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ART from my current visual diary

Hey guys heres some portraits from my visual diary two of them i just done and the franco pic was done like three weeks back.

7th doctor who

Dale Denton

Phillip Marlowe

hope you enjoy them and id love feed back.

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should magic in stories hav limits?

lets look at all stories comics, movies,novels anything magicallly magic  
1) how does ghost rider exsist in the world where theres aliens and silver sufer and space crap. Is magic stronger than science  
and wat rules govern magic there seems to not really be a hell of alot of thinking around this subject in stories  
2) that is it a good thing or a bad thing 
lets tak harry potter for example im not the biggest geeky geek fan and its not really my thing but its a good story that comands a large audience. 
In harry potter there are rules about magic like the curses and 3 or 4 or wateva curses.  
in comics like jsa,shadow,ghostrider,even the justice league and even constantine there are abosoultly no rules or limits to the magic  well not really hows sumone like cyborg or green arrow or even superman (weak against magic)  suposed to save the world when at the drop of a hat they can be turned into a pair of sunglasses. 
ZATANNA CAN DO ANYTHING all she has to do is say it backwards  
what do u think?  


would wolverine live if he was chucked in a lava pit?

now honestly me and my budies one time talked about it and we couldnt really decide  
1. would he burn and heal still having the ability to swim out
2. would he fully die and his bones just get stuck in the lava  
3. would when he got his bones pulled out after would he grow back to life from his bones  
or would sumthing else happen?