Other than Superhero books

I know the typical/average fan of comics probably reads a lot of superhero books. I used to be like that along time ago and didn't care about other stuff. When I got back into comics in 2008, I realized that there was more out there than just superhero books. Don't get me wrong, I still love reading books like Batman, Spider-Man, Green Lantern, etc., but there are alot of non-superhero books past to present that showed me why I love reading comics so much. Y the last man, Ex Machina, Chew, Walking Dead, Planetary, Unknown Soldier, Scalped, American Vampire, Sweet Tooth, Preacher are some series I just love to read. Recently I just started reading Casanova, Nightly News, and Sandman and I'm just enjoying reading about either political, supernatural, criminal, mystery, etc. 
So for you all comic fans out there, I would love to know other than superhero books, Are there any other series other than the typical marvel/dc hero book do you like to read?