What is the worst Comic/Story you've ever read?

There are so many stories in Comics today that everybody has at least purchased or read a bad comic or story over the years? 
Mine definitely has to be the whole one more day and omit debacle. Quesada messed up my favorite character I ever grew up with and flushed it down the toilet. 
JLA: Cry for Justice has to be another & who cannot forget the great bashing of one of my favorite marvel characters in Daredevil, which leads to SHADOWLAND. ugh talk about a killer there. James Robinson JLA has to be a series I came to loathe and also all his Superman stories sucked. From a guy who wrote Starman which I absolutely love I don't see why he has regressed as a writer. Ultimatum just killed ultimates for me. There are so many I can go on and on. 
So What is the worst comic or story you've ever read?