Personal Journey

Hi Everyone,
    Well, we've come a long way since we started this.  I remember back in '08 when we barely had 200 fans . . . now we have over 11,000.  We made our 1st public appearance at the Saratoga Springs Con in June, then the Syracuse Heroes Expo in November.  In December we caught a real break when we made a fabulous discovery of rare Silver & Bronze age, Marvel & DC Production Art (which pics of it are still on display here on our site). 
    Then in June of '09, we met with some of the legends of the industry and it was like living a dream.  We met Gene Colan, Rich Buckler, Walt Simonson, Irwin Hasen, Trevor Von Eden and many more.  At the same time, we helped the Elmhurst Historical Museum put on a Exhibit called "The Drawn Out History of Comics".  It was fabulous.  By that October, we went to New York again and met with Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, Joe Kubert, Andy & Adam Kubert, Herb Trimpe, Jim Lee, Joe Quesada and most of all,  Joe Simon!   Incredible.  When I returned home from that, I felt as thou I was walking in that dream.  Very hard to stay focused but I did.  I had too.  Work had to be done. 
    Now here it is 2010 and I've returned from New york City, from the NY Comic Con.  It was fun and unbelievably busy.  We met more professionals like Whilce Portacio, Michael Golden, Bob Layton, Adam Hughes, David Finch, Bill Tucci, Ramona Fradon (co-creator of Auqualad & Metamorpho) and J. Michael Straczynski (whose speech to me was very inspiring and I'm glad I had the courage to tell him so.)  We also re-met Herb Trimpe, Neal Adams, Joe & Andy Kubert.  It was very nice. 
    So, what you maybe wondering is, where do we go from here?  Well, it's time for us to make business connections and to start exploring where the Comic Book Hall of Fame should hold its annual event and eventually be built.  It's time to open the Official offices, it's time to start putting things together. 
    We are very greatful for all of you being here with us and hope you will continue to do so.  After all,This is our journey.  This is where we've been.  This is where we're going . . .

'Nuff Said.


Roger Rautio

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