It Had Been 3 Years

A man awakens to the company of his beautiful wife and daughter by his bedside in an Emerald City hospital. They look distraught, but the wife is quick to bring a letter to his attention.

Dear Mr. Jordan

You’ve really f*cked up this time my little baby boy. You’ll probably have a hard time remembering me, but I can’t forget about you and that’s why I’ve been touching myself every day since our encounter. Lol

You see, it’s been about three years since I’ve had to get my hands dirty and now that you and all of your crooked cop buddies have decided to run off with my money, every day I get to wake up, grab all of my favorite toys and go to town on each of you.

Mr. Jordan, despite what you may have heard about me or-- how things might appear at the very moment-- I really try to be reasonable guy. So I left you most of your top jaw, most of your fingers and one of your eyes.

You probably should have bought a wheelchair with my money before I knocked on your door that night. If you know what mean…

I tried to change

Got married. Even had a kid. Her eyes were an everlasting shade of green just like your daughter’s. Every penny you spent came out of the wallet I did honest work to earn. I didn’t beat my wife like you did or treat my princess like you handled yours, but I’m sure you’ve still been having much better times than I have… You taught me that nice guys really do finish last, so now I’m putting crazy behind the wheel.

I tried not to take things so personal

When I got my hand on the first group of you, I just shot them all quickly. Then, I found a another one strung out in Gothic City, so I diced her with my blade quick and easy as well. But after I found out about how your ka-tet orchestrated my family’s murder, well… I headed towards you… and I guess I lost it somewhere under the moonlight. Romantic right? Like I found my true better half and together we paint walls in blood.

All I have left is my work and money now

My work is my life, and I'm just so so so funny about my work... You understand right?

So here you are (or at least most of you), and there’s your daughter and your wife by your bedside. And where am I you ask? Well, I’m a shapeshifter. And mercy suits me like white after labor day, so all I can tell you is collateral damage is a bitch and one of the faces you're looking at by your side is definitely not the one you’ve come to love.

Tonight I’m going to murder you. Spoilers

Tomorrow I’m going to another city. Revenge again

And after that, I’m probably just going to let crazy do crazy again



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The most sincere form of flattery: a character introduction

In the thick silence of his private loft, where it was just Brian Ramsey and the result of his debut into crime fighting, he could not believe that with all of his scholarly wit and years of study, the most difficult part of the night would be getting rid of the body.

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Location: Gothic City

With a single lamp to pierce the dark haze of his living room, Brian guided the criminal's body to rest on the coffee table and got to work, using the meticulous eye of a surgeon.

Proving surgical artistry with the scalpel, tweezers, and scissors; the flesh and muscles of the crook's corpse were sectioned off and pulled away with inhumane expertise. For a second, Ramsey even considered just sticking with his medical career, but then he saw the inspiring symbol on the chest of his armor, remembered what all this stress was for, and was reassured that the heroics were his real calling.

"Just a few beginner's mistakes here and there. Ha, I'm sure he had a few in his early days too." Ramsey mumbled in respects to his icon while dumping the filleted skin in a bucket of hydrochloric acid to melt the organ. Following a sour gurgling-like boil and 15 minutes, the skin had been disposed of and by that time Brian had a plate of muscle tissue to follow such treatment.

Then, almost as to specifically break Brian's stream of consciousness, a knock on the door roars through the twisted beauty of his loft. A single stream of sweat races down his rosy face as the visitor cries, "Dr. Ramsey! Brian are you in there? I've been calling all night. I know you said you didn't need your medication anymore, but I'm really beginning t-too worry about you, ya'know?"

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"Oh it's f*cking Laura from work. *Fuuuh* Why now" Brian mutters while trying to hastily hide the body with a blue blanket from his couch.

"Please, answer. Your car was all dented up in the drive way so I know you're in there . I just want to talk for a moment. I think you need help, like, badly... Everyone thinks you need help."

"Help? Help from anyone other them him would be a damn waist of time." Brian thinks between frustration and trying to pry off his armor, which won't budge. "I've got everything under control in here, so all you have to do is stay out there and every thing will be--" His arrogant thoughts were cut short as Laura uses her key to open the door and turn on the living room lights in one swift motion.

The horrors revealed by the light were near unfathomable.

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Every wall of the loft was engulf with pictures of Gothic's own, Dark Vengeance (Vex), Brian's icon, his inspiration. The pictures were like a mosaic look into the mind of a mad man with pins and strings connecting the details of the famed vigilante that marveled Brian the most. It was the kind of set up Laura would have expected in the office of a hard boiled cop, but certainly not in the living room of an accomplished doctor.

Laura's eyes then gravitated focus to the remains of the crook's body that laid on the coffee table, shabbily hidden under a blue blanket. It was almost scenic how the crimson tint of the blood was swimming through the cotton blue of the blanket.

Finally, Brian, who donned the armor inspired by him on the walls (Dark Vengeance), felt the need to explain in a quiet whimper "I- I- I know what this looks like... But you- you have to understand I just wanted to help the city... Like him" Laura screams while he sneaks closer from the bloody center of his living room, " You just have to understand that this- this was all just a slight--- miscalculation on my part..." Laura's skin drains of all lively color as she begins to silently set up her escape from this nightmare. She had never been more afraid of the bat before now and as she shows her back to monster who stole the symbol, her wrist was seized in a chilling halt. Laura screams and shouts as tears run down both of their faces and Brian tightens his grip around a scalpel before pulling the nurse into loft.


Kent Elliot as Raul Stringer- The Counselor

"Didn't I tell you this would happen băiat?" Raul repeated for the third time as he removed a cigarette from his mouth and his more trusted employees strapped the young man down to a wooden chair. "Oh, băiat is Romanian for boy by the way, but back on topic, I told you no double crossing would go unpunished."

The young man's name was James Arzator. Before this moment he was a up and coming member of Raul's gang, but word had soon got around that he was in fact just a wired cop trying to work his way up the ranks so that he could tear down the organization from the inside out.

He cried out "I'm sorry! I'm so so so sorry Mr. Stringer!"

"Ah-Ah- Ah băiat! When the mask's on-" and Raul had just equipped his mask " -nobody! Nobody at all refers to me as anything other then the Counselor! You should know that by now." With that he'd heard enough talking, the boss made a hand motion and his servants covered Arzator's mouth with a rag rendering him uncompromisable. The same thug then forced the officer's head back to hold him still.

Raul/Counselor then leaned in close with the cigar he was smoking and placed it, still burning, atop to the traitor's right eyeball singeing the cornea. The young boy tried to pull his eyelid down in protection from the drug but it was pried up by yet another of The Counselor's men.

His screams were muffled by the rag and none of the gangsters stopped their operation for him. The counselor made another hand motion and a knife was taken from a small table beside the chair. "Do you know where the jugular vein is turncoat?" James of course couldn't really reply to his former boss, so Raul pointed it out with his index finger aimed near the center of his neck "It's right here, and if that gets cut... You're dead like punk rock son!"

Counselor's men knew what to do next as this was practically a regular procedure now in days. The lackey took the knife and slid it half way across the traitor's neck. He started slowly from the left side and worked his way up close to the jugular. The shredding pain James felt would be hard to compare to any other sensation.

Blood shot out like an ocean from a destroyed dam and even Raul had to take a step back in hopes of persevering his white suit. Eventually the boss' men stepped back from the officer as he is losing consciousness and trying to rest his head. The traitor comes close to blacking out just as Raul lifts his head up so that they can meet eye to eye. Never before had James been so terrified of that mask until now in his final moments. Raul back up once more.

Everything was cold and tinting into the gray scale but he could still see that The Counselor was removing his white business suit and moving in closer again. Next he could feel The Counselor's cold and gloved fingers reaching into the gash left behind by the knife. There were really only two fingers digging their way to the jugular but it felt like whole snake crawling around the wound.

"Goodnight băiat." Raul lastly says before crushing the vein in between his two fingers and palm.

"Alright boys. Lets clean up here. We've got more business to do out there... Oh and can one of you bring me some germ-x, some of that blood soaked RIGHT THROUGH the glove!"

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  1. Ozymandias: The rise to power
  2. Magna Carta: The fall of the power
  3. Some Watch While Other Sleep: Complete loss of the power
  4. The Morning After the Ménage à trois: Atonement
  5. A Rose by Any Other Name: Something heroic and sweet (try'n to mix it up a bit)
  6. Rio De Janeiro: Death
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Sweet Emma

Years ago

"I see your frown

And it's like looking down the barrel of a gun

And it goes off"

-Arctic Monkeys, Marty Bum

Oh Emma, my lovely girl, you knew how you had me wrapped around your pretty finger like a wedding ring. So I'm sure when you told me what those dirty bastards had done to you and your dear sister you secretly knew I was going to hunt them down for all they were worth. So why did you look so surprised when I hopped on my motorcycle with my favorite Katana?

Nothing on Hell or Earth could had hidden them from me. I told you I'd find your sister and bring her back to you and my word was of course my bond.

I found them like lightning and hit as hard as could.

Only I didn't expect to get killed by them so quickly.

Months later

I'd cheated death like life was just a game of poker. Now I just lived out each day training with... I don't f*cking know... Monks maybe?

I wanted to get back to the mission and then back to you Emma, but they insisted otherwise and I couldn't risk getting my a*s handed to me so bad once again...

Eventually they made me into something of a killing machine too. My powers and their Training made me unstoppable.
Eventually they made me into something of a killing machine too. My powers and their Training made me unstoppable.


I know you can't read this Emma because... well... I killed you... But you're sister can still be rescued. I've figured out that she was kidnapped by sex slave traffickers and trust me, I've been butchering them like it's Friday the Thirteenth everyday (does that mean I'll die at the end?). Though it's been years, I know she's still out there. She just has to be. I need her to be. She's the the only part of my past life with you that still seems wholesome. Innocent. I'll save her soon whether she wants it

Or not.
Or not.

Ikari & Takibi (Fury & Bonfire)

The bonfire hill of Gonzan no Okuribi
The bonfire hill of Gonzan no Okuribi

Now, in hindsight I totally see how targeting the crime lord of Japan was a bad idea, but the Gonzan no Okuribi bonfire celebration in Kyoto was the crystal opportunity to get close.

I'd spent so much time obsessing over claiming revenge for my bastard father that I'd didn't even take to time to learn proper JapaneseWhen I had finally gotten close to the man instead of proposing my offer to help him, and lead him into a trap, I think I threatened to burn his car... Or maybe his face... I don't really know.

Kent Elliot
Kent Elliot

Rookie's mistakes. Smh

Landed me in more trouble then I thought I could handle too.

So there I was running away from his sharply dressed and well trained bodyguards. These were the type of guys large enough to make a guy like me a human pants belt.

On any other day they could have taken me down with ease, but not today. No today under my Levi clothes I had prepared for battle. Sure I had brought these weapons for taking out the crime boss, but I'd started this new situation and I was sure as hell going to finish it.

We fought all around the bonfire hill of the Gozan no Okuribi celebration, but it ended with all of my pursuers more than just dead.

My main target had escaped in the mist of the battle so I've still got work to do, but I was able to "convince" one of the bodyguards to tell me were he would probably run to so we'll be meeting again very soon.

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Dear Emma {CVnU Semi-Orgin}

Dear Emma,

By the time you get this letter it is, or at least it should be, our first anniversary.

I had it all planned out from the moment you said yes. The day would have started with red champagne in the morning. Your favorite. Though apparently you were more interested in getting paid for my head than you were actually interested in being with me.

I remember that morning so vividly. You and some anti-mutant activist staring at me from the foot of our king sized bed. Knifes and all kinds of fun weapons in hand. How are those friends of yours now? I tried to make sure to break their jaws and leave them dying slowly.

I wrote this letter just to let you know you didn't escape that morning out of skill or good luck. I've changed my identity once again, moved out of site and now all I do is plan out how I'm going to get you back.

Now of course by now you've discovered that the tires of all your luxury cars have been slashed and those flee market guards you hired for protection are... Well... Out of the picture as my dad would say.

The day you get this letter

You'll want to escape to some where safe but the latte you had this morning, like you have every morning, was full of rufi so good luck with that. The effects should kick in anytime now so sweet dreams.

When you wake up

How do you feel? Or better yet how does it feel to wake up with significantly less limbs? I left you with your left arm and a good hospital. Is the hospital it's self similar? It should, I use to work there. I still work here actually. lol

A day later

You probably didn't read this letter all at the moment you got it because of the rufi, so you probably won't really get to read this part. Oh well. Hopefully one of your xenophobic friends will find this at your grave and know what they have to fear. You all picked the wrong one to f*ck with. I won't stop until I'm the one they have nightmares about.


Kent Elliot