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Can I joint?

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@Final Arrow:  You see?!?! I'm not having any problems logging into this account.
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           A daily night watch was all it needed to make Combyssess relax. Though some may find it scary and frightening, to Kevin it was his day in the hot springs. Kevin stood in a gargoyle statue fifty-flours up looking down to his beloved city, waiting for a crime to be committed. Kevin's eyes were locked onto each detail of the city like a hawk eyes would lock onto it's prey. Kevin wasn't feeling well, he sensed some disturbance in his instincts.  He felt like there was something unusual was about to happen, maybe something that has never happened to him before. Kevin's unusual instincts allows him to predict something unusual and that unusual something's aura felt stronger and stronger. As if it was getting closer to happening. Finally the wind lashed stronger as it caught Kevin off guard, then a blinding white flash appeared from nowhere Kevin was out of balance causing him to plunge down the fifty-fourth  floor, Kevin quickly reached for his grappling gun, but before he could pull the trigger the blinding flash appeared again. A thudding sound was heard and felt by Kevin.
Kevin slowly opened his eyes. But instead of seeing city lights or possibly the ceiling of a Hospital, but he saw a clear bright sky. Kevin was confused but his guard wasn't lowered. Kevin cautiously stood up looking at the surroundings. But all eyes were on him, Kevin quickly realized he was teleported back through time, probably in the 17'th century. People gazed at Kevin silently  then Murmurs could be heard and finally they went back to their daily routines as if nothing happened. Kevin was now even more confused. Then an old man came up to him. and said "Your have a valuable gift young one, addition to your intellect and fighting abilities, you have a small fraction of precognition. This enables you to sense some disturbance which is usually not right. But i have brought you here for more important reasons, my name is Merlin by the way.  The old wizard informed Kevin all he knew and disappeared. 
Kevin after hearing the story was dedicated to fix this problem, as both a fan of the late 17'th century and a hero. Kevin now fully understands why the people didn't panic, they were under a spell which Merlin cast on them, but it was temporary. So Kevin moved quickly out of there sights and to somewhere he can secretly hide. It needed to be functional and secure. Kevin moved through swiftly. For Kevin, this was a challenge for sure, since Kevin is used to moving through the shadows at night, but now he is forced to maneuver through the blistering sunlight without being seen. Kevin jumped and hopped through tough rocky terrain. As he reached the mountain top, there was a big apple tree that provided Shade and food. Kevin stopped, as he walked more slowly towards the bark of the tree.
    Kevin removed his cowl by rolling it backwards towards the back of his head and neck. Kevin was sweating already, he had to think of a way to get his body fluids back. 
A growl was heard nearby. Kevin was curious to know what it was....he slowly crawled towards where he heard the sound. But as he came closer more noises were heard, like cries for help and screams of mercy. Kevin pushed aside the bushes which was covering his view, the sight was shocking, it was a mother and her child being held against their will, probably minutes only before they're fed to the lions. Guards and soldier crowded them. Kevin couldn't take it anymore, nor could he wait any longer, he unrolled his cowl and puts it in his face. Kevin looked like he was going to massacre every single one of those guards. His facial expression could be distinguished by the wrinkles of his cowl. without any hesitation. Kevin lunged down to where the execution was about to take place. 
Kevin in one fluid motion rolled and kicked one of the guards as he stood up, pushing the guard several feet away. the other guards were alerted as they rushed towards Kevin, with their sharp spears ahead of them. Kevin despite being totally out numbered stood courageously. As the soldiers were in his reach Kevin ducked down and threw a Bomb's that were shaped like small pills, that released liquid nitrogen, literally freezing the soldiers in one move. 'Go now."  Kevin ordered the woman and her son, as they walked quickly while thanking Kevin. Kevin then secured the base, and knew this was the place where he was looking for. Kevin now has a base to start saving the 17'th Century.

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@Clutch:  I would.
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Thanks!. Dude I'm Soo Sorry, i just started it right now, i had some, "Commitments"  and i rushed it a bit, hoping you would still be online after i'm done, LOL, guess i wasn't fast enough XD. Nice Work on the O0C By the way :D.

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10:00 PM, Rossburn hotel.

  "And now! to officially open this Magnificent hotel is the handsome Bachelor himself Kevin Beacon!!!" The MC Joyfully Introduced Kevin, as the Crowds that number in hundreds cheered and clapped as Kevin Walked onto the stage with a big smile, waving to the Crowd, "Hello Everybody! Hi good Evening..My name is Kevin Beacon, and i am the owner of this Five star hotel, The reason why i love this hotel greater than the others is that, This hotel is named after my Late Best Friend, Derek Rossburn, he like myself wanted to help out the every part of the world that was suffering from poverty. But two months ago, as he was about to land in Haiti, the Plane Suddenly Exploded and turned Mr.Rossburns Plane into a great ball of fire and...." Kevin Tried hard not to cry, holding every tear in the tear gland stuck there at least for that moment. "Sorry, about that ladies and gentlemen......and he and his family were burned alive...until now a group of Detectives are still working on the case, what Ignited the Fuel in the Gas tank and what caused the Locks to Jam up, This hotel is the same as Rossburn, it will give you a good time and it will give you anything you need, So if your gonna cheer, Cheer with all your heart not for me, but to My good Friend Mr.Derek Rossbunr!" after Delievering the speech, The crowd Cheered Loudly, some of them even crying, their claps Was heard throughout the whole 22 floors of the hotel.  
"Nice Speech Kev" Kevin's old Classmate Exclaimed, "Ahh..David, good thing you came,!" Kevin Replied. "Of Course! theres free food!" David said while smiling, and finally running to the Buffet section. Suddenly Kevin's Phone rang it was from his computer, alerting him to come to his H.Q Quickly, Kevin without informing his guest, hastily ran to the elevator, and finally reaching the Ground Floor.. "Sir your car keys" the hotel Manager extended his arms while Kevin Walked rather Hastily "Thanks Rogers!" Kevin quickly Said as he Exited the Hotel and entered his car which was right in front of the hotel entrance. Kevin Maneuvered through Traffic and Stop lights,  Kevin Dialed the Number to his computer with his other hand "Computer, Change the Stop lights to green lights every time I'll be near to one, Approximately 25 feet."   Kevin's arrival time to his H.Q was Decreased, and arrived in only ten minutes. Kevin still in his Formal Wear sat down in front of his highly Advanced Computer, with a Screen that's length and Width was the same as two Tables that fit a family of ten.


Head Quarters.

"Computer, Why did you call me here?" "Well first of all, Congratulations for Making your eight Consecutive successful hotel, second of all, There is a robbery taking place at the Bank of  Stant." The Electronic womanly Voice Informed Kevin As Kevin Change from his Fancy Tuxedo to his Crime Fighting Bat like Suit. Kevin made final Adjustments to his Fowl and Gloves before Riding His Bullet Proof Bat based car, Resembling to a muscle car. Kevin Stepped on the Acceleration,  and Caused one exhaust to burst out hot Blue Flames, as Kevin Blitz through the tunnel which leads to the Open Road.
"I hope this isn't another False Alarm Like YesterdayKevin Said Calmly to himself,  as Kevin Reached through the crime scene he saw several Police units, negotiating with the Robbers "How many are there?"  Kevin Asked the Chief  "5 with some sort of new weaponry, they tested it on one of our Car and made a clean hole in it!"  the Chief Replied.
Without Replying Kevin Barged through the Door With no hesitation, and threw Two Batarangs, which Hit the Two Robbers carrying New Riffles, Kevin Showed his Acrobatics skills as he dodged the Laser Like Bullets by Crouching and Flipping, Kevin then Threw Two Gas Pellets which covered the Room, the Robbers couldn't see a thing "This Guys crazy he just suffocated all of us even the Hostages!"  One Robber Said to Another. as the Gas Cleared Up the Robbers looked and the Bank was Empty, Well except for him and his Unconscious Colleagues. "Think Again!"  Kevin Exclaimed as he Punched the Out-cold  Robber. 
Kevin Than Walked out the Door, of the Bank and used his Grappling Hooked, Shaped of a Bat which Pulled him up to a random Building. Kevin Than Walked calmly to the other side in Which Case he Remembered his Good Friend Derek Rossburn, "We used to fool around this building making fun of my Costume."  Kevin Snapped out of the Flash Back as he saw a Mysterious Figure Walking Through the Empty Alley. Kevin Jumped down, and landed safely and Silently on his Feet and Questioned the Man "What are you doing here?"


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@Closure:  Ok then. Thanxs for the info.
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@Closure:  Sweet name, be sure to include pictures in the O0c! lolz, , so being neutral are you More of the good side or the evil side?
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@Closure:  0_o you don't look like a Street Leveler ! LOl Jk, so who will start it off? and whats the title?
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@Charmix:  Ok.