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From pilot to a protector of space 0

I will be reviewing the Hal Jordan origin story from Secret Origin TPB,it’s not very diferent from his Silver Age origin altrough the basic plot in unchanged.Hal starts as a aviator at Ferris Air,who has a crush in Carol Ferris since childhood,a bit before his father died on the test flight.It’s mostly the same,but there are somethings diferent from the 60s,like Sinestro was still na GL when Hal become one of them,Atrocitus(of course he didn’t exist before)killing Abin Sur.And the guardians bein...

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A war between All and Nothing. 0

My first comic review here in Vine.I trought of making na review to the comic I read and most liked of them all.What happens when Marvel heroes enter a battle of literally all or nothing?That’s what Chaos War is all about,Herc and the other facing an cosmic treat wanting to erase all the multiverse.The Chaos itself Amatsu Mikaboshi is the main character of this one-shot tie-in issue to the Chaos War event and it shows he/it defeating more powerful entites.It’s divided in 3 diferent parts,in the ...

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