Comic Book Hall of Fame Is In The News, AGAIN!

  Hi Everyone!
    The Comic Book Hall of Fame is in the News Once Again!  This time it's the Long Island Herald!  And This Time It REALLY IS ABOUT US!  You can read the article where Our Very own Peter Manolakos is Interviewed, WITH DIRECT COMMENTS FROM LEGENDARY NEAL ADAMS & RAMONA FRADON (THE 1ST LADY OF COMICS!),32329

It's a Great piece and we're very Happy!  We Hope You enjoy it too! 

Have a Great Day!

Roger Rautio over @ The Comic Book Hall of Fame

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Haverhill Episode Over with!

The Haverhill Episode is over.  The Eagle tribune has returned an answer to our email and states that they now believe that the people involved are now very aware of us.
On top of that, over the weekend we were interviewed by Chuck O'donell - reporter specializing on comic books and related topics and that story will run in the Long Island Review.  We'll be posting that story as well, as soon as we get our copies.  We're even going to send a copy to the Eagle Tribune.   Challenge met and Our Rights sucessfully defended.  They can build whatever they like in Haverhill but it will not be called The Comic Book Hall of Fame. 
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Comic Book Hall of Fame Will NOT be Built in Haverhill!

Hi Everyone,
     This is a response to a Newspaper article out of The Eagle Tribune.  The Comic Book Hall of Fame will not be Built in Haverhill, Mass. and we are not
associated with Mr. Steve & Josh Hrehovcik nor have they contacted us or attempted to contact us in any way shape or form.  In my personal opinion, someone has made a mistake by not doing their homework.


Roger Rautio
The Comic Book Hall of Fame