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And Me Without My Mouse Trap 2

THE BASICSOn day two of "The Fear", Spider-Man is injured, hungry, and exhausted. The only rest he's gotten is losing consciousness after falling from a multi-story building. And things have just gotten started.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFFrom a storytelling perspective, Spider-Man is always at his best when he's pushed to and beyond his limits. Conquering insurmountable odds is at the core of his character. This series thus far has done a great job of piling up everything it can against the wall ...

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Worst Pool Party Ever 0

THE BASICSWhen Nerkkod, the Breaker of Oceans invades New Atlantis, Namor is forced to call upon a strange old friend for help.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFSay what you will about giant company-wide events and all their crossovers, but they do come with a lot of benefits. For instance, since the majority of the story surrounding this mini series' setup has been done in the main title, The Deep can jump right into the good stuff without worrying about an issue full of exposition. It means things can...

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Pastel Colored Past 1

THE BASICSA look at the day to day life of a man named Riley and the events that lead him to a drastic decision.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFIt says something about a book when a reader, like myself, who has no knowledge or past experience with a title and its kin, can come into its story, which makes no attempt to tell you what the overall goal is until the very end, and enjoy it as much as I did. Throughout the book, the reader follows Riley Richards as he visits his home town when news of his fa...

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Where Have I Seen This Before? Oh Yeah, Everywhere. 0

THE BASICSWith more mouths to feed than resources to feed them with, planet Earth is in trouble. To save it, 50 of the brightest women in the world travel through wormholes leading to other parts of the galaxy in search of resources to bring back home. As you can no doubt guess, things do not go well.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFThe world created here, while far from original, is interesting and something I'm looking forward to seeing more of. Not much happens beyond basic set up and some decent ac...

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This Book Has No Business Being Good, But It Is 1

THE BASICSPart two in Paul Dini's attempt to catch fans of Arkham Asylum up on all the crazy shenanigans leading up to its sequel.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFI haven't been very kind to " bridge the gap" stories in the past, and for good reason. The constraints forced upon that kind of story don't do much for creativity, let alone storytelling. But I'll be damned, Paul Dini seems to be writing a good one. I still can't believe I wrote that sentence. This series is doing everything it should. ...

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If Plot Holes Could Kill... 1

THE BASICSFollowing the less than stellar results of part one of the Birds' hostile takeover, Huntress races to the rescue of her teammates who are trapped in a building with the sadistic Junior.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFThough the scenario isn't perfect (I'll get to the reason why in just a bit), Black Canary and Dove trapped in a dark basement with a crazy psychopath was very tense and I was nervously anticipating each panel. It's easily the strongest portion of the comic and is really what ma...

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Imagine What PETA Would Do In A Situation Like This 0

SO WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS...Homeward Bound + Wall•E + Gundam + Rambo = WE3Did that pop culture math equation get you all kinds of excited? If yes, you can stop reading this review now. Chances are, you're going to like this book a lot, even if you disregard the social commentary present in it. If curiosity is more the feeling your experiencing now, continue on and decide what to do with the book after reading the review. So, for those of you still here, the basic premise of WE3 is simple. The gov...

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Dual Wielding Plots (The Wrong Way) 0

SO WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS...With Iron Hands has two central story threads. The first deals with a nuclear terrorist named Nasim Rahimov and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s efforts to take him down. Rahimov has developed what are called "Thumbnail Nukes", small nuclear bombs that leave nearly zero radiation in the wake of its detonation. Serious business, obviously. The second thread involves a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Nicholas Weir, or "The Other Nick", who attempts to steal a powerful weapon developed by his age...

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Execute Collective "Meh" in 3... 0

SO WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS...According to eyewitness reports, Iron Man is going around killing people across the world. This, combined with Tony's sudden reckless and arrogant behavior since being injected with Extremis as well as the victims connections to his imprisonment in Afghanistan, is making it hard for S.H.I.E.L.D. and the superhuman community to believe claims that he's innocent. Thus, Iron Man is labelled a rogue superhero and all manner of crazy shenanigan ensues.At it's core, Execute ...

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VidReview #27 - Batman: Gates of Gotham #1 12

I still can't read a Batman comic without hearing the theme to the animated series play in my head. Not that I'm complaining. ...

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VidReview #26 - The Amazing Spider-Man #661 1

At the rate this is going, The Amazing Spider-Man will play host to a crossover with every Marvel title inside the next year. ...

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VidReview #24 - Avengers Acedemy #14 0

I'm finding it real hard not to make a "School's out!" joke here, so I'm just going to stop now while I'm ahead. ...

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VidReview #23 - Super Dinosaur #1 1

It's a dinosaur that has robot arms and plays video games. I don't even think it's possible for me not to love this. ...

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Missiles, Repulsors And Uni-Beams. Oh My! 0

SO WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS...It's easy to see where the 2008 Iron Man movie got a lot of it's inspiration from after reading this collection of issues. Everything from the updated origin story, to Stark being questioned about the morality of his business, all the way to Iron Man hitting a supervillian holding a car over his head with a uni-beam. The popular superhero movie owes much of its plot to Extremis. Fortunately, the scenes that inspired those elements of the film are just as exciting and ...

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VidReview #18 - Batman: Arkham City #1 0

Gotham is under martial law (again), which means a certain vigilante is bound to be on the scene. But is it a scene you'll want to see? ...

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VidReview #13.1 - Action Comics #900's "Life Support" 0

Be warned. This review has spoilers for the short story "Life Support". Please note, though, that nothing else of Action Comics #900 is spoiled. Also, the rating above is for the comic as a whole, not just the story being reviewed.   To see my thoughts, as well as the thoughts of other great reviewers, on the entirety of Action Comics #900, be sure to check out MTHarman's review: An ironic twist for superman....

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Three Loves And A +1 0

THE BASICSThree stories focusing on different love interests of Spider-Man/Peter Parker.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFThe first story, featuring the Black Cat, is easily the strongest portion of the book. It's the only story to heavily feature Spider-Man and his interaction with Felicia is fantastic. It's incredibly funny and put a smile on my face for its entire duration. The chemistry and relationship of Spidey and Cat, when handled by the right writer, can create all kinds of emotional responses....

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Nothing Small About It 0

BEFORE WE BEGIN...It's not often that I make reference to the value of a product when reviewing it, especially when it comes to trades. After all, on most occasions, the money you pay for a trade is pretty much what you would have paid for each individual comic, more or less. But with this particular trade, you're getting a lot of material for your money. Seven comics and four complete stories for less than 20 bucks is a pretty darn good deal. So, if nothing else, One Small Break is a very high ...

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Fear On The Home Front... Sort Of 0

THE BASICSA look at how "fear itself" is affecting those outside of Marvel's A-list roster.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFThe Speedball story was surprisingly great. Still grieved by his involvement in the Stamford incident during Civil War, but now through the "make penance by inflicting pain upon myself" stage, Speedball's moved on to the "make penance by actually doing something to help out" stage. His attempts to help Stamford in any way he can feel genuine and really made me like the character...

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VidReview #5 - The Amazing Spider-Man #658 2

Fifth edition. I've fixed the problem previous videos had with lighting, which is to say I actually have lighting now. Though I do kind of miss the Two-Face thing I had going on with the shadow in the old videos. Oh well. ...

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A Boy And His Tiger 2

Ah, to be a kid again.I'll admit, it feels a little weird saying that given that it hasn't been that long since I was a kid and I'm pretty sure I'm not old enough to start reminiscing about uphill journeys in the snow before school. Still, I couldn't help but feel a sense of longing for the years of youth now gone by as I read this book. Very rarely did I read a page in the book that didn't make me think "I remember doing that" or "I remember thinking that's how the world worked". (The only time...

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Those Days Were Pretty Good, But I've Seen Better 0

Unlike its predecessor, Those Left Behind, Serenity: Better Days is a highly enjoyable adventure tale. Not bound by the objective of that which came before it, Whedon and Matthews really get to spread their creative wings and they weave a tale that stands up to the best of what the show had to offer, which is really the best thing about this comic. It feels like another episode of Firefly, something fans of the show will no doubt be ecstatic to hear, being the devoted bunch of people they are....

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VidReview #3 - The Amazing Spider-Man #579 0

The third edition of my video review series. I'm starting to get a bit more comfortable in front of the camera, so hopefully the delivery has improved to match.  ...

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VidReview #2 - The Amazing Spider-Man #578 7

My Second video review. Fortunately, my comic displaying skills have improved since the last one (I must have leveled up).      Thanks for watching....

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VidReview #1: The Amazing Spider-Man #589 0

My very first video review (happy day!). I was still getting used to how to hold the comic up to the camera at this point, so please bear with my less than stellar comic displaying skills. I get better later on, I promise.Minor correction: The title of the issue is actually "Marked". Silly me for assuming that the giant words on the cover were the title. ...

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Beyond Redundancy 2

THE BASICSTerry tries to avert claims that Dick Grayson was Nightwing while Maxine Gibson tracks down a skilled computer hacker.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFI really can't find anything to praise about this series anymore, which makes me very sad inside.FEEL THE STING OF MY DISCONTENT!If you learn anything from this issue, it'll be that Maxine Gibson is Batman's best friend. The phrase "Being Batman's best friend" is written, with very little variation, 13 times; over half as man occurrences as the...

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Does Odin Have To Smack A Punk? 0

THE BASICSMarvel's big event officially starts here. Grab your tickets and find your seats.  MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFWhile anyone who's been following the hype train that's been chugging through all things comics in regards to this event won't be surprised by anything in this first issue, it's likely that they'll be pleased by the execution. Fraction does a good job of setting the scene for what's to come in an exciting way. I'm genuinely looking forward to the next issue. I'm even excited for...

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It's Spider-Man, But With A Cape And Stuff 0

THE BASICSSpider-Man, The Hulk and Deadpool all take a road trip to a parallel dimension where, for Spidey at least, things are a bit too good to be true.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFI really wasn't expecting this to be nearly as good as it was. From the synopsis, I figured this would be a silly story that I'd get a few laughs from and then forget about, but Layman proves my assumption to be very wrong here. The story here is surprisingly, and effectively, dark and thought provoking. It gives us a ...

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The Story Must Be One Of Those Left Behind 2

Those Left Behind is one of those unfortunate adaptions in the "bridge the gap" category. A category that almost always dooms a project to failure. It's not necessarily the writer's fault either. It's just a bad place to be. Look no further than this very comic for proof that an exceptionally talented writer isn't immune to the negative effects of bridge-the-gap territory. This comic volume is meant to fill in some of the details between the short lived television series Firefly and it's big scr...

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The First Steps Of Recovery 0

I've never been much of a Captain America fan. Not because I dislike the character, but simply because I haven't read much with him in it. Now, since Cap isn't in this story, that hasn't changed. But this story has made me a fan, much to my surprise, of Bucky. Much like with Robin, it's easy to look at Bucky as just a cheesy sidekick if your unfamiliar with the material. However, also much like Robin, there's a deep and thought provoking character behind the name (or names, in Robin's case). Br...

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The Plot Device That Is Death 0

Death is a rather common thing in comic books, but when it happens to a character of as much prominence as Captain America, even people largely unfamiliar with comic books take notice. When this story was first told, multiple news sources reported on it and to this day you can see a replica of Steve's shield hung on the wall of the studio of The Colbert Report. It's interesting then, that Steve Rodgers' death affected the real world in much the same way that his death affected the fictional worl...

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The Very Idea Of This Comic Makes Children Cry 0

How do things like this get made? Who gave this a thumbs up? Those were the questions I asked myself over and over again after I finished this book. Or, rather, those are the questions I would have asked had I not been rendered speechless by the absolute horrendous quality of this comic. It's baffling, really. Here's a play by play.We start off in the room of some big shot movie producers/executives. You can tell their profession because they're talking about movies and scarfing down food like t...

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Et Tu, Brute? 0

THE BASICSOtto comes another step closer to becoming Doc Ock in this second issue of Year One.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFThis issue continues to lay the emotional pressure on Octavious in the form of his mother and a colleague with whom he develops a brief romantic relationship. Unfortunately, due to his own psychological troubles in conjunction with his controlling mother, he manages to alienate the one person who may genuinely care for him. And when said mother betrays his trust, he becomes a c...

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What Does "Art Of War" Have To Say About Bad Comics? 0

THE BASICSA look at an early portion of the superhero career of Cyclops.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFI really like the cover. Normally, I'm not a big fan of the "character poses on the front and that's it" types of covers, but it works for Cyclops. As evidence in this very issue, a cover with just him posing can still be visually exciting when you factor in his power. In addition, Cyclops is a bit of a loner, though through his often times standoff-ish attitude, not by choice, and you can look at t...

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Rooftop Rumble 0

THE BASICSAnya and Ana (that's just unfortunate) face off in this action and dialogue heavy issue.  MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFIt was great to see Spider-Girl taking on Ms Kravinoff. It's the first time I've really seen that she's capable of taking care of herself, by herself. She had no one else to rely on and it made for many a great moment that showed that Anya's not only an excellent fighter, but an intelligent one too. The fight goes on throughout the entire issue and I loved every panel of ...

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An Amazing Addition To A Fantastic Family 0

THE BASICSSpider-Man drops into the Baxter building and reminisces about his past with Johnny with what's left of the Fantastic Four.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFI loved the multiple artist angle this issue used. While Marcos Martin handles the artwork for the present day storyline, Ty Templeton, Nuno Plati and Stefano Caselli (Woo!) all handle different stories told by the remaining members of the Fantastic Four. I like this for two reason: (1) It's a chance to experience great work from multiple ...

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Duck And Cover 3

THE BASICSAn in depth look at the creation of one of Spider-Man's greatest foes, going all the way back to his childhood.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFKaare Andrews is awesome. He's a great story teller. The mind behind the fantastic " Spider-Man: Reign", Andrews excels in telling dark and horrifying stories. While he may not be penning the script for this tale, he's just as capable of telling a story with his drawings as he is with words. I could insert numerous examples of fantastic art from this...

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The Great Escape 0

THE BASICSA group of criminals decide that the incarcerated life isn't for them and attempt to break out of prison. But because this is a group of supervillains we're talking about, things don't go quite according to plan.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFUpon originally picking this up, I was expecting something much different than what I got. You'd be forgiven for looking at the cover of this book and thinking that it's just one big showdown between Spidey and every other villain not currently involve...

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Spidey's Gonna Need A Bigger Closet 0

THE BASICSWith his newly adopted rule "no one dies", Spider-Man sets out to take down new villain Massacre. That may be tough, though, without his trusty Spider Sense.  MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFI like the contrast in motivations being played with in this comic. Marla's death has affected JJJ and Spidey in the same and yet completely different ways. They're both determined to help preserve life, and while that means that Spidey is determined to keep anyone and everyone from passing, Jameson is t...

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Make Silly Comic Book References, Not War 0

THE BASICSThe Viltrumite War is finally over, but that doesn't mean things are perfect on back home on Earth for Mark.   MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFA lot of great reunion scenes are packed into this comic. From the humorous scene with Tech Jacket, to the sweet scene with Mark and Eve, to the tense scene with Nolan. Just about every emotion is covered. I especially liked the scene with Mark and Eve. I'm a sucker for scenes that depict a genuinely sweet reunion despite adversity and their scene pla...

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