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Charmed #1 Review 1

I am one of the Charmed fans, who was very displeased with how the series ended. For the longest time after the Charmed series finale, I felt they should do a comic based on the series (much like Buffy or Angel) to make up for the atrocious ending, and my prayers were finally answered by Zenescope! I am very pleased to say that Charmed #1 is not only much better than I was expecting, but it is actually a great way to kick off the re-boot of Charmed. The time frame left unseen between the series ...

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Charmed #0.5 Review 0

This special #0.5 issue of Charmed, is nearly useless for anyone who was a die-hard fan of the Charmed television series (like me!), or even anyone who has seen a fair share of episodes. This issue is meant to make the Charmed comic more accessible to those who have never seen an episode of Charmed. Although I personally saw no real point to this issue, it is quite informative, providing decent recollections of the events, objects and characters relevant to the television series. I enjoyed how t...

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Underworld Review 1

A film that has vampires, lycans, leather, and firearms?! Yes please! I am a firm believer that this film is one of the absolute best vampire movies ever made, and trust me I have seen a great many of them. Although it takes a more modern approach to vampirism, I find the whole movie to be highly entertaining, and worth every second you spend watching it. With the plot revolving around a war between the vampires and the lycans, you are guaranteed to have some violence and decent effects. Kate Be...

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The Dark Knight Review 3

Yes, The Dark Knight is an incredible film, and it definitely has appeal for the masses -but I don’t think it lived up to all the hype it has received.   For the most part, the plot was well thought out and the story seemed to flow quite nicely but at times it tends to drag on a bit.   There are awesome visual effects in this movie, notably Two-Face’s, scared face.  Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine were all pleasures to watch, and Heath Ledger really did give the perf...

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Batman: Under The Red Hood Review 0

The first thing I have to say is that I have been anticipating this film since the moment I heard about it. This is due to multiple reasons; I love DC and Batman, I enjoy Jensen Ackles, and I seem to love everything Bruce Timm has anything to with (which includes all of the DC Animated Universe movies). Batman: Under The Red Hood is yet another DCU Animated Original Movie Masterpiece. On the voice talents, I adored Bruce Greenwood as Batman and Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd (The Red Hood); Neil Pa...

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