I want this sooo bad, it could supply me with many hours of good 'ol Trek fun!  My sister might buy it, but she would keep it since she likes Trek just as much as I do (if not more!).Seriously, I think this is the best Sceneit? game to be released in a long time!
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Paper Mache Gun?

I want to make Vera out of paper mache, like the scythe I did earlier this year. I have a feeling if I am able to complete it, I will be working on it for quite some time, especially since I do have to start school soon.  Also, I would like to note that the finished piece will not have any functional parts, since that would be much too difficult. 

Jayne holding Vera
Jayne holding Vera


In the middle of October, I shall be attending Con-Version26. Apparently it is “ Calgary's longest running Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Convention” but I had never heard about this event, until this year when I saw a poster for it at my comic shop. That’s probably because I don’t really go to many conventions (CCEE’10 was my first convention...sad right?).   There will be a few Trek stars in attendance, and since my sister is big into autographs and really wants to go, I agreed to go with her. I am actually pretty excited about Robert Picardo being there, as well as Marina Sirtis.       

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Industry Crossovers

While for the most part I have no problem with industry crossovers, there are a few comics that were based on TV shows or movies that would have been better off unpublished. In the same sense, there are tons of comic book films out there that ruined favourite characters or story arcs.    
I know people are sick of reading about it, but I especially despise the idea of the “Twilight” graphic novel. It is bad enough they had to scar the film industry with that monstrosity, but then they had to invade comics with those glittery freaks? Why on earth did they feel the need to do so? I think it was an attempt to initiate a mass suicide.  
Are there any industry crossovers that you personally believe should never have happened?    



I should really start doing more edits. I feel so accomplished when I complete one, so I figure if I do more I will be in an excellent mood all the time! Maybe I will be able to tomorrow. + If I do enough edits / get enough points from one edit i'll get a few more quests done! Soon I won't be able to spend so much time on this site, since I will have to focus on school, but lets not think about that yet.. I still have a few more days of slacking off left.


Television Shows

I love Television.   That is something anyone can tell you.  New seasons of TV shows will be starting soon, which is exciting, but there were a few shows that were cancelled last year and will not be returning which saddens me.  Dollhouse: Why are Joss Whedon shows cut short? I do not understand this. They are all fantastic, have great characters and ingenious lines. Seriously. They kill TSCC to keep DH but then they just obliterate any hope fans have of having a show to enjoy for years to come(sorry..it still bothers me) -  At least Dollhouse had a decent ending... unlike Heroes: Maybe it is a practical joke by NBC and Heroes will just appear again..please? It was just beginning to get good again, after season three screwed everything up (in my opinion.. I know some people enjoyed it). And Sylar was evolving even more (he was my favourite FYI).. Agh. Life in TV land just isn’t fair sometimes.

Lucky for me,  I still have like 40 other shows to look forward to! I’m ever so thankful for those wonderful people who upload shows onto the internet for me to watch, since I have lousy channel selections & I always forget when a show is on.    

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Katy Perry parodies are taking over the world

I just bought Katy Perry's Teenage Dream CD today  & it is actually pretty good, if any of you closet Katy fans were wondering -  Anyways!  thats not the reason for this post. We all know how often California Gurls was getting parodied on YouTube, so most people have probably seen this video already since it has quite a few views (Or it could have been one creepy guy watching it over and over again...) but I quite like it so I wanted to share:    



I hate warm weather.. Snow please come quickly.

I swear I am melting.   I was going to ask my friend to go to my comicshop with me today but honestly its to hot to even move, let alone take transit for an hour and a half to get there. There are very few things I will go out in this heat for.. and my comics sadly dont make the list because I have a file at the store, which means the store holds the comics for me anyways. Stupid end of summer heat waves.. at least its supposed to cool down to like 12°C this weekend, with rain! Heck yes!  but I wonder.. why is it that everytime it gets super warm here now, the heat is accompanied by crazy winds? 
At least the time I am spending inside hiding from the heat can be put to good use.. Maybe I will edit some articles and make some new friends..which is doubtful. I swear even on the internet I am a hermit.



Getting notifications that someone new is now following me, makes me happy.  
It makes me feel important and even though I barely have any followers, I still think it is pretty fantastic.  
My followers are awesome, FYI.


Criminal Minds Comic?

As I sit here watching some old episodes of Criminal Minds, I was thinking: What if they made a comic?  I would love for there to be a Criminal Minds comic, but it probably wouldn't do too well. Maybe a 6-issue kind of thing would work.  There are soo many TV shows I would like to see in comic-form... Dollhouse is a major one, but I'm pretty sure that was settled a while ago, and that there won't be a comic.  
Anyone else have an opinion on the subject? Would you read a Criminal Minds Comic?

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