The 10 Best Superhero Teams of All Time

This may offend some & some may also agree, well, here it goes.

Honorable Mentions: X-Factor, Famtastic Four, Young Justice, JSA

COMING SOON- top 10 all time underrated teams

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  • Not only do they half a successful film franchise, not only do they have iconic characters such as Wolverine, Storm & Magneto, not only do they have other successful titles........but they are THE MOST IMPORTANT TEAM IN COMIC BOOKS, not even debatable bub.

  • What is there to say really?

  • A team of godlike beings created by Gardner Fox in the 60's probably had no idea that this would result in various animated shows and a film that is on the way. One word: ICONIC

  • The Judas Contract has to be one of my favorite storylines ever, you finally find out that Terra is a traitor. This storyline was suppose to have an animated movie adaptation but Bruce Timm decided to scrap it. If it wasn't for TT there would be no Young Justice, No Authority and no new mutants.

  • If the x-men & the teen titans were to mate, you'd most likely have The Authority as the offspring.

  • The Defenders is what you get when you put the king of atlantis, a sorcerer, an emerald behemoth and a silver dude on a surfboard on the same team. The group usually takes on mythic & supernatural threats.

  • Thank you, Gail Simone. The reason I thank her is because Birds of Prey was the 1st comic book i've read and i loved it so much I was introduced to new characters such as Black Canary & Huntress, it made me actually want to pick up and read something.

  • I think that the Inhumans are highly debatable when comes to being one of the all-time best superhero teams ever but i don't think it's that crazy of a statement. Do you?

  • Cannonball, Wolfbane, Sunspot & Danielle Moonstar may not be as famous or influential as mutants like Wolverine, Magneto or Storm but I think they earn the number 10 spot because they were always known as the "2nd generation of x-men"

  • I think that the concept of this team is THE BEST, if not one of the best. The Suicide Squad are consisted of villains such as Deadshot, Captain Cold, Enchantress, etc...who carry on missions for the gov't for shorter sentences. If that's not badass, then i don't know what is.


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I like the list but I really don't like The Avengers at all ! X-Men FTW !