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A Feline Fellow

Blake Donahue first became the Clawed Puma when he was attacked at the age of 19 whilst on safari with his parents. The boy was attacked by a mythological beast known as a werepuma. The werepuma had once been a man who had, after being attacked, fully, deliberately, and in full consciousness of what he was doing, rejected every shred of humanity he had retained. Blake received a bad scarring across his chest, but it was partially countered by a local tribe's spirit magic. The charm was left unfinished, though, as the magic man was interrupted in the middle of his casting. As such, Donahue's body and soul were affected by the werepuma's curse.

He returned to America, but soon, the curse began to affect him, bringing his senses to a new level of perception. He recognised that his temper became more intense, and that he began to experience long bursts of anger for an extended period of time following an argument. However, due to the chants that were completed, a lot of the physical werepuma alterations did not, have not, and, it is assumed, will not take place. However, Blake does possess a set of feline-like fangs. He has also developed a dual personality, one he sees as himself, Blake Donahue, the other is a tormentor, the werepuma. His secondary personality drove him to make his suit and perform certain deeds that he knows, as Blake Donahue, are not allowed. When the werepuma identity takes over, Blake's eyes appear more feline, and he vocalises a lot more animalistic sounds, such as hissing when threatened.


Superhuman senses - Blake possesses the proportional sensory perceptions of a big cat. As such, his sense of smell is greatly enhanced. His sight, hearing, taste, and touch senses appear to be enhanced as well, but not to as great a degree as his sense of smell.

Peak human stats - As a result of the werepuma infection, Blake has gained the peak of physical conditioning. He is capable of bench pressing one thousand pounds, and has the agility 'of a cat'. He is capable of outpacing an Olympic athlete, and can perform incredible displays of athletic ability.

Enhanced mind - As of recently, Blake appears able to catalogue and reference many different pieces of evidence simultaneously, a combination of his near-genius level intellect functioning in perfect sync with his enhanced senses. He is capable of devising a plan for almost any scenario, using a minimum of resources.

'Cat speak' - A mostly misunderstood power, Blake has the ability to speak to any feline beast, and seems to have a rapport with them almost instantaneously. He can understand the speech of lions, tigers, lynxes, pumas, panthers, and also common household cats, and can relay messages between people and these animals. Although he states that cat species can't really understand English, any message he gives them in English seems to be perceived with no complication. He attributes this to their minds being 'on the same wavelength' and states that people would not understand.


Knife skills - Blake is very skilled with a knife. He was once a wood carver, for a hobby, and studied biology. As such, he is deadly with a knife.

Fighting skills - Donahue is likened to a lion in combat, specialising in the use of powerful grapples and the use of his powerful jaws


The Puma Suit - As the "Clawed Puma", Blake wears a specialised suit to fight. The suit possesses three retractable claws of an unknown, very sharp metal, shock-absorbing weave incorporated into the design, a cape designed for gliding, and a cowl that protects him from telepathic attacks. The ears function as antennae to pick up on police broadcasts, with speakers directly next to his ears.

Knives - Blake wears a pair of knives sheathed behind his back, and uses them effectively. He is believed to be one of the most knowledgeable knife wielders in the world. His marksmanship when throwing the knives is not to be underestimated.