What's good on Earth-1610 ?

As we approach Marvel Ultimate own NOW! relaunch, it may be time to glance back at what made the strength of the House of Ideas initiative to get a new audience for their comics.

If one had to define the Marvel Ultimate line, he'd just have to say "dynamics change". And indeed the biggest thrills of Earth-1610 adventures are found in our beloved characters being reworked in order to get to the core of what they really represent. The stories are rougher. Death is more permanent. There's a lot of crap in the Ultimate line. But there are some genuine gems too.(lacks items description)

List items

  • The great Mark Millar brings us a story about Gods and Monsters. The Earth-1610 Avengers are showed totally out of their depths as :

    1. they have nothing to show for concerning the amounts of money spent in their program,

    2. they are victims of the star system, following the events of the first volume.

    Millar is subtly scratching the Bush administration as well with the creation of the Liberators, one of the most charismatic super-villain team ever created.

    And Loki is magnificent. Much like its movie counterpart.

  • I mean, it's written by Bendis, penciled by Sandoval, it features the best characters from this universe, and the cliffhanger - and the battle ensuing - are simply mindblowing. What more do you need ?

  • A perfect run as Hickman only knows how to do. The stakes, the warzone atmosphere, the birth of Ultimate Tian and Xorn/Zorn, the art by Sandoval... Evertyhing is so good it kinda shades the main event, happening in Ultimates.

  • I've been in love with Pichelli's art for a long time now. So I may not be really objective. But after the heart-breaking Death of Spider-Man event, this volume gives closure to fans of the late Peter Parker and gives some well deserved recognition to its successor Miles Morales. Oh and the Ultimate Mysterio origin is revealed. And it's awesome.

  • Yay ! Ultimate Red Skull in action ! And it's Millar directing again ! This volume should have just been named Ultimate Bad-Ass action in my opinion.

  • Much like it's main universe counterpart, Ultimate Fantastic Four integrates a lot of cool stuffs in its 60-ish numbers. The new creepy Negative Zone, the introduction of the now famous Zombieverse and the awesome Ultimate Thanos storyline are among the best story arcs I've read in Marvel comics.

  • What's to say about the Ultimates volume 1 ? It's a great retelling of the avengers formation. And it inspired much of the movie franchise. The characters are both spectacular and pathetic (okay the pathetic part transpires more in the second volume but still) and the art is so jaw-dropping that it ridiculizes the amount of money spent by Joss Whedon on his own production.

  • Ultimate Spider-Man is mostly a lot of fun despite the dated art. The webslinger punchlines are tasty and the retelling of classic Spider-Man storylines are very well written. Bendis oblige.

  • Yes, i'm splitting the Ultimates titles into storyline because whatever you'll say about Divided we Fall, United we Stand,or Ultimates 3, they don't deserve to be remembered. The 12-issues Hickman run on the other hand, marking the return of evil Richards and the formation of the SEAR, that's something. It's a definitive turning point in the Ultimate universe and from these issues on, things started to get kind of sucky from a qualitative point of view.

  • The conclusion of the Two Cities conflict. Totally Epic.

  • Who is Miles Morales ? This question was on every Marvel fans lips for a while. Well, Miles Morales is an afro-american youngster who gets turned into a Spider-Man in circumstances much like those Peter Parker went through. The Bendis writing and Pichelli's art are making this volume a must have for every fans of good super-hero comic. There is everything one would expect from that kind of book : the internal conflict about identities, the sense of responsibility created by the kind of power Miles acquired, the battles with relatively charismatic villains... Even the funny sidekick !

  • Let's just begin by the premise. Evrybody's getting visions of apocalypse. There. You have the beginning of a great story. So, it starts with the genuinely scary Ultimate Nightmare sub-story ending with a chilling cliffhanger. Okay it's about Ultimate Galactus. Or more accurately Gah Lak Tus. It goes on with Ultimate Secret, the introduction of Ultimate Captain Marvel and a collaboration between Ultimates and FF. Nice. And it concludes with a reimagined Gah Lak Tus. Exit the big purple guy, welcome the world-ending Swarm. Awesome.

  • An exploration of the Ultimate universe mythos and a satisfying proof that everything was woven to give fans a coherent and immersive new Marvel universe.

  • Much like its first volume, Ultimate Avengers is bad-ass action. I mean, Punisher and the Ghost Rider in the same storyline ? How couldn't it have been ? And the art serves the story perfectly.

  • Wolverine is sent on a mission to kill the Hulk. The story seems to be just a pretext for huge-a** fight between the X-man and the green giant. And how fun a ride it is.