Hoping to write more comic reviews over the summer, but who knows if I'll have the time

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Injustice Year 2 #13 0

5/5Seriously 5/5.If you haven't read this, you need to go do it right now. If the Injustice series has done one thing right it's their handling of Harley Quinn, Green Arrow, and Black Canary and this issue focuses on them and how Dinah is dealing with the loss. It's great, I laughed, I cried all in a short issue. The writing is quick and witty, there are some fun callbacks to the Arrow Cave needing to be called the quiver. Tom Taylor has been hitting it out of the park with this series and I ca...

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Forever Evil #7 0

Warning Potential Spoilers AheadThe BookForever Evil is finished. I was hoping I could have said that over a month ago but it's good to say now. While not the best event is has been one of the more interesting ones. I've seen a lot of people draw comparisons with Marvel's Dark Reign but frankly I think that that isn't an exactly correct comparison. Forever Evil had the villains actually be the heroes and no villain better personified that than Lex Luthor.Forever Evil is basically Lex's story. I...

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Detective Comics #31 0

Potential Spoilers Ahead in Problems section.The BookFirst off let me start off with saying that I am so happy that Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato have stayed together after their Flash run. I can't imagine them working apart anymore. The art, as expected, is phenomenal. Manapul and Buccellato manage to capture movement. I love their take on Bullock as well as the more Detective take on the story. This kind of story is what I love about Batman. Bruce following clues, looking for leads, an...

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Batman Eternal #5 1

Potential Spoilers Ahead in Problems section.The BookThis may be the best Tim Drake has been written since The New 52 began. If it isn't, then it's the most memorable. This issue not only focuses on Tim Drake being a detective, but it also sheds light on how Batman is coping with the loss of "The Family" in the wake of Batman Inc, Forever Evil, and Death of the Family.The art is fantastic. While last issue seemed rushed, this issue felt the opposite. Like I said in my last review though this is ...

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Batman Eternal #4 2

Potential Spoilers Ahead in Problems section.The BookBatman Eternal is proving to be a fascinating concept. I was not into comics at the time when weekly series were a thing so this is my first time having one and I'm finding it great. There are problems with this issue though and I hope they aren't a sign of potential problems in the future. I enjoyed Batgirl in this issue. Her obsessing over her father's case makes sense and reminds me of Bruce obsessing over Damian in recent Batman and Robin ...

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Amazing Spider-Man #01 0

Potential Spoilers ahead for Superior Spider-man 31 as well as some for this issue in the problems sectionThe BookSo Peter Parker is back in action and I have to say I could not be more happy. Having Peter back this issue really drove home what was missing from the book, and that is a roller coaster of fun that only a character who I grew up with can bring. This issue was fun, it was exciting, and it ended way too quickly despite being double the usual content.There have been some complaints ab...

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Spider-Men #4 - Oh God the Feels 0

The Good:Oh god the feels. I felt like this issue made this entire crossover worth it. I loved Peter's interactions with Gwen and May and it just broke my heart when he was talking to Gwen about his Gwen. Spider-men is consistently being one of my favorite books each month and I'm going to be really depressed when it ends. Also I'm so happy that they finally addressed the two Nick Furys. Also I had forgotten how different Ultimate Tony was from 616 Tony, it was hilarious.The Bad:I do have a bit ...

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New Avengers 29-Cap being Cap 0

Overview:I have to admit, I’ve always like the idea of the Illuminati, not necessarily how it’s been implemented throughout the years, but the idea of it has always been interesting for me. The leaders of the superhero world meeting in secret to discuss how certain situations should be handled? Fantastic. But sadly more often than not the point of Illuminati issues is to be a soap box for the writer’s views on the current event or predicament Marvel finds itself in and this is one of those issue...

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Batman #12 - Could have been better 1

The Good:You know the drill by now, Snyder is gold in my book, his worst is most author's best. So when I say that an issue disappointed me know that I'm judging the issue based on Snyder's work and not other authors. The story was very well written and the this issue made me really like Harper Row's character. She's interesting and brings a spunkiness to the table that most other supporting characters in the bat family haven't since The New 52 started. I really like the way that Snyder's handel...

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AVX#9. A good issue 0

The Good:I have a confession I want to make. . . I'm enjoying AVX. I know a lot of people aren't but I'm finding it leaps and bounds better than Secret Invasion and Fear Itself. Sure it's a dumb summer blockbuster but that's what makes it enjoyable. Now this issue is probably my favoirite out of all of the AVX issues so far. The Avengers are at the end of their rope, they have little to no hope of defeating the rest of the Phoenix 5, Thor gets captured and they lose their powerhouse that could f...

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Earth 2 #4. Waiting for October 0

The Good:I really am enjoying this series, it has a great feel and is my favorite team book being published by DC right now. It's very interesting seeing all of these Golden Age heroes young, surreal even at some points. That being said I really like Jay Garrick's and Alan Scott's characterization and Hawkgirl has a great feel of mystery.The Bad:I had a really hard time thinking of this as anything other than a heroes unite issue. Yeah stuff happened but none of it really furthered the plot. The...

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Not quite as good as the past 3 0

Disclaimer: This is my first time reviewing so bear with me. I'm gonna borrow the sites main system for this one because it works well for organizing my thoughts  What I liked: So far Flashpoint has been my favorite big event in a while. It's been well written, well thought out, and has a great flow to the story.  Reading this it's clear that the Geoff Johns and the other writers working on the Flashpoint Tie-ins could probably start there own continuity just focusing on the history and characte...

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