Should the Punisher's Battle Van return?

While I did enjoy the earlier Punisher comics I have found that after Garth Ennis took over writing the Punisher that the old Punisher comics just didn't have the same greatness to them. While I still enjoy the river of blood story arc and few others most of the stories looking back where either just to over the top or are just don't measure up well at all against Ennis take on the Punisher. While not a fan of Fraction and Remender's take on the Punisher I did like the fact Frank acquired some hi-tech gear like he did in the old Punisher series pre Ennis. The one thing I was disappointed with when I first started reading their runs though was the fact Frank was acquiring this gear but they didn't have Stuart Clarke or Henry Russo build him an old school battle van like Microchip did for him.

Yes the thing was completely over the top being armored with a minigun and grenade launcher cruising around New York City killing mobsters.   A real world comparison would be someone driving around in a tank through New York City using it to kill mobsters. One of the most if not the most over the top issues featuring the Battle Van was when it was going against the Kingpin's battle bus through the streets of NYC.  It was...just bit much even though I have to admit I did enjoy the over the top factor of it.  

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  I always did like the Battle Van and the early punisher comics did have some great moments featuring it. 
I know Rucka has mentioned in interviews about the Punisher acquiring hi-tech gear and while I doubt the Punisher would get a new battle van since he has stated his series will be more like the MAX series just based in the Marvel universe.  So a new Battle Van while it could possibly work probably won't be in the current 616 Punisher series.  It does make me wonder would Punisher fans like to see a return of the battle van?  Also, if the Punisher got a new Battle Van what would it be like?  I'd imagine it would be a mixture of current military technology and science fiction technology.  I could see the Battle Van maybe having the features of a Shield hover car and having a much better Artificial Intelligence as well. Hell maybe the thing would be equipped with a Davy Crockett!  
Anyway I loved the Battle Van as crazy as the thing was...or should I say how it was used?  So I figured I'd ask to see what others on comicvine would think about the Punisher getting a new Battle Van.