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HEIGHT: 5'11'' 
WEIGHT: 160 lbs. 



: Somewhere in Southeast Asia
Intriguing. I've managed to find their hidden temple of an ancient assassin society that many say doesn't exist. As I write this I stand right outside the perimeter of their security sweeps. They're very efficient. Much more efficient than, say, ninja, who are widely accepted as some of the most efficient killers in the world. I'm almost afraid to tread any further, I left most of my possessions back in Yemen before I heard word of this nameless assassins sect... 
LOCATION: Eastern Asia 
Peculiar. I was captured shortly after exploring further into their territory when they could have easily killed me a thousand ways to Sunday. In fact, they almost celebrated my finding them and in some ritual of honor have accepted me into their society. They're speaking in a Mandarin dialect so I suspect I was off in my last location...I'm somewhere in China, I believe. It's been three weeks of rigorous training...even with my previous training...glad my casebook is still where I stashed it before being caught.  
LOCATION: Yunnan Province, People's Republic of China 
Amusing. I've come to find out that they've been training me for two full months to fight for my life against their finest warrior. Query: How do the deadliest men on the planet gamble? They wager their teachings spilling beyond their sight. If I win this fight, I win my life and my freedom, I'm allowed to return to my belongings in Yemen, if I lose...well... 
LOCATION: Yunnan Province, People's Republic of China 
Invigorated. I've emerged from the fight most victorious. They were confused on why exactly I chose to spare my opponent, a young chap named Jiangwei's life. While staying with these assassins I learned they have a strict moral code and sense of honor and nobility that knows no sort of mercy for opponents. Most of their targets are people they deem evil or harmful to the universal balance...yin-yang and whatnot. Usually politicians. They seek no credit for their marks which is why their assassinations are usually attributed elsewhere. 
As I write this entry I'm on a plane back to Yemen in hopes my belongings weren't pawned off in the three months I've been gone. I had a rather valuable  Fabergé egg in my throw bag. 


LOCATION: Hong Kong, People's Republic of China 
Nostalgic. After revisiting my former teachers in Yunnan Province, I heard rumors of a man that emerged from the fabled valley Shangri-La. I'm currently feeling rather confident after solving the long cold case of who Jack the Ripper was and finding that hidden island off the coast of Japan with those nuclear monsters prancing about. I'm feeling just good enough to seek out this chap and have him point me in the right direction as to where Shangri-La is exactly. 
LOCATION: Nanjing, People's Republic of China 
Frustrated.  Even with my sleuthing about and impeccable detective skills I cannot find this bloke anywhere. Word has it that he's completely fled the country. Clearly my confidence was misplaced, how am I supposed to find one Chinese chap in the middle of a billion other chaps? I wasn't fooling myself in believing I could find him and while I'm not discouraged I feel much more sober as to what a challenge this is going to be. 
LOCATION: Karachi, Pakistan 
Relieved. I've finally found my man in Karachi. How exactly he's made it this far in only a matter of months is beyond me. We had a small skirmish, he knocked the wind out of me but I managed to talk him down before he could do much more than that. He told me he seeks to see the world beyond the walls of the city that the outsiders call nothing more than fiction. The actuality is that James Hilton read the notes of Joseph Rock, explorer for the National Geographic who explored the Kunlun mountains, from those notes published in National Geographic they say that Hilton imagined Shangri-La. The truth is that after those notes were published Hilton met Rock and during their talks Rock told Hilton of a secret civilization hidden within the mountains of Kunlun. A pure civilization that had to be kept secret.
Of course Hilton wrote said civilization once he returned home, but refusing to betray Joseph Rock's trust completely he made sure that everyone accepted the concept of a hidden civilization as fiction. 
After a long discussion with Weilung, he agreed to accompany me back to Shangri-La, but in return I must take him to England. It sounds like a fair enough deal. 
LOCATION: Shangri-La 
Amazed. My word, I've never seen anything like it. Words would do no justice to the sight I behold in Shangri-La. There's no wonder why no one can find their way here. This place resides in a ripple, a dimensional fold, and it's taken some sort of adverse effect on those living my understanding they can live for hundreds of years, aging little over time. It's as if the effects of the fifth dimension flow directly over this...fold. I've seen some awe-inspiring things in my life...but Shangri-La is by far the most awe-inspiring. No war, no famine, no government...just peace.  
During my stay here I've learned that the world is wrong. I've always sort of shrugged it off, turned a blind eye to the way things are...but to see the way things could be...I can't deny it, anymore. It's only my promise to Weilung that will make me leave this magical ripple in space. That and my greatest case; Why the world is so ugly. 


LOCATION: London, England 
Disappointed. In my travels I've been all around the world, I've been to places that the world would have you believe doesn't exist. Atlantis, Shangri-La, El Dorado, Shambhala. As I sit here in my study, jotting down memories of unspoiled utopias I ponder what's next for me. I pondered for a while, I watched some blasted children idolizing some caped buffoon on the telly...then I opened this very casebook and read through every case I'd ever written down within these pages. Years ago after visiting Shangri-La I promised I would find out why the world is so ugly and I never did...every case I'd ever taken I'd never tasted failure, but looking back on these cases that I do for personal thrill, that I jot down for what I make out to believe my own enjoyment...there's still one mystery I've failed to solve. 
My greatest ever. 
LOCATION: Washington, DC, United States of America 
Horrified. I've found things that one would never believe. Clues to who really runs the world. The CIA tried to have me killed yesterday evening. I'm currently hiding out under a bridge.  
LOCATION: Las Vegas, United States of America 
I sold my face for secrets. Secrets that no one knows. Secrets that no one seeks. I've cursed myself with knowledge. 
LOCATION: Los Angeles: United States of America 
Liberated. I've confronted those I've deduced to rule the world. I told them I know people in places. They agreed to stop trying to kill me. Agreements...contracts...they're everything to them. I watch the television in some seedy motel as I write this, they're killing me on a news show. They're defaming me, crushing my celebrity on the news. They're saying I'm crazy, they're saying I'm on drugs...they can't take my life but they're destroying who I am. 
This is my last entry. I've solved my final case, my greatest case...and all it cost me was my face and identity.  


HAND TO HAND COMBATANT: One of the finest martial artists in the world, Clue has been trained by some of the most deadliest men on the planet. Charles Charleston has also had some military experience and training in numerous martial arts ranging from Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga to Aikido.  
OLYMPIC LEVEL ATHLETE: Clue physically has been known to keep up with the most physically conditioned men. Mostly this shows in his reflexes and agility. 
WEAPONS EXPERT: Clue has extensive knowledge on firearms and can accurately fire his sidearm with impeccable aim. He has also mastered fencing and kendo and can effectively wield a number of bladed weaponry. 
MASTER OF DISGUISE: With uncanny accuracy, Clue can change his mannerisms and voice or mimic the mannerisms and voices of other people down to the way they walk. Paired with a plethora of fake masks and extensive knowledge on disguising himself he can mimic almost anyone.
INTELLIGENCE: Having numerous diplomas in his past life in different fields Clue has a great understanding of all things the universe from quantum theory to anthropology. His intelligence is usually geared toward solving mysteries that intrigue him, his mind being so complex that he's been known to think in multiple directions at the same time.