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Dangerous pokémon that can kill humans W.I.P

Pokemon that are capable on killing or severely injuring humans based on their lore.

I will also be adding more pokémon to this list when I find them, if you think any specific pokemon should be added leave a comment saying which one and i'll go and research it.

List items

  • Darkai is known to create never ending nightmare's where the victim cannot wake up unless assisted by Cresselia, if not helped the victim will die. Darkai is also attracted by bad dreams.

  • Pinsir's horns are known to crush, bludgeon and tear other pokemon to their death, when upgraded in mega form Pinsir gains wings with blades on them and bigger horns/pincers.

  • Palkia has the ability to create alternate realities and warp space.

  • Poisonous horn? Check. Tail strong enough to crush metal? Check. Steel-hard skin? Check, this pokemon has been known to destroy metal towers.

  • Like Grimer, Muk is covered in enough germs and poisons, but unlike its predecessor Muk only has to be near plant life for it to die, also contact with this can lead to sever sickness and possibly death. Area's that have been touched cannot grow life for up to three years.

  • Their claws are powerful enough to rip apart prey, once dead it sucks their body fluids (blood).

  • Haunter can kill by "licking" them with it's tongue, which causes them to shake uncontrollably until they die.

  • Inside of his mouth contains a honey like scent liquid, which is actually acid that can resolve anything (like a Venus Flytrap).

  • One of the original pokemon is also one of the most deadly, his cannons have enough power to cut through steel. Here's the math:

    Each canon is roughly 5 inches in diameter(12.7cm) and the pressure that the water comes out is about 89,00psi (Pounds Per Square Inch). The amount of pressure to punch a hole in a 4inch thick wall of steel is 30,542psi. That much force hitting your body is easily enough to penetrate straight through you and probably a couple of walls.

  • Mewtwo is a psychic pokemon with the power to control minds, float and has telepathy.

  • This pokemon has a body heat of 18,000 Fahrenheit which makes him 1.77 times hotter then the Sun.

  • Larvitar's are capable of eating entire mountains on their own, so these would have no problem with buildings.

  • Able to release toxic fumes at will and can release even more depending on how hot the temperature is, the fumes can also be ignited by fire to create an explosion.

  • Hypno is jut a child kidnapper. It kidnaps children by hypnotizing then and leading away.

  • Grimer is covered in enough germs to stop plant life from growing, so I'd hate to see what would happen if a human touched it.

  • Giratina can control the dimensions besides Time and Space. Meaning he has control over basically everything.

  • Exploud can create earthquakes with just its voice.

  • Dusknoir is basically the grim reaper of the Pokemon world. The antenna on its head is used to communicate with spirits telling him to bring humans/pokemon to the spirit world.

  • Drifloon's are known to tug on the hands of children and attempt to take them away, instead due to how light they are they themselves are dragged around as if balloons.

  • Dialga can speed up, slow down and stop time all together, making it a dangerous pokemon if angered.

  • Banette is probably one of the creepiest pokemon out there.

    It inflicts curses onto other creatures by sticking pin/needles into itself.

  • Litwick pretends to guide people and Pokémon around by illuminating darkened areas. However, it is actually sucking away their life energy and leading them to the Ghost World. In the anime, the flame is shown to grow as it continually absorbs life energy.

  • Sableye's are feared by humans in the pokemon world due to the myth that if you look into its eyes it will steal your soul.

  • Vileplume's petal on it's head constantly emits poisonous spores making the air around it to humans dangerous.

  • Magmar's body temperature is about roughly 2,200°F, which is about the same temperature as an active volcano.

  • Pidgeot's are known to fly at about Mach 2 which is the speed required for a sonic boom, if flying at that speed in a city many people will be injured by broken glass fragments.

  • It can shape-shift into anything it can think of.

  • Tornadus in its original form is not deadly, but when in its Therian form it can fly up too 200 miles per hour (300 Kilometers and hour) and create tornado's with just it's tail.

  • A single Beedrill is dangerous on its own with its 3 stingers, but they are known to always attack as a colony. If its hive is disturbed it will take its victim back to its next for consumption.

  • Rhydon's are strong enough do demolish building with a single sweep of it's tail, its horn can also penetrate diamonds and solid rock. Its skin can handle the heat of boiling magma and the force of being hit with a cannonball.

  • Regigigas can turn inanimate objects into living beings making him extremely dangerous.

  • This pokemon cant actually harm humans, but in the episode "Electric Soldier Porygon" which was only released in Japan. It caused over 600 children to be hospitalized with seizure-like symptoms due to flashing strobe effects, because of this the episode has never been re-aired.

  • Arceus the "God Pokémon" created Sinnoh and Ransei, Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, Azelf, Uxie and Mespirit. He possibly created the pokemon world himself.

  • Right before you tell me how insane I am hear me out.

    Here's the math:

    Magikarp can leap over mountains (flying/jumping fish are real, Silver Carp can jump up to 10-15ft).

    The UN's requirements for a mountain must have an elevation of 8,200ft (2,500m) and a Magikarp weighs 22lb (9.9kg) due to air resistance Magikarp's terminal velocity the speed of the air pushing and gravity pulling would hit an equilibrium of 131.2ft/s (40m/s) which is about 89.5mph (144km/h). When Magikarp hits the floor it will hit with enough force to break concrete, if it hit your head it would probably fracture your skull but it wont kill you.

    What will kill you is the g-force you experience. The amount of g-force a human experiences standing up is 1g, 3-5gs is the speed you move on a roller-coaster, 9-12g's is the speed you move in a fighter jet 50-75gs would be enough to give you a serious injury or death, 400g's would be the amount of G's your head (or any body part) would be experiencing when Magikarp hits you.

    If there is no air resistance Magikarp would be falling at the speed of about 726ft/s (221m/s) or 495mph (796km/h) due to the speed Magikarp is falling his weight would go from 22lbs to 2.4 tons in the matter of seconds, if it hit you...well you can kinda guess what would happen.

  • He has scythes for arms, you do the math.

  • A mothering Pokémon that would protect it's child if it feels that it's endangered, with a weight ok 80.0kg it ca easily crush a human.

  • If its rage peaks, it becomes so hot that anything that touches it will instantly go up in flames.

  • The flames it breathes when angry contain toxins. If they cause a burn, it will hurt forever. Houndoom is also considered the a pet of the grim reaper.

  • Tyranitar's are known to destroys mountains to just create nests, they can also start earthquakes.