeared and he floated down, level with Waverider.

                “You too Kyle, how are the repairs coming along?”

                Using his Green Lantern ring, he constructed a cloth to wipe the sweat and grease off his face and chest. “Well I’m no Kilowog, but the repairs are coming along fine.”

                “Where’s Matrix?”

                “Oh yeah, she went to the 31 century to get a part I needed for the repairs.”

                “From the Legionnaires?”


                “Nice plan, what part?”

                “Just something to modify the electric pull; it’s kind of beyond our technology.”

                “Nothing is beyond our technology.”

                “Well sorry to burst your bubble Matt, but just because you got the technology for this place from the future, doesn’t mean there weren’t any advancements after that.”

                Matt nodded, “I understand, it just took a lot of convincing to get the equipment I needed.”

                “To get Bruce to fork up the cash you mean?”

                “Must I remind you, this Bruce wasn’t the one you knew.”

                “Yeah, yeah, I know, he was a Bruce Wayne from a different timeline who you were able to convince to give you money before his son killed him.”

                “I’m surprised you aren’t more confused, I’m confused myself…”

                “Hell yes I’m confused; I wasn’t mean for time-travel, space-travel my thing. And keeping up with all these alternate timelines is a pain in the butt.”

                It was then that Matrix made her entrance, dressed in her Supergirl uniform, and carrying a piece of complex machinery. “Well, that was a nice trip,” she smiled. “Those Legionnaires are suckers for the shield,” she pointed to her breasts, where the signature ‘S’ was displayed. Laughing, she continued, “Thank goodness I didn’t run into Saturn Girl or some other telepath, it was easy to get Brainiac 5 and Lightning Lad to hand over this thing. They even gave me this cute ring.” She showed off the Flight ring on her finger, and then lifted up the complex machine part, “Okay Kyle where do you want this?”

                “I can handle it,” he said. He used his Green Lantern ring to project a hand to take the part; it then stretched sideways and laid it on another platform.

                “So Matt,” Supergirl asked, “do you want me to help with repairs or what?”

                “Well Matrix, yeah that’d be nice of you…”

                Suddenly, an alarm rang off, “on second thought, we’ll save the repairs for later.”

                They hurried to a side platform, technically called the Scanner Station; to a large projection monitor. The computer, formally called the Scanner, was one of the most advanced pieces of technology ever created. It scanned timelines for disruptions in the continuum, alerting the heroes whenever one was found. Bruce Wayne, who had played a part in designing it, gave it Barbara Gordon’s voice. Kyle was the one who decided they should call it the Oracle; because of the projection of the Oracle’s mask that appeared to communicate the alerts. Matrix had a hard time understanding that Barbara Gordon had gone under a new identity, she had only known Barbara as Batgirl. So there was some debate about calling the Scanner, Oracle.

                 The green Oracle mask, as it was projected spoke to them, “There is a disturbance in the year 1872.”

                “Location?” Waverider asked.

                “Carson City, Nevada.”

                “And what are the details of the situation?”

                The Oracle explained, “Toyman, Jack Nimball, has mysteriously appeared in Carson City; his intentions could be devastating to the continuum.”

                Waverider turned to Matrix and Kyle, “Can we handle this?”

                Matrix nodded, “You bet!”

                Kyle agreed, “How much trouble can it be?”

                “Scan for assistance,” Waverider command; the Oracle began to flash through images of various superheroes from different time periods.

                “Come on Matt, couldn’t we handle this on our own?” Kyle asked.

                 “It never hurts to have back-up, and besides how can we be a Justice League if we never team up?”

                Kyle shook his head, “Fine.”

                The Oracle stopped on an image of early Zatanna, “Zatanna, 1982”

                Waverider nodded, “Alright then.” He turned to Kyle, “suit up, we’re moving out.”

                Kyle used his Green Lantern ring to form a uniform over his half-naked body. A green mask covered his eyes, “Ready in no time.”

                “Okay, let’s go”

                The Oracle pulled up a time and the three heroes entered into it. They glided through the timeline as an array of colors blur past. The Oracle spoke into a comm.-link device, which was placed in each hero’s ear.   “Scanner communication active; Zatanna should be closing on a battle with Copperhead.”

                They exited the timeline, and just as Oracle had informed them; Zatanna was beating the crap out of Copperhead. She kicked him straight in the jaw and he buckled backwards. He hissed as he leapt to a wall, intending to strike, but she was too fast, “Sepor Dnib.” Ropes constricted around Copperhead and he fell to the ground.

                Hawkman landed next to her, “I’ll take him from here… Good work.”   He picked up Copperhead by the tail and flew off.

                Zatanna was about to follow him, when Waverider made himself known, “Zatanna?”

                She turned and her long cape rippled; after a moment, it settled. She wore her former costume, snake head-piece and all. “Yes, who are you?”

                “My name is Waverider,” Matrix and Kyle stepped in behind him, “We are the Justice League Now and we need your help.”

                “Justice League Now?”

                “We are a time-traveling Justice League and we’d like you to come with us.”

                “You’re from the future?”

                “You could say that.”

                “Well… alright, I’ll lend you a hand, but this better not be a waste of my time.”

                “I can guarantee we won’t waste a single second of your time.”

                Together the four heroes entered another wormhole on their way to the Wild West. They exited the wormhole between two buildings. Kyle peered around the corner, “There’s a crowd, we need a way to blend in.”

                Waverider on the other hand took note of their arrival time, “Scanner arrival time?”

                “Eleven hundred hours on June the 19.”

                “Keep note.”

                Waverider turned to the others, “Yes, we need a way to blend in.”

                “You can leave that to me,” Zatanna exclaimed, “but it’s going to take some effort to hide that flaming head of yours…”

                Waverider blushed, “No don’t worry, I can change form. I can transform into any person I’ve come into contact with.”

                “What about yourself?”

                “Well yes, I can revert back to normal.”

                Kyle laughed, “Wow Matt! Really? I’ve never seen what you really look like!”

                Waverider nodded, and transformed into mild-mannered Matt Ryder. He retained the same height and build but his skin went from gold to a light bronze. He had platinum blonde hair and deep gray eyes.

                Kyle spoke up, “You sort of look like Aquaman, except without a beard.”

                Zatanna did not understand Kyle’s reference to what was her future, “No, Arthur would never grow a beard, and besides his hair is darker.”

                Matt continued, “Well let’s get to those disguises.”

                “Nretsew Semutsoc Raeppa!”

                Instantly the four were clothed in western attire. Kyle dissolved his mask; he wore black jeans, a white shirt, green bandana, and a black cowboy hat. “So Mattie, what do you think, do I look slick?”

                Matrix nodded, “Yeah sure whatever.” She wore a blue dress with white lace, and had a red ribbon in her hair.

                “Okay, so let’s find out what we can about where Toyman might be,” Waverider suggested; wearing a light leather jacket, blue jeans and cowboy boots.

                Zatanna wore a dark blue dress and white gloves, “Well should we be splitting up?”

                “No,” Waverider said, “Let’s stick together for now.”

                They exited from between the buildings into the bustle of an old western town. They walked along for a few minutes before coming across the city’s Sheriff. Matt approached him, “Sir, you perhaps the Sheriff?”

                “Yes sir I am,” the Sheriff said, “Sheriff George Isley, in charge of this here Carson City.”

                “Well,” Waverider said. “My name’s Matthew and this here is my lovely wife.” He grabbed Zatanna by the waist.

                “Pleased to meet’cha,” she said, “I’m Anna.”

                Sheriff Isley smiled, “Well we don’t get such pretty folks in town, and may I ask why you’re here?”

                Waverider answered, “See us and our pals,” he pointed to Kyle and Matrix. “We’re just passin’ through and wonderin’ if there’s anything in town worth seeing.”

                “Well,” Sheriff Isley replied. “There ain’t much but, we got ourselves a brand-spankin’ new train station. They got this new line goin’ through here to get to California; n the mountain railroad. People in town just like to watch the train pass by, or stop… but today the U.S. mint is sendin’ some coins to Sacramento, on a whole new train, called the Centennial.”

                “Well we haven’t seen much trains, we might just go see it, when’s it coming thru?”

                “In some fifteen minutes, you better get along.”

                “Thanks sir”

                “You betcha’”

                The four of them headed towards the station, it was somewhat crowded but when they arrived the train was moments away. “So you think this is where Toyman’s going to strike?” Zatanna asked.

                “Even to rob actual money, Toyman doesn’t usually do that.”

                “But Toyman would give anything to ride a train, just like a toy train-set.”

                Matrix pointed, “You’re right! There he is!” As the locomotive drew closer, the heroes could make out the shape of Jack Nimball, in his jester costume, sitting on top of the train. He was smiling.

                Suddenly, a scream rang out! Matrix looked around, “There!” A girl was tied to the tracks just a few yards off of the approaching train. Without thinking, Matrix dashed at super-speed in front of the train. She pushed it back with all her might. The engine attempted to thrust forward but with her super-strength she held it back. The spectators squealed in awe.

                Toyman who was at the top of the train gave a shriek, “Supergirl?!” He was wrenched off the top of the train by the power of Kyle’s ring.

                Matt and Zatanna went for the girl, they were about to untie her when they realized, “It’s just a doll, with a recorded scream…”

                The engineer had stopped the train, and Supergirl joined them in her ripped dress around the Toyman.   “Toyman, you’re coming with us.”

                Nimball laughed, “No I’m not… you still have to save all of those people!”

                From the train, came a dozen animated cowboy and Indian figurines, marching into the crowd of people. The Justice League moved after them, quickly taking the dozen figures out. The spectators, meanwhile, had run off to find someplace to hide.

                Toyman, however, had retrieved a stick-pony which he was hopping along the train-tracks with. He turned to face them. He pulled back the horse’s ear and bullets shot automatically from its mouth. Kyle formed a green light shield to deflect the bullets.

                Matrix stepped forward, “I’ll handle this.” She walked through Kyle’s green shield, towards the Toyman. Bullets ricocheted off her chest, ripping apart her dress but not entering her skin. She ripped off the remainder of her dress and continued forward.

                Toyman’s stick-pony ran out of bullets, with a click, panic ran across Nimball’s face, “Oh boy!” He pulled the other ear quickly and with a puff, powder burst forth.   “Not only does this pony shoot bullets; I also installed a Kryptonite powder shot!”

                Matrix laughed covered in powder, “Sorry, I don’t have a problem with Kryptonite.”

                Toyman smirked, “Maybe so, but you won’t be immune to my highly-potent itching powder.”

                That’s when it hit her; Matrix began to itch all over, so badly, she fell to the ground. Toyman ran off, as the Leaguers came to Matrix’ aid. Zatanna turned to them, “I’ll take care of her, you stop Toyman.”

                Waverider and Green Lantern flew off. Zatanna put her hands over Matrix and spoke, “Esnaelc.” Instantaneously, Matrix was relieved of the irritation.

                “Thanks, let’s go.”

                Toyman had Sheriff Isley in a choke-hold, with a pistol to his head. Waverider and Green Lantern faced him, “Don’t do this.”

                “I’m going to shoot this Sheriff, unless you let me off the hook!”

                “Where are you going to go?” Waverider protested. “There are more toys in the future.”

                “I’m not staying here buddy, I’m just doing a favor!”

                “A favor for who?”

                “I don’t know his name. I never met him before today.”

                “We can get you back.”

                “Yeah, to the police; no way Jose… I’d rather stay here than go back to Belle Reve!”

                Kyle turned to Matt, “I can’t do anything… we have to find a way to get that gun.”

                Zatanna and Matrix came up from behind. Waverider turned to Supergirl, “Can you stop him?”

                “No that gun’s on his head, I can’t.”

                “I can,” Zatanna said, “Snug Ot Sesor!” She cast the spell, and the pistol morphed into a rose.

                Instead of pulling the trigger, Toyman cut his finger on a thorn. The rose fell to the ground, as he wailed. Kyle pulled him away with his ring.

                Sheriff Isley gasped, “Who are you?”

                Waverider spoke softly, “Kyle hold Toyman tight; Zatanna, Matrix, grab my hand.” They linked arms, and Matt grabbed Kyle’s shoulder, while Kyle held Toyman close. Matt burst into power, and the world spun backwards. In a rush of seconds, they were back at the train station, and without any further sighting, they were gone.

                As the sped forward in time, Zatanna asked, “What did you do?”

                Waverider replied, “It takes a good deal of energy, but I can change the course of time. No one will ever remember Toyman ever being there.”

                Green Lantern interrupted, “Matrix and I will take Toyman back where he belongs.”

                Toyman gave a pout, “Ruining my fun!”

                Waverider nodded, “But remember.”

                Kyle knew exactly what Waverider was hinting towards, “I will.” Matrix and Kyle exited the timeline with Toyman in tow.

                Waverider turned to Zatanna, “Here’s our stop.” They returned back to the location where Zatanna had battled Copperhead.

                “Well thank you,” Zatanna said.

                “Wait,” Waverider exclaimed sternly. “I…We have to wipe your memory.”

                Zatanna shook her head, “No, please don’t. I don’t want anyone getting into my brain.”

                “I just need to remove the memories of this adventure; you can’t remember it or it will affect the continuum. The only way our Justice League can survive is if nobody knows we exist.”

                Zatanna agreed, “Alright, but please make it quick; I’m not comfortable with mind-wipes.”

                Waverider commenced, “Scanner, memory clear, Zatanna, departure to arrival.” He held up his hand over her head. She became dazed, and he placed a medal in the palm of her hand; before descending back into the wormhole.

                Zatanna broke from her daze and looked around, “Hmm… what just happened?” She looked into her hand; she held a medal, a white ribbon and silver piece, with blue etchings of the symbol for ‘infinity’. “Infinity?” She clasped it tight and took off after Hawkman. 

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Teen Titans: Carnival


                “Doctor, the reactor is stable, I think it’s time we minimize the power, arm the hazards system and head home.”

                The older doctor turned to him, “Ah, if you say so doctor…” Suddenly there was an impact from an explosion that caused a threatening BOOM.   The older doctor grunts angrily, “Didn’t you say the reactor was stable? What is going on!?”

                “It is doctor, someone must have caused an explosion outside the facility sir, everything is fine.”

                “On the contrary,” laughed a voice, “It’s anything but fine.”

                “The Joker!”

                The Joker was walking in with a bag thrown over his shoulder. “Hi boys, somebody misplaced these grenades and I figured finders keepers.” He tossed a grenade up playfully.

                “What do you want Joker?”

                “Me? Whaddoo I want? This nuclear reactor of course!”

                “Impossible. You can’t take the whole reactor.”

                “Wanna bet?” He glanced at his wristwatch. “Right about now.”

                The ceiling caved in through an explosion. When the debris cleared one doctor was face to face with the Joker. He was holding a gun, “So doc, was this ever how you thought it would end?” He pulled the trigger. A flag shot out with the word ‘BANG!’ written on it. Joker started laughing hysterically. “I fooled you!” The doctor sighed a breath of relief, but felt another gun pressed to his head. The Joker shot him once more, this time killing him, “I really did fool you…”

                The other doctor had fallen and was trying to stand, “You don’t know how to harness the reactor’s power, you will kill yourself! You need my help…”

                The Joker laughed, “Sorry but I’m gonna figure this thing out on my own.” He shot the doctor dead.

                The reactor began lifting out of the ceiling pulled up by a blimp zeppelin. The Joker jumped onto the reactor and laughed uncontrollably as it carried him aloft.

                From a distance, Batgirl, Stephanie Brown, saw the zeppelin and the dangling reactor floating away, “The Joker.”

                She leapt across an alleyway and dashed towards the broken ceiling. “What’s he up to this time?” She fumbled with her utility belt and pressed a button calling her bat-cycle forward. She leapt down from the building to glide on top of it.   She revved forward in pursuit of the zeppelin. “Where could he be heading?”

                In minutes she learned where. “The old Gotham City Carnival, hmm… how practical.”

                She shut off her bike and dismounted. “I’m going to have to call for help, but I definitely can’t ask Bruce again, he might drag along Damian, and that would do more harm than good.”

                “That leaves,” she pulled out of her utility belt another device; with a large capital ‘T’ inscribed on it. She spoke into it, “Calling all Titans.”

                ---MEANWHILE at TITAN’S TOWER,

       arrow shot a perfect target. “Good job Connor, how many in a row is that?”

                Connor Hawke, the second or other Green Arrow, stands holding his bow, “That’s twenty-five.”

                Beast Boy stood beside him, “Well just like you to show up, just to flaunt your archery skills.”

                “Where’s Speedy? I could teach her a thing or two?”

                Beast Boy chuckled, “with the original Green Arrow.”

                “Aw, she’s with my good ol’ dad. Well I’m sure she’s having a swell time. Okay now, how about you turn into a goose and I’ll shot at you with a boxing glove arrow. That way I can practice on a moving target and you can become more resilient.”

                Beast Boy shook his head, “No thanks, Connor, as delightful as that sounds.”

                Wonder Girl entered the training bunker, “Hey guys, we’ve got a Titan-call, Batgirl needs our help to bring down the Joker, he stole a nuclear reactor.”

                “Why didn’t she call Batman?”

                “She would’ve if Damian wasn’t Robin. They hate each other.”

                Connor laughed, “It’s just one guy how tough can he be?”

                Beast Boy agreed, “Alright Cassie, let’s head out.”

                Wonder Girl nodded, “I’ll get the others.”

                Connor picked up his bow, “tell me when you get back.”

                Beast Boy shook his head, “No, you’re coming with us.”

                Green Arrow shrugged, “Fine, but this better be exciting.”

                ---OLD GOTHAM CITY CARNIVAL

                The Joker is pacing, “Now that I have this reactor, what am I to do? I want to make a fireworks show Gotham will never forget…I should have kept that dumb doctor alive, but there’s nothing you can do. Should’ve stolen the instruction manual at least…”

                AS he paced a figure fell before him hanging from a wire. “Aaahh!” Joker squealed, stepping back. The figure was that of a gorilla. “Who do you think you are? Grodd!”

                “No,” the gorilla dropped down before the Joker. “I am not Grodd. Bonjour Joker, I am Monsieur Mullah.”

                “An you think you can just drop in as you please? I should kill you…”

                “No, Joker, please; I’m leading a new super-villain team.”

                “Please don’t ask me to join, I’ve been through this enough already.”

                “Not exactly… we want you to mentor us.”


                A figure stepped out of the shadows, Black Spider. “Blah blah blah, we’d very much appreciate it.”

                “Hmm,” the Joker paced, “Why me?”

                Another figure stepped out, Jinx, “You’re the clown prince of crime. Nobody is as talented as you when it comes to criminal activity.”

                A large figure entered, Plasmus. “We want you to work with us for a while, so we can learn some tricks of the trade.”

                Joker laughed, “Well this is all very flattering but, I don’t have time for this. I need to figure out how to work this nuclear reactor!”

                Another figure entered, Neutron, “I can help you with that. I’m very talented when it comes to possessing nuclear energy.” He looked the reactor up and down. “It needs electrical power, lucky for you; we have your source right here.”

                Chain Lightning stepped out of the shadows, “No, I refuse to be the battery again!”

                “Joker laughed, “Sorry toots, but you don’t have a say in the matter.”

                Neutron guided her to the reactor, “You just have to charge the source battery, and once you’re done we’ll be good.”

                Chain Lightning relented, “fine.” She grabbed the reactor and zapped it.

                “So?” Monsieur Mullah asked. “Will you accept us as your pupils?”

                Joker laughed, “Aw fine! Whatever!”

                The Titan’s jet lands outside the old carnival. Batgirl has been waiting patiently out by her bat-cycle. With a click the platform lowers and the Teen Titan’s begin to walk off.

                “So Steph, we’re here!” Wonder Girl smiled.

                Superboy nodded, “Long time no see.”

                Wildcat gives no greeting and Aqualad chastises him, “Come on Tommy really? The least you could do is say hi?”

                “I’m Connor the other Green arrow.”

                Beast Boy grinned, “We’re all here to help.”

                Stephanie hugged Wonder Girl, “I’m so glad to see you. Who knows what the Joker is planning but it has to be something we should be worried about.”

                Green Arrow added, “Just like the Joker to hide out at an abandoned carnival.”

                Suddenly the carnival lit up. What once had been shrouded in darkness was covered by carnival lights. Superboy exclaimed, “Not so abandoned after all.”

                “But how do the lights work? Electricity has been shut off here for years,” Batgirl noted.

                “Well there are many uses for a nuclear reactor.”

                The group headed towards the entrance. “Supes how bout you break that gate down?” Beast Boy suggested.

                “Sure thing,” Superboy said as he tore the gate off its hinges. “Now let’s find the Joker.”

                “When is she going to finish charging that thing?” Joker complained.

                “A little less than ten minutes, but once she is off the energy will just diminish, we’ll only have a few minutes to set off an explosion,” Neutron said.

                Joker laughed, “The explosion, yes, what should we explode?”

                Neutron turned to him, “We’re exploding this old carnival. We have no other options.”

                “What?! This carnival has been my hide-out since that old warehouse burned down. I want to cause damage that hurts innocent civilians, not me.”

                “Well what do you want? It’s not that easy to move something of this weight.”

                “What? I get a highly-evolved ape and a guy with poison darts but nobody with super strength or teleportation?”

                Jinx stepped forward, “I can help you with a levitation spell, we can carry it anywhere in a two-mile radius.”

                Good, I forgot about the witch…now, a two-mile radius. Haha, Gotham City Courthouse! Revenge!”

                Chain Lightning stepped away from the reactor, “I can’t juice it anymore.”

                “Alright Magic-cakes let’s get rolling!”

                “Not so fast,” Beast Boy said.

                Joker pointed, “Really, the green guy?”

                “What?” Connor smirked. “Afraid of the Green Arrow?”

                Beast Boy jested, “He meant me.”


                Monsieur Mullah gestured, “Get going Joker. We’ll handle the Teen Titans.”

                “Yeah, yeah, hold them off. Okay, Witch-cakes let’s go!” Jinx activated a levitation spell that carried her, the reactor, and the clown prince of crime away.

                “So the Joker wasn’t working alone,” Batgirl said.

                “No, the all-new Society of Sin, is giving him a hand,” Monsieur Mullah laughed. “He’s no Brain, but he’s all we have.”

                Beast Boy morphed into a green gorilla, “We meet again Monsieur.” They met hand on hand, pushing with full force against each other.

                Green Arrow pulled an arrow from his quiver, “I’ve got the big ugly one.” He shot an arrow at the monstrosity with goo-like skin. The arrow melted on contact.

                The character laughed, “My skin may be ugly but it’s also highly acidic. That’s why they call me Plasmus.”

                Aqualad pulled water from the air shaping it into two blades, “I’ll take him.”

                Chain Lightning pounced at Batgirl, attempting to shock her. “The suits shock retardant”

Chain Lightning grabbed her neck, “That doesn’t mean I can’t suffocate you!”

Green arrow shouted, “Don’t worry Batgirl, I’ve got her.”

Wonder Girl blocked a poison dart coming from behind him, “I’ve got your back.”

Connor shot an arrow at Chain Lightning, and Batgirl was able to throw her off.

Superboy threw a punch at Neutron’s armor. Neutron flung his visor open releasing an atomic blast. Superboy however stood his ground and tackled Neutron to the floor; slamming his visor shut, and giving him a knock-out blow.

Aqualad sliced through Plasmus, who fell onto his knees, before collapsing to his side. Chain Lightning stood up limping and sent an electrical wave towards Aqualad, shocking him into submission.   Wondergirl then kicked her to the floor; she grabbed her by the arm and tossed her into a stack of milk bottles, knocking all the bottles over.

Wildcat, meanwhile, tore Monsieur Mullah away from Beast Boy. Beast Boy called out, “stop the Joker!” Wonder Girl looked to Superboy and the two leapt off together taking after the distant reactor in flight.

Monsieur Mullah hollered, “Get off me feline!”

“If you say so,” Wildcat growled as he pushed Monsieur Mullah into an old cotton candy machine. Black Spider then shot a dart at Wildcat, who grabbed at it, “Aw, crap.” He fell over.

Beast Boy and Batgirl stood facing the Black Spider. “Don’t move,” he said, “Or you’ll get it.” Batgirl reached for her utility belt, “And don’t even try a batarang on me. I’ll have you both down before it even reaches me.”

Green Arrow stood over on top of a rooftop thinking, “Brilliant Connor, climb up on the roof while no one is paying attention and then strike.” H pulled the string on his bow and let loose. The arrow went into the Black Spider’s side. He flipped around and met a boxing-glove arrow to the face.

Beast Boy called up, “Way to go Green Arrow!”

Batgirl’s face wasn’t as appreciative, “Watch out!”

Monsieur Mullah had climbed onto the rooftop and grabbed Green Arrow from behind. He leapt off the rooftop, “I could break his back right now.”

“But you won’t!” Aqualad shouted as a whip of water lashed out striking Mullah’s arm. Connor fell to the ground. Batgirl then unleashed a batarang striking Mullah across the face. He grabbed his visage with his hands, and Green Arrow kicked him backwards, onto his backside. Aqualad created a hammer out of hard-water and thrust it into his stomach. Mullah gasped for air. Green Arrow pulled out his knock-out arrow from his quiver and smashed it on his forehead, resulting in a spout of knock-out gas and Mullah fainting.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girl and Superboy weren’t far off from the levitating reactor. “We need a plan,” Wonder Girl said.

“Alright Cassie shoot.”

“I take out Jinx, you catch the reactor.”

“What about the Joker?”

“I could let him fall to a very likely death or I could catch him, you know, if I have time,” Wonder Girl joked.

Superboy smiled, “Gotcha.”

They sped up in flight. Wonder Girl thrust forward into Jinx blowing her concentration and sending the reactor plummeting to the ground. Superboy flew underneath and pushed upward, preventing it from descending further. Wonder Girl then grabbed hold of Jinx and flew toward the Joker. Joker was laughing hysterically, “Just my luck!” She grabbed his collar and carried the two back to the carnival.

Gotham PD was now on the scene; Monsieur Mullah, Neutron, Chain Lightning, Black Spider, and Plasmus were all contained. Wildcat had come to and stood along with the other Teen Titans as Beast Boy and Batgirl talked to Commissioner Gordon. “Okay so we’ll send all these criminal where they belong in Arkham Asylum.”

Wonder Girl landed beside them, “Here’s the last of them Commissioner.” Two cops came to handcuff them. “Jinx is a mystic watch out for her,” Wonder Girl said, “And I’m sure you recognize the other guy.”

The Joker laughed, “Haha, Gordon, we meet again!”

Commissioner Gordon nodded,”But where’s the reactor?”

Wonder Girl pointed up into the sky. Superboy was hovering with the reactor in his arms, above, “So where do you want this thing?”


“Well thank you Titans, we appreciate the save,” Commissioner Gordon said.

“Don’t mention it,” Beast Boy smiled.

Batgirl hugged Wonder Girl goodbye, “Just because I’m not an active member or whatever, doesn’t mean you can’t call me whenever.”

Beast Boy placed his hand on Green Arrow’s shoulder, “You were a big help out there, I have to thank you for that.”

Connor grinned, “No problem, it was more exciting than I expected. I had fun.”

“You know…” Beast Boy continued, “We could always use you on the Titan’s; you should stay on, as a permanent member.”

Green Arrow smiled, “I was hoping you’d ask. There isn’t room for two Green Arrow’s on the JLA anyways.”

“So that is a yes?”

“Yeah, it’s a yes.”

Aqualad stood on the stairway up to the Titan’s Jet. “Titan’s let’s go, we’ve got another call.” The Titans were in the jet in moments and the jet was flying off; as Batgirl stood on a rooftop with a grateful smile on her face.

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Novels to Graphic Novels...

So I'm a sucker for comic books, and in the same way I'm a sucker for graphic novel adaptions of other novels. Now there are plenty of these adaptions I've skipped over, recalling Warriors, Alex Rider, among others. But recently I read an Action-Classic from Sterling Press, Bram Stoker's Dracula and adaption by Michael Mucci, illustrated by Ben Caldwell. I really enjoyed it, and since I've never read the real Dracula or watched the movie or anything, the story itself was fresh for me. Now I heard recently that the Percy Jackson and the Olympian's novels was getting adapted into graphic form. I'm looking forward to this since I enjoyed the novels and can't wait to see it all illustrated. What are your thoughts on novels being adapted in this manner? Are there any novels you'd like to see adapted?


In a romantic mood...

   Romance has always been a pretty big component of comic book lore, Spiderman and Mary Jane, Superman and Lois Lane, and the like. For me, even though I am not a big romance fan, I find superhero romances to be very heartwarming or heartwrenching depending on the situation. Some characters seem perfect for each other, at least in my opinion, and others not so much. Excuse me for not being up to date on the latest scenarios and storylines, but here are some romances that I would like to come into fruitition, possible or impossible, I can dream.  
Cpt.Marvel and Batgirl- I know this is an insane idea, and you probably think it could never work, but I did say I'd talk about impossibilities and some dreams. First of all to explain myself, I had this idea pop into my head out of day it just came to me that Billy Batson and Cassandra Cain (talking about fromer Cpt. Marvel and Batgirl) might be perfect for eachother. Now when this came to me, a little story formed in my head that this relationship would be a 'you have your secrets, I have mine' kind of deal, and that they were superheroes in love, secret identities being revealed would create too much friction. So Batgirl would be completely unaware that her boyfriend was actually a little kid. If I got to read about a romance like that, I'd be hoping she'd never realize for the sake of her and him. 
Hawkman and Hawkgirl- These two are destined for eachother and I hate seeing it otherwise. When Hawkgirl and Red Arrow were hooking up, I was a little torn by Kendra's feeligs for Roy and the tradition of the hawk romance. Now that that relationship has dissolved maybe the two resurrected lovers can be reunited. If Powergirl doesn't get in the way (I'm getting this from The Lightning Saga, not behind JSA) if she hasn't already. Just that one glimpse I saw while reading the lightning saga, made me realize that I should've been keeping up with JSA. I am or was, depending on their current status, not a big fan of this idea. I'll stick with tradition, and hope in time that their relationship works out. 
Atom Smasher and Stargirl- I do not follow JSA, but from what I understand Atom Smasher, is off somewhere on hiatus and Stargirl is all on her lonesome. Yes, there is an age difference, that the old-timers may have objected to, but I just can help but want these two together. There relationship to me, has alot of similarities with the X-men romance of Colossus and Shadowcat, same thing about age difference and the corresponding characters similar traits. Shadowcat and Stargirl, spirited teenage girls and Colossus and Atom Smasher, power-house young men. Just like I adore the bond between Kitty and Colossus, do I adore the possibility of Stars and Smasher, just Big A needs to come back first... 
Beastboy and Jayna- Okay this is the wild one (thats a pun). Some people really love BB and Raven together, I on the other hand do not. If I were Beastboy, I'd get off that bad juju train and get with someone who is not the daughter of some demon lord. This may be really strange, but so much great artwork and hilarious jokes could come into play even if it was just a fling. Now, I guess I am just putting the two people who turn into animals together, but I have to admit, I think it would be adorable. Just imagine Zan making jokes, afterall he has to be there for Jayna to transform (they are the Wonder Twins) so no 'role-playing' could occur without him. Yeah okay thats sort of gross, but it could happen. 
Well thats all I can think of for now, If I think or dream of others, I'll let you know.