"It is not our abilities that show what we truly are, it is our choices." -Albus Dumbledore

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Avatar-Based Fan Fiction: The Discordians, Short #1: The Doctor's Trial

"The Viking will be nice to us, I promise!"

Agg wasn't so sure as Mick, but decided that whether they were honest or not, there was no way to get around this meeting. They opened the door, slowly, and walked inside.

"Took y'all long enough," Kokemahn said as they entered.

Only a few in attendance. As always.

Agg looked around at the present members. Ayenthep kicked back in his chair, reading a novel; Kokemahn rubbing his eyes in sleepiness; Ahzer Ahnger glaring at them with an inquisitive coldness; and the Viking sitting in his throne, a few feet above everyone else, looking down on Agg and Mick. He cleared his throat.

"Mickey, sit there. Dr. Cahm R. Agg, sit a few seats apart, please. I want no conversation in my presence at this time."

Mick sat a few seats away, and Agg, sighing, sat down in the seat directly in front of the Viking. His eight-horned helmet, representative of the main Discordians, pulsated with the same, menacing energy that Agg remembered all too well. The energy that granted them practically unrivaled power, and authority over their peers. The room itself felt more empowered by its presence.

"Before the trial begins, does anyone know where Gen and Ryan are? Why aren't they here?" the Viking asked.

"Gen is at the gym, currently," Ayenthep said. His eyes never moved from his book, and his cool demeanor was so well-acted that only Agg seemed to notice the beads of sweat dotting his brow and the crimson arrow tattooed over his shaved head.

"And no report on Ryan?" The Viking waited a few more moments, shook his head, and looked directly at his second moderator. "Mickey, not only did you nearly reveal our secrets to Avatar Kris, Mr. Ahnger has reported your abuse of authority multiple times over. I hoped the great doctor would be more cooperative with my regulations." Aag didn't divert their eyes a bit when the Viking stared directly into them. "But apparently bad habits are shared between friends.

"Mickey, I will only warn you so many more times before I must"-

"Yeah, yeah, stfu already." Mickey said.

The Viking, looking perplexed, asked, "What does ess tee eff you mean?"

"It means 'Start the Fantastic Utterance,' my Lord," Mickey said.

"Ah!" The Viking looked at Aag, just in time to miss Mickey's rolling eyes. "I will do just that, then."

"Do you two really just look up slang all the time?" Ayenthep asked, looking over his book.

"Quiet, Ayenthep," Kokemahn said. The two glared at each other shortly before looking away.

"Doctor, it's been reported by Azher Ahnger that you have blatantly infringed the right of free speech I granted to him, outright censoring his attempts to explain his opinions on the Great Divide's current colonization, and even assaulted him once he made attempts to report me initially, requiring explicitly secret contact, on top of a vast number of other things. Are these claims true, or would you like to defend yourself?"

Before anything could be said, Azher Ahnger said, "The doctor has been abusing his mod powers wantonly. First, he threatened to perma ban me simply for trying to help out another user. Of course, I called his bluff but it shows he is not above trying to strong arm Discordians. Here is proof."

Azher Ahnger pointed to the ceiling above, a massive screen which displayed video and picture evidence of all he claimed.

Aag swirled their finger through the air, vapor trailing in changing color until the words and images were spelled out:




Kokemahn pointed directly at Mickey, almost subconsciously. Aag looked at Mick and drew once again through the air:

I need you



The Viking sighed. "If this is all your defense is, doctor, I'm sorry to say I'm not sure how you plan on staying innocent in my sight."

I am being ACCUSED😭

I didn't do anything, I'm innocent😭

"My client was under mental duress during said time, having just gotten out of a long relationship," Mick said, leaning forward with a look inquisitive enough to match Mr. Ahnger himself. "With a Mr. Tonraq of the Southern Water Tribe."

Yes this.

I'm also a Scorpio so this is our way of coping 😭😭

"Is this to be taken as meaning your client is always just getting out of a long relationship?" Kokemahn asked Mick. With a flick of Mick's wrist, a rising rock shot the teenage firebender across the room.

"They are a bit of a whore your honor," they admitted. "But in this relationship, they affectionately referred to their self as his... I'd rather not say such a term, a nod to the sexual nature of their relationship," Mickey continued. "As we can see this relationship clearly mattered a lot to my client, and as such the ending of it would cause them to act out in an uncharacteristic manner."

Ahnger rose on a mound of earth to the Viking's throne, speaking in almost a whisper. "He has proven duplicitous, untrustworthy, immature, megalomaniacal, incorrigible, and worst of all, disrespectful towards your authority, Viking. He even sought to challenge you to a medval style duel."

"I heard this too," the Viking said. "Dr. Agg challenged me to a waterbending Agni Kai. I think, like that old Crown Princess, the doctor needs therapy too."

Mickey snorted.

"Indeed. Do as I counsel you," Ahzer Ahnger said with an evil smile. "Strip him of his rank. For the good of the Discordians."

"Any objections?" The Viking looked to his moderators.

I am your best and most loyal servant, and your wish is my command, Viking

"This individual must not persist in a position of power where he is allowed to abuse those he is supposed to protect and convenience."

Would you believe me over this filthy peasant?

Az, you've always been jealous of me😈

This is all a plan to overthrow you, your majesty

The Viking sat back in his chair, thinking deeply. "Doctor, I am convinced of your guilt. You are not to use your... electronic communication device for one minute. You may resume afterwards, acting more obedient and respectful. Remember, you must act in accordance for Discord to reign."

"We must act in accordance for Discord to reign," all but Aag repeated out loud, who spelled it out in water.

"Good, my friends. I must go meet with a client of mine. I will see you all tomorrow for our monthly meeting."

The Viking rose from their throne and left. Everyone let out a collective sigh of relief but Ahnger, who growled.

"Become anger, Ahnger," Mick said. "Shouldn't be too hard."

"I act only to propagate the happiness of those around me," Ahzer Ahnger spat.

"By holding someone trial over trivialness? Doubtful," Ayenthep said, closing his book and rising from his chair. "Where's Kokemahn?"

Everyone looked over to the snoring teen, laying in rubble in the corner of the room. Aag snapped their fingers, vapor built over their head, and the water splashed over their face.

"RAH! HUH?" Kokemahn sat up straight, breathing fire.

"You need to sleep more," Ayenthep said.

Kokemahn looked at the Doctor. "Is there a reason you woke me up?"


Kokemahn rose and they all left the trial room.