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It's building up... 1

For 20 years, the Mignolaverse have been one of the most rewarding read for fantastic comics readers. This issue doesn't derogate from that rule. I may not be objective since BPRD's and Hellboy's comics are my all-time favorites, but you have to admit, Arcudi's art is pure awesomeness, especially in his rendition of movement (oh man do I love Howards !), and the characters have not aged a bit. While I was reading I was thinking, well the Nazi bulls**t is getting old, they should move on with the...

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Shang-Chi vs Gorgon : it is ON ! 0

You would think that Shang-Chi is just another powerless second-zone character ? Well think again ! In this issue, where the scenario seems just like a pretext to set these two characters against each other, Hickman, Spencer and Caselli are offering us a badass fight worthy of the best Hong-Kong movies. It's dynamic, it's beautiful, it's Avengers.And I didn't even mention the Madripoor dragon, and the fight conclusion....

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