Can Thor beat Martian Manhunter?

I'm creating this because if you go onto the links below you will see that Martian Manhunter usually comes out on top.... whether it's Fanboyism or just people thinking he could win I don't know, but I think Thor has the capability of beating Martian Manhunter.

Thor vs Martian Manhunter(please read op)

Thor vs Martian Manhunter (Best two of three)

I'm going to compare there main powers and see why they would or wouldn't work on each other.

First I'll go with Martian Manhunter:


Martian Manhunter's Telepathy and other mind powers are one of his best abilities...they allow him to read the minds of his opponents so he could be one step a head of them, he can find out crucial information by reading their minds, he can mind erase them if they knew too much, or he could simply mind attack them Koing (knocking them out) them instantly. It's been stated though that all Asgardians are very resilient to TP and Thor having much greater resistance.

Thor has fought many telepathic mutants at the same time, and resisted their mind attacks, and resisted Loki's spells.


Martian Manhunter has the ability to go through any almost any type of matter. Martian Manhunter supporters usually us this as a main argument for why he would win. Thor however is resistant to phasing creatures due to his Asgardian Aura. We see him to this while fighting the vision.

Also I have heard and seen that intangibility does not work with electricity. If that's true Thor can create a lightning storm to disrupt and hurt him while Martian Manhunter is in an intangible state.


Martian Manhunter can go invisible and be virtually undetectable. Thor however has super senses, and hearing has been stated to be able to hear on the other side of the earth. I believe he can hear MM or make a huge storm to flush him out if he gets angry enough.

Shape shifting:

Martian Manhunter can move and make his body into any shape or form he chooses. I do not think this is a huge problem for Thor because his raw power should be able to hurt Martian Manhunter even if he shape shifts. With shape shifting MM would be like Mr. Fantastic or Plastic Man which Thor should be able to beat rather easily.

"Superman powers":

Now this just really "Superman" (as we eliminated all of MM's unique powers) vs Thor in which I believe Thor has a greater chance of winning.

  • Strength: Oftenly debated they both have good feats and I have concluded this a tie.
  • Speed: Martian Manhunter take this with ease. Although people don't give Thor that much credit he can see things moving faster than light, fly at super sonic speeds within Earth's atmosphere, and go light speeds in space.
  • Power (energy attacks): Martian Manhunter really only has Martian vision (lazier eyes), which wouldn't do much to Thor due to him being able to take powerful blasts from celestials, Galactus, Thanos, Odin, Suter, etc. On the other hand Thor has massive energy attacks such as lightning, God Blasts, Anti Force, Blasts, Storms, energy absorption, etc. Even if Martian Manhunter used his Martian Vision on Thor, Thor could absorb it and shoot it back at him even more powerful than it was before.
  • Intelligence: Although MM takes it Thor is not stupid as people say (he's just cocky dealing with mortals). Thor is a good strategist and leader on the battlefield.

Skill: Thor has been training and using his powers for thousands of years so I would give the advantage to him even though M has been for hundreds of years himself. If the battle came to hand to hand (most likely not) Thor would have the edge due to his time training with weapons and hand to hand in Asgard.

With the evidence I presented I believe Thor would have a very good chance of beating Martian Manhunter in a battle despite what a lot of people say.