Which Team To Pick?

So I've been watching a lot of DC Animation including the Justice League series and JL movies. Got me interested in reading one of the team series - JLA or JSA 
Problem is I don't much of anything about either of the current team members. I know about the big players (Superman, Batman, Flash, GL, Green Arrow, etc.) but I have no clue who half of the JSA members are. I know a little bit about the current JLA members after reading Cry for Justice. 
So I'm torn. I know a little bit about the current JLA, but JSA does have the original GL and Flash but a whole bunch of other people I don't know. 
Any recommendations on which to choose? Anyone have a better story or writer going on right now?


A Tale of Two Batmen

I know Batman Inc just started and I know things change all the time in the comic world. But these are just my initial gut reactions:

I must say I personally am not happy with this decision to keep Dick Grayson as the real Batman while Bruce travels the world hiring new recruits. Bruce Wayne IS Gotham's Batman. Period. The only way Batman should be replaced is with the death of Bruce Wayne. He's not dead, he was sent back in time. All is right with the world once again...or is it... 

OK first let me say if anyone SHOULD replace Batman (upon Bruce's death) it should be Dick. And while the world thought Batman was dead I couldn't be any prouder of what Dick accomplished under the cowl. But mission accomplished, Bruce is back, it's time to step down. I think my biggest complaint is just the pure logistics of the whole thing. 

So Bruce is back and he wants to go around the world setting up Batman franchises across the globe. Fine that sounds like a great idea. But why is Bruce going? Shouldn't Dick be the one doing the sales pitch? Dick IS the first Batman franchise. He is the first person other than Bruce to be Batman. He’s the poster boy of Batman Inc. Col Sanders doesn’t personally open every KFC franchise, he’s the founder, he lets his employees handle that part of the business. Bruce should be back handling business in the home office. 

And Dick doesn’t really have any ties to Gotham like Bruce does. Dick left Gotham and went to Blüdhaven and Blüdhaven became his home. Then Blüdhaven got destroyed. Now Dick is a man with no home. Sounds like a perfect candidate to travel the globe and sell Batman member buttons to me. He’s got nothing to hold him down. We don’t even need to begin to explain how Bruce is tied to Gotham for eternity. 

So that’s why I’m worried. I recently got back into comics and Batman was the first place I went to. I picked right up where my childhood left off with Bruce Wayne. And then Dick takes over the core title for a while and I still enjoyed it. But now Bruce is back. He is my Batman. I want to read about him in Batman and then I can enjoy watching Dick spearheading the Batman Inc movement around the world. 

Please DC. Make my world right again...


To Wait Or Not To Wait (for TPBs)?

So I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on TPBs. My comic budget is pretty tight at the moment and I just got into reading the Flash with #4. Of course my first instinct was to go back and buy #1-3. But the more I thought about it the more I wondered if I should just wait for a trade paperback. I kind of came to the same conclusion with Batman and Robin. I came into the series at issue #13 but after finding out the series was going to be cancelled (or just Morrison's run ending) with issue #16 I decided I'd just wait for the trade.
I'm still buying individual issues of Batman and also Superman since they're my favorite but what do you think the pros and cons of waiting for trades?
Price: You can usually find a trade for about the same amount of the individual issues (sometimes cheaper through places like Amazon)
Collection: You can read an entire arc in one book without carrying around a bunch of copies
The only real con I can find is the waiting. Obviously it takes some time for trades to come out (anyone know the usual time frame?)
What are your thoughts?


Unwritten LCS Law?

I just wanted to vent a little bit but then I thought maybe I'm missing something so I'd check with the experts. 
So I have 2 local comic book shops - one right next to where I live and one right never to where I work. The one by home offers a 20% discount and bags and board with every comic. The one by work has a 10% discount if you buy a comic off your pull list and tends to have a slightly better selection. Selection isn't really a big deal for me, I'm just now getting back into comics and my taste are pretty mainstream (Batman, Superman, etc) so there's never usually a selection problem.  
Well I've been using the LCS near work for mainly limited series (Return of Bruce Wayne, Avengers Origin, etc) because he tends to have more minis (which is all I'm really reading since I'm getting caught up). The LCS near home is where I get my Batman and Superman. 
Both stores are owned by really friendly people, but the owner near work is constantly making comments on how I only buy one comic usually. At first I just laughed it up because a) I didn't want to buy anything regularly since my comic budget is very small and b) I couldn't tell if he was being funny or mean.  It keeps happening every time I go in there. I just came from there to pick up the last Avengers Origin and after telling him that was all I need he hollered to his staff "looks like I'm not eating tonight!" Thankfully the only thing left on my list is the last 2 ROBW when they come out. 
Am I missing some unwritten comic law that says you have to buy more than one book every time you go in a store? I feel like I'm bringing this guy business, even if it is one comic, isn't that better than none? I could be wrong, maybe that is common decency but like I said I'm not ready (or financially able) to buy a stack every time I go in. 


Back To The Future (of Advertising)

So I was lucky enough to find some DVDs put out by Marvel (before they started their online subscriptions) years ago at a local used bookstore that contain the entire catalog of the Avengers, Iron Man, Hulk, X-Men, Iron Man, and Spiderman (all up to Civil War). So I've made a mission to try and read all of these volumes in their entirety (as daunting as that seems it's been quite rewarding). One of my favorite features is that each comic is presented cover to cover with all the original ads. Needless to say it's been entertaining to see classic advertising from the 60's and 70's.
I had a good laugh when I stumbled across this advertisement for a baseball trainer by Pete Rose

No Caption Provided
I literally know nothing about sports but I do know Pete Rose tends to be the butt end of a lot of sports jokes and stories. I thought it was interesting to see all of this pre-scandal and look at his career in its prime. I had an even bigger laugh when not more than 3 pages of the same comic I found this ad:
No Caption Provided

What are the odds! Gave me a good laugh lol

Criticizing Talent

You know I was looking at quests today and I one quest that has always stuck out to me is the Critic quest. I've never reviewed anything on this site because I don't feel qualified. For one I've been out of the comic world for quite a world, also I just don't know the big names like everyone else seems to (I know Grant Morrison is great but confusing and that's about it...). But one of my main reasons for not reviewing anything is I always feel like I have no room to criticize anyone in an area I have NO ability in. Take artwork for example. I can't draw a stick figure to save my life. So I don't feel like I could say "Oh the artwork in this issue is complete crap", because even if it was crap I couldn't do any better.
This is all got me thinking after reading Batman and Robin #13. I will say here and now - the artwork in this issue is complete crap. I hated it. Could barely focus or get through the issue every time I saw my favorite comics characters drawn like this: 

 This may be the first time the Joker's face has actually scared me...
 This may be the first time the Joker's face has actually scared me...

 What is wrong with Robin's face?!
 What is wrong with Robin's face?!

But then again I can't draw a straight line and for all I know Frazier Irving might be a comic legend (his wiki page doesn't suggest that though...)
Now I know that this is the internet and the whole point is to criticize others without repercussions but I think I would always feel like a poser downgrading someone art or writing because it's better than anything I could do. I'm not saying anyone who reviews something poorly is being a flamer (internet version) or hater. Would my reviews as an average comic reader be worth reading on this site or should I leave it to the professionals?

Guilt Purchase

So my wife and I have a deal - we both get $20 a month to buy whatever we want. Well of course 99.9% of my budget goes to comics. I also live in a cash free world - I never carry cash on me, everything is done with debit baby! 
So I go to pick up a comic at my LCS and he makes a passing comment "Oh you're not going to put 1 comic on your card are you!? That's only like $4". Now I understand 100% why he wouldn't want that what with the rising cost of card processing fees. So I felt bad and bought a couple issues of Superman Secret Origins on a whim. Of course being the completionist I am I had to get all of the other issues he did have in store. 
Now I have all 5 issues of Secret Origins but I'm also $23 over budget!!!
Lesson learned - always have cash...


Movie Continuity


You've got to love the I'm a Marvel I'm a DC. This stuff is hilarious. But this latest video brings up a really good point. I'll be the first to say I LOVE the fact that Marvel is linking all of their movies (that they own) together in one universe. I think it's great. I could care less about how the mass public may not understand if they haven't seen all the movies or know all the characters. I don't for one second watch football and say, "Who is that guy? Wait they're saying in the last game he did x!? I didn't see the last game!" I know it's a whole different ballgame (pun) movies v. sports (or anything else that require knowledge of previous subject matter) and I'm glad Marvel isn't copping out because of this.
My favorite comic will always be Batman but I honestly can't get into the DC universe because it's so freaking confusing! I'm the kind of person that likes to know a character's entire back story, especially when a side comment is made about their past. I want to know what that meant! (Side note: I do understand that goes against everything I just wrote in the previous paragraph, but this is different. I'm not expecting comics to dumb everything down for me and tell me everything, I understand I'm going to have to do the research and figure things out for myself) But it goes so hard with the DC universe! Everytime I try to learn somethign about a character I hit 1 of 5 different Crisis and lose track of where I was!
But that's all comics! I'm talking movies here. Like I said I love how Marvel is bringing everything together. I'm not sure if DC can do that now but I hope they do someday, maybe I'll be able to understand the DC movie universe if I can't wrap my head around the comic universe.
I also have come to grips with the various actor playing the same character issue. Yes I preferred Terrance Howard over Don Cheadle but just as Rhodey said in IM2 "I'm here deal with it!" And I can. I understand if an actor doesn't want to be locked in a role for the rest of their life (look at Bond. I love all Bond movies and I'm OK with so many different actors). If it means I can get more of the same story I love but with a different actor, fine. The story is what's important, not the actor (although obviously it's a plus if it can happen)
All in all, I am very excited for the future of comic movies.
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