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Butcher's origin starts coming to an end 0

The GoodButcher starts becoming the character we've all grown to love in the Boys. This issue shows what happened after his wife died and butcher killed the super powered child. We see Greg Mallory first meeting Butcher and why Mallory in particular chose Butcher as someone to be on his team to deal with the super powered menace. Which explains why Butcher chose Hughie to join the Boys as well. We see Butcher find out what happened to his wife and that her worries came true with Butcher spending...

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A fun series comes to an end 0

The GoodThe series was just plain fun to read and never took itself seriously dealing with sensitive topics like religion. It’s a pure comedy piece for male audiences and never tries to claim otherwise. We see throughout the series Danica the granddaughter of Lucifer runs a casino called the eternity offering ten thousand dollars for you to sell your soul to her. We see Danica hit on everything that walks and her friend Mary Magdalene who she saved from Purgatory keeping the business running and...

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A little slower paced 0

The GoodThis issue focuses on the supporting cast of Rachel Alves, Oscar Clemons, Walter Bolt, and Norah Winters more then it does the Punisher. It shows what they have been up to since 100 days have passed. The story also shows the exchange in a little more detail then previously. They had a very corporate feeling and not a mafia vibe in the second issue and this issue really nails that feeling with their corporate meeting. These aren't least not anymore and we learn that this organi...

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4 issues in and still going strong 0

The GoodWe see Mr. Rucka giving this Punisher series an actual consistent story with each issue building off the last. Mr. Rucka is showing good clean writing taking us the readers on a journey that is clear and precise without wandering off the beaten path like so many other comics out there. The world building is continuing which I find utterly fantastic since its not like Fraction and Remender's run where it was just the Punisher killing then and going on to some other mission. What we are ge...

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Not your average comic book fight. 0

This issue starts immediately were the last issue left off with the Punisher and Vulture going at it. This isn’t like the Stiltman fight or even Frank’s original fight against Daken. This fight lacks any black comedy of some of Frank’s more recent battles against supes whether they are villain or hero. This battle also lacks the certainty of Frank not winning like in Dark Reign when Frank had every Hammer agent after him as well as Daken. Just like the cover shows the fight does take place in th...

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This is a MAX issue that is not labeled as a MAX issue. 0

Well this issue picks up right were the last issue left off. With the exchange figuring out precisely why the Punisher did what he did. I found this to be quite refreshing since most of the groups the Punisher goes against tend to be rather dumb with the exception of the leader and maybe a few others. Gone is the old Italian American mafia families that the Punisher has been dealing with since he was first created. They are not replaced with the typical Russian Mafia, Triads, minority street gan...

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Feels like the 2007 Punisher MAX Annual 0

Greg Rucka in this issue has the Punisher feel like a supernatural terror unleashed on the world. We see the Punisher do what he does better than anyone, all the while not in his head and seen through the eyes of others. Greg doesn't do what Garth did and has us inside the Punisher's head at all. In fact this issue and from what Rucka has said in interviews feels more like the successor to the 2007 Punisher annual. This shows the Punisher as more of a spirit killing evil men than a man fighting ...

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The best issue of the best Punisher story arc 1

This issue shows you the reason why the Punisher is best suited in the MAX imprint and why it’s hard for someone who reads The Punisher's MAX series to enjoy a 616 Punisher comic. The whole comic is unbelievably good but what will stick with readers the most is the scene between the female who masterminded the forced prostitution ring and Frank Castle. The scene holds no sense of justice at all as Frank deals with the woman in a very cold brutal manner that is extremely chilling just like how sh...

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Garth Ennis is one sick bastard! 0

You would think a character talking about beating a child to death with a lamp post wouldn't be funny at all and in fact it would be condemned completely in a comic right? Well you would think that until you read this comic and laugh at the dialogue which is beyond outrageous! We have Superheroes getting beaten the hell out of in this issue which is comical in of itself how badly they get tore up. The funniest part of the fight though was when poor Hughie thinking he is about to get killed by Bl...

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Well Done 0

The Hood's story in Dark Reign I always thought was probably the best one of them all. This is the first comic of his 5 issue story and sheds a lot of light on the Hood. Parker Robbins we see in this comic try to balance being a family man with being a gangster who leads Super Villains. Parker is shown with some redeeming qualities as well as very bad qualities that makes him interesting as a villain since he's not a cut and paste stereotypical villain like Dr. Doom (I do like Doom by the way) w...

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The Punisher has a lovesick stalker! 0

Well if you ever wanted to read a story how the Punisher would react to having a psycho stalker whose love smitten with him stalk Frank everywhere he goes then this is that comic.  This is a black comedy job that is done quite well but nowhere near Garth Ennis best work.  It is a funny story with Painkiller Jane following the Punisher around and we see things from her point of view. Her breaking into Frank's hide out and trying on his Punisher Skull shirts and her following him to a battle scre...

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One of the funniest comics ever! 1

If you’re a diehard wolverine fan that thinks he should be able to kill the incredible hulk you should never read this comic because it will piss you off. I'm not joking if you love Wolverine and/or hate the Punisher reading this comic will only anger you.If you’re a Punisher fan this is probably Frank's ultimate bad ass moment in his comics and Garth Ennis best black comedy/superhero bashing during his whole stint writing the Punisher and is up there with his writing on The Boys. The Punisher a...

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Hi My Name is stupid comic! 2

Wow! Where do I even begin with this piece of trash? Let's see Eminem whose known as slim shady somehow pistol whips Frank Castle knocking him out in one shot. Yeah, Slim Shady who is maybe 160lbs soak and wet with all of his clothes on beat down the Punisher. Apparently nobody who worked on this comic ever read a Punisher comic. If they did they would know Frank has been shot multiple times and kept on fighting like it was nothing, has been run over, stabbed, beaten, tortured, etc and kept on g...

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You ran me over with a steamroller so I'll call you gay! 1

This is pretty bad all around. Garth Ennis wrote what was probably one of the funniest moments in comics when he had the Punisher run over wolverine with a steam roller after he got done shooting Wolverine's nuts off with an Uzi. I understand why Wolverine fans would be angry about that but this revenge match is just stupid. Frank Tieri tries to make the claim that the Punisher is gay and has about a dozen body building mags fall out of his back pack at the end of Wolverine and Punisher's boring...

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Not a very good comic 0

This comic would actually be very good if not for two things which make it pretty bad.   The first is the closure of Punisher’s out of nowhere damn near homosexual fondness for Captain America that never existed until the civil war happened.   The whole grieving Captain America’s death never made any sense considering the Punisher is more likely to blow Captain America’s brains out like he did in Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe than make some dumbass costume like Captain America’s.   That was...

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