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  • A comic filled with top quality action and comedy,a must read for all fans of the Marvel version of the character or even the original one from Greek mythology.

  • Worthly of Monthy Python,John Cleese made a wonderful comedy take in a "what if"Superman's ship falled in England.

  • Pretty intersting Ultimate comic.Nice development for all characters,you even feel pitty of U!Red Skull in the last issue.Nerd Hulk was a nice short-lived character too.

  • The story of the hammer wielding norse Jesus.Good new interpletation of Thor showing they participation on WWII of the Ultimate universe.It's intersting how the Jotuns sided with the Nazis in this comic.

  • Nice introduction to the story of Atlee and both her and Tara's background.Atlee's lack of knowledge about the outside world is funny and well used.Her friendship with Power Girl is a well made idea.

  • Diferent take making a super-hero also a cop.It is very dark and bloody,intersting to see how the current ongoing gets lighter after time.It's nice to read it both ways.

  • Great story after Herc's death,even if we knew he would come back.With the beautiful art of Joe Sabino.Herc's friends talking about his experiences with him(and I don't mean that way Northstar)and the adventures they had together.I ends with a power conflict between the other opinions because of the death of Zeus.It also has a sidestory with Namora and Venus too see what Herc did to help others with his money.

  • Good but repetitive,you already know that Vali will get the things before Amadeus from the beginning,but he will get all things at the end.It works as a "tie-in" between Incredible Hercules and the Chaos War event.

  • Starts great and them losr luster after many Dark Reign issues and the lack Carol Danvers as the true Ms. Marvel.But overall a good read.

  • Great arc,all issues were good mostly the "Chaos King"one.Good written and direct,unlike some arcs that have lots of issues and don't change anything important.It consolidated Amatsu Mikaboshi as a important villain in the Marvel Universe.Also it linked right to the current Herc series.

  • Fine development and background and good but cartoony art(I'm not implying that it's a bad thing,I myself like the art of Dan Jurgens and Ed McGuiness).Good to see the Cassies relations to her closer characters.

  • One shot with a story mostly about the relationship of Cassie with her mother and the conciliation with WG's superheroine live.There's also character development when she finds a friend that she discovers that is also a superheroine when a villain attack the place they are.

  • Incredible view on Hinduism and it's rich philosophy aesops.Each issue is about a diferent figure of Hinduism,and every issue has the view of Chopra on said character and explanation of the Myth.If you want to read a faithfully comic about Hinduism,this is the best choice.

  • Worse.Rip-off.Ever!This is just in the list to mark all that I had read,be it good or bad,that's the reason I give a small comentary about every comic.I copy of something already bad(Bleach),there still can be good expies like Witch Hunter(manhwa)to D Gray Man and Fate/Stay Night.I read Incarnate just to see the plagianism,I went already knowing it would be bad.The story is very rushed and art is poor,when not traced,the covers are the only thing good about the art,and Nick didn't draw them.

  • A new version to the origin of the Marvel God of Thunder.A good choice to a new reader that wants to know the origin of Thor.Pleasing story to Thor fans.

  • First Sif based comic.It tries to show her personality and how she reacts to menaces like the part organic part mechanic aliens in this comic.It shows that she can complete her missions by herself without the aid of other asgardian.It just lacks a explanation of Sif's backstory.

  • The best retelling of an ancient story I hava ever saw.Probally my favorite comic.It remakes the original epic with a modern and alternate telling very well build and developed.The art is flawless,it's so well made that you will just belive by reading the comic.

  • Continuation of the above series,read it's opinion in the post about the first volume.

    Waiting for more.

  • A post apocaliptic comic about countries devoloping super-beings based on their own culture religious figures.The story is telled by a doctor that participated in the creation of one of this beings after all already happned.Deep discussion of faith and the just thing that I didn't liked was the ending.

  • One miniseries that's most about Ego the Living Planet than Thor.Even with that it's a good read for the characters development,you don't see Thor using his powers very much.

  • Intersting crossover,even if you could already tell what was going to happen in the beginning.Good art and action.

  • First TPB that I bought,and I very good read.I have a review about it.

  • Your typical average story arc,the amazons for bidemensional reasons while being manipuled by Circe and Grandma Goodness,it becames better closer to the end but not enough to change a lot.

  • A good aproach on the character,a good supernatural series with a magic user just the kind I like it.Too bad it was cut short because of the reboot and he don't see things that were supposed to happen like Brother Night against Zatanna again.

  • Book with the idea of focusing on others characters of Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon,there should be more SD books like that.The Victor Bridge's art is similar to Larsen's but a bit better too.The only thing I disliked is that they make Brazilian soldiers talking in Spanish,when the official language of Brazil is Portuguese.

  • It's all very diferent from the Hercules we all know and a so so story,but it's dificult to be the same thing cause it's sets on the future.Although I found the superman joke on the beginning of issue 3 a lot funny.

  • Savage Dragon's universe Fear Itself written by Robert Kirkman,this itself is already good.It's on the same style of the Larsen written Savage Dragon stories.And I want an action figure of Dragon in that armor.

  • Confusing for a first read if you aren't familiar with the Eternals and an averlage comic overall.Marvel should some of them like Zuras more in their other stories.

  • So so comic,I prefered the main series Mars Attacks crossovers,cause it was more funny and the other characters appeheared,also Larsen's art is better.

  • Comic that presents and uses the basic understandings about hindu phylosophy like karma,detachment from the world,attaining of moksha,etc...Very well presented and executed,with art looking like a movie turned to comic.

  • It combines science fiction with hinduism in a apocaliptical story.It's kinda of boring in the beginning but the last issue is worth the read.

  • Yes more one mythology related comic book.Somehow it was intersting showing the gods with no memories of themselves.I don't like the fact that the shown gods seens like a combination of other companies versions of the same,and it seens to have been cut short.Still I prefer a Wonder Woman or Incredible Hercules comic book.

  • Incredibily written and cleaver made.Another good Eternals comic book.Art was variable,some character were well drawn like Ikaris,and some not like Thena(it must be because I didn't like how her armor was drawn)John Romita Jr. art quality varies so much sometimes.

  • Never blasfemy was so funny.I hope Cristians can say the same.Also the colorist made a great job.

  • Very good miniseries,as good as the original series.I like Archangel Michael in most of his representations in fiction.

  • I picked this comic out of curiosity without playing the games at all,and ended enjoying it a lot.After all I'm a big fan of mythology,if you saw most of the others titles in the list you should have already realized it.

  • Funny and full of action story.Very diferent from usual comic book.Cool art and design and it's fitting for the book,it's simple written but well executed.

  • Starts good and decepcionated because of the rushed ending.

  • Most faithful adaptation of the myth of Hercules in comic book form.I doesn't even need to say that it's very good.The art fits the comic,it's very dark and realistic like the comic should be.

  • Great adventure like the Thracian Wars and still good.

  • The best Shakti comics imprint,too bad it was put on hold after Virgin Comics became Liquid Comics as it ends on a cliffhanger in issue #20.I will put it in that list until it's continues.

  • Volume with few good arcs and mostly boring ones.And there's nothing special about the art,but I also isn't very bad.Also I hated when they changed the main character of the book for less expressive antagonists.

  • A good comic,but very dificult to understand if this is your first read of an Wildstorm universe comic book there's too many new character for you,even more in the last arc.I wanted more of Apollo and Midnighter.

  • The great art of AlĂ© Garza and a nice introduction to Teen Titans Vol 3.Every character was written right.

  • A must read classic,even if you're not a fan of Superman.

  • More offensive that Battle Pope and not half as funny,but still good.

  • The beginning is a bit of lackluster,but the Gail Simone and JMS runs are how Wonder Woman should be written.Lopresti art is very good an fits the title and so is the Oddissey art.

  • I trought it would be silver age-ish,and I think that Cosmic Entities shouldn't have children and much less grandchildren,but still this was fun and entrataining to read.

  • Good Nova volume,it's very intersting to see him only wanted to defeat a powerful villain just gain popularity in the beginning,but at the ending he becomes a true hero,that will further develop in Annihilation and Nova v4.I really liked the break on the forth wall in the last issue,and also good to see the authors of the comic interacting with the character.

  • Hard to judge because it have diferent writers and artists on diferent parts.Mine favorite chacter out of these Nova was too fast and don't revelated nothing about the character,plus he was looking like Megaman with that art wich only makes his UMvsC 3 ending even funnier.My other favorite charcter out these Doctor Strange was much better written,Scarlet Spider was also good.

  • Greatly written and changed completely my opinion on Marvel!Ares because of the lot of character development it bring him and made him more human-like than a god.Art was good too,even with some changed colors like white haired Zeus or brown haired Hera.

  • I'm a fan of medieval fantasy manga and anime,so this one was a great one for me.I liked the art a lot,but like in Larsen's art I think the monsters look better than the human/humanoid characters,the Super Deformed forms are also good.The only problem is that they start already very overpowered and had no problems with even the most powerful enemy at the end.

  • Very funny and intersting.I've never read an Gen 13 comic before but I liked this one very much.It makes fun of the Gen 13 characters and Mahou Shoujo anime and manga(mostly Sailor Moon)in a nice way,even if you're not a fan of both you will like this comic book.Art emulates manga too and it fits the story very nicely and is very collorful.

  • I expected something better after reading "Magical Drama Queen Roxy" Earlier Jim Lee art was far from his current,but still much better than Liefeld's and as said before Lee actually improved.The fan service doesn't help too,and the big guns are too 90's,the origin of the Super-Powers awaken by addictives in food also seen too silver-ageish.

  • Read it because Fairchild, Beast Boy and Terra. The idea of a new team was good, but not well executed and it made you wonder where each one went. I hope the team recieves a second chance.