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My Two-Cents about the new Ultimate Spider-Man


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Peter Parker died in issue 160 of Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man and speculation as to who is successor would be soon followed. Some people thought one of the clones would take his place, while others thought Jessica Drew or Kitty Pryde would take over. Well in Ultimate Fallout #4, we finally got a glimpse of Parker's successor, a half black, half hispanic teenager by the name of Miles Morales. The introduction of Morales as Spider-Man was mixed. Some welcomed the idea of a ethnically diverse Spider-Man, while others opposed it, and some who did not want Parker to die in the first place.  Could this be a mistake Marvel will soon regret? Or a breath of fresh air in the comic book world that is long overdue?  


  I've been reading a lot of comments on various websites that discuss Miles Morales, and a lot of them are negative. I can understand why some people don't like the change, Parker was and always will be Spider-Man in my eyes and in many others. Other's are simply outraged that a character with a diverse ethnic background is taking over the role of a white character. Where do I stand in all this? Well, I'll tell you. I'm upset that Marvel has decided to kill off Peter Parker. Especially since I just subscribed to the comic just a few issues before he died, but that's beside the point. Yes, like many people I think that killing off Parker was a mistake on Marvel's part. Killing off such an iconic character never goes over too well with fans and Parker is no exception. Having Morales take his place if Parker decided to retire or take on the role of another hero would've been fine with me, but I simply don't like the fact that they killed off Parker just to replace him.  



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With that being said, I am also not a fan of resurrection in comic books. I believe that  if a character dies, he or she should remain dead. If Morales flops as a character, we may be seeing the return of Parker quite sooner than expected (if at all). I felt emotional when Parker died, and seeing the variant cover of Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #160 amplifies those emotions. As a writer thats what you want to do. You want to get your readers emotionally attached to these characters, then if something tragic like death happens to them, the readers will feel sad. If Marvel brings back Parker in anyway, all those feelings of sadness will completely disappear and the emotional impact that issue 160 had on me would be worthless.  


  The race card, I am not a fan of it. Marvel has stated that they knew the new Spider-Man, 


 "Had to be a character that represents the diversity-in background and experience-of the twenty-first century."   


 Everything has to be politically correct nowadays. I do not care what so ever, what race or ethnicity a person is, even for a fictional character. I don't mind that the new Ultimate Spider-Man is black and hispanic. The press has been treating this like it's some big revolution in the comic book industry. Simply put, it's not. It's just another guy in a costume no matter what the color of his skin is. If Bendis writes great stories of Morales as Spider-Man, why should his skin color be a big deal? How ever Morales performs as Spider-Man is what really matters, not the color of his skin or his ethnic background. Because after all, Morales is a human being, just like the rest of us. 

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Damian and Bruce-The new Dynamic Duo

Well it's been a good run but the duo of Dick Grayson and Damain Wayne will soon be coming to an end.  They faced some hardships in their relationship, with Damian even trying to kill Dick at one point. But even though they had their bad moments, such as Damain threatening that he'll find a teacher that "he can respect" they were certainly a great duo, and one that I have looked forward to with each issue. 
To be honest, I'm a little disappointed that with this new 52 DC is going to do later this summer, we won't see anymore Dick and Damian adventures. They had such a love hate relationship, at least Damain did with Dick, but their adventures were great from the get go, especially with Grant Morrrison manning the helm at the beginning of the series.  Dick was trying his best to take on the role of Batman while dealing with a violent, temperamental ten year old. He really was going through some hard times. People didn't think of him as Batman, especially Jason Todd, who constantly mocked him.  
Like I said, Dick and Damain's relationship has been a rocky one, but one that I very much enjoyed reading. Now that Batman and Robin will be a father/son duo, it doesn't quite feel the same to me. I can't place my hand on it, but I feel like with Bruce becoming Batman again, the Dynamic Duo will seem off.  Either Bruce will be really harsh on Damian, being able to put him in his place, something Dick hasn't been able to do (from what I've been reading), or he'll let Damain do as he pleases. I just get the vibe that this new father son duo won't be as good as the duo of Dick and Damian. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the writer(s) and artist will be able to deliver an action packed adventure with the two, but nothing like what we have come to know.  
So I have mixed feeling about Bruce returning to his role as Batman. Dick wasn't nearly as good as Bruce was in the role, but he tried, and to a certain extent he succeeded. Dick's relationship with Damain is a good one and I really hope to see some Nightwing/Robin team ups in the future. Let me know your thoughts on Bruce returning to the role of Batman and how you think it'll effect the Dynamic Duo.  
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Why Rebooting Spider-Man is a Good Thing.


 Whether you like it or not, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies are no more. He had a good run and for the first set of movies they were great. Sam Raimi did well for the web-slinger’s first cinema outing. Now it’s time to pass the torch onto someone else,  namely Marc Webb. 

Sam Raimi left Spider-Man 4 over script disputes about what villains should be featured in the film and talks of the movie’s release being pushed back. Raimi also felt that he would not be able to make the film’s release and keep the film’s creative integrity.  This led Maguire and the others to follow in Raimi’s footsteps and leave the project as well. 

This however isn’t a bad thing, but a good thing. Sure it would’ve been nice to see what Raimi had in store for us in the fourth film, but we have to face the fact: the Sam Raimi films are DONE! This now leads us into the Marc Webb film which is set to debut next summer. 

At the time of the announcement of the cancellation of the fourth film it would’ve been eight years since the release of the original film. Let’s round that up to ten years. 

That is plenty of time to consider the options of rebooting the series and hashing out the pros and cons that each of the original films present. Sure, it has only been about four years since the release of Spider-Man 3, but the fact of the matter is that the series itself was nearly ten years old. You can’t go by when the last film was released, but by how long the series has been around. 

Secondly, bringing fresh new faces to the cast and crew will help revive the image of Spider-Man. Let’s be honest, Toby Maguire did a good job as the titular hero, but in the third film, I got the impression that he, Kirsten Dunst, and James Franco were getting tired of the series. With a new cast and crew, new life will be breathed into the characters. 

Thirdly the writing was getting considerably weak. Spider-Man 3 is a good example of this. While I did enjoy the film, it felt like the writers were running out of ideas by having Peter turning completely emo and dancing down the streets of  New York. Although it did achieve to get a laugh out of me when I first saw the film, looking back on it makes me see that it was bad script writing. 

Fourthly, The Amazing Spider-Man seems to be following the direction of the comic books, something of which the Sam Raimi films did not do much of. With the title of the reboot being called, The Amazing Spider-Man, this has lead me and others to believe that the film will be much more closely based off theThe Amazing Spider-Man comic book. Another fact that points to this is the web shooters that have been seen on promotional shots of Spider-Man for the film. 

Now that the Raimi films are done, Sony has passed the torch to Marc Webb. With Andrew Garfield being cast as Spider-Man I believe that he will faithfully portray the character the way the comic books present him. It was bound to happen sooner or later, a complete over haul of Spider-Man on the silver screen. I am definitely looking forward to this with much hope and anticipation that this will be a great film. 


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