Sinister Six vs Secret Six

Who would win out of these kick ass teams?  


here are the following matchups:  
Mysterio vs Jeneatte 
Kraven vs Catman
Sandman vs Bane 
Vulture vs Ragdoll 
Electro vs Deadshot 
Doc Ock vs Scandral 
YOU DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!

The new TMNT series.

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When I found out in May when Idw was doing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Series, I just literally had a heart attack (not really). I grew up with Tmnt, watching all the shows, collecting the figures, reading the mirage comics. To make it even better, Mirage Co-founder and co-creator of TMNT Kevin Eastman along with Tom Waltz and Dan Duncan will be writing and drawing the book. Another one of my favorites Walt Simonson will be doing variant covers.   I already have this ready for my pull box come August  
The book comes out August 24, make sure to get your copy
Are you excited that TMNT will be coming back to comics?

Other than Superhero books

I know the typical/average fan of comics probably reads a lot of superhero books. I used to be like that along time ago and didn't care about other stuff. When I got back into comics in 2008, I realized that there was more out there than just superhero books. Don't get me wrong, I still love reading books like Batman, Spider-Man, Green Lantern, etc., but there are alot of non-superhero books past to present that showed me why I love reading comics so much. Y the last man, Ex Machina, Chew, Walking Dead, Planetary, Unknown Soldier, Scalped, American Vampire, Sweet Tooth, Preacher are some series I just love to read. Recently I just started reading Casanova, Nightly News, and Sandman and I'm just enjoying reading about either political, supernatural, criminal, mystery, etc. 
So for you all comic fans out there, I would love to know other than superhero books, Are there any other series other than the typical marvel/dc hero book do you like to read?


What is the worst Comic/Story you've ever read?

There are so many stories in Comics today that everybody has at least purchased or read a bad comic or story over the years? 
Mine definitely has to be the whole one more day and omit debacle. Quesada messed up my favorite character I ever grew up with and flushed it down the toilet. 
JLA: Cry for Justice has to be another & who cannot forget the great bashing of one of my favorite marvel characters in Daredevil, which leads to SHADOWLAND. ugh talk about a killer there. James Robinson JLA has to be a series I came to loathe and also all his Superman stories sucked. From a guy who wrote Starman which I absolutely love I don't see why he has regressed as a writer. Ultimatum just killed ultimates for me. There are so many I can go on and on. 
So What is the worst comic or story you've ever read? 


What Dc relaunch book are you most excited about?

Personally there are a lot of books with great potential out there in the DCU 
But the books I'm looking forward to read are: 
Action Comics, Animal Man, Batman, Batgirl, Batwoman, JL Dark, Nightwing, Swamp Thing. 
What books are you ready to add to your pull list?