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Leena, the Circumstance Imp
Leena, the Circumstance Imp
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  • Name: Leena
  • Aliases: The Circumstance Imp, The Imp, The Midnight Fairy, Miss Fortune, The Firefly Fairy, The Crowned Imp, The Scamp, The Swamp Fairy, The Imp Queen, The Plushie Fairy
  • Origin: Fey
  • Gender: Cisgender Female
  • Species: Unseelie Fairy
  • Height: 2' 5" / 5' 10"
  • Weight: 30lbs. / 140lbs.
  • Eyes: Red
  • Hair: Orange
  • Age: Unknown
  • Transportation: Teleportation
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical Description:

Sometimes forgetting about her size, she can be a bit of a flirt.
Sometimes forgetting about her size, she can be a bit of a flirt.

An unseelie fairy from the deep, dark glades of the Veiled Forest, Leena traditionally appears as a tall, beautiful woman covered in strange markings. Possessing immense powers of probability manipulation, however, a curse was placed upon her that should she ever stray from her own realm, her power would have to be locked away in a dark crown made of foul fairy technology.

When straying from her realm (such as when she is on Earth). this device forms itself around her head. This not only hinders her abilities but her physical size and appearance, making her appear more as a bizarre, thick-hipped little gremlin -- though this appearance is not without its own cuteness of a sort.

In both forms her skin is a mis-matched blend of black and pale gray, covered with little neon blue runes. Her hair is of a vibrant, multi-toned orange, and is prehensile in her imp form.

Leena in her
Leena in her "elf" form.


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After having spent an unknown amount of time as a reality-altering dark fairy, Leena occasionally forgets that she's... less powerful in her form as the Circumstance Imp, not to mention less obviously desirable. As such, she can be flirtatious and arrogant, often outside of her own means to back up. However, despite her small size and lessened powers, she should not be taken lightly -- she can be scornful and spiteful in either form, and even as the imp she has the power to make a person's life a living hell.

Powers and Abilities:

As the Midnight Fairy, Leena possesses an enormous amount of power, and is able to warp reality on a large scale within her own realm (with a few weaknesses, of course). As the smaller Circumstance Imp, her crown hinders her abilities a great deal -- reality manipulation seems a great deal more like probability manipulation, and even that is challenging for her to control in any direct way. Physically, neither form is a great challenge, though in her imp form the destruction of her body merely means that she fades back beneath the veil, returning to the fairy realm to fight another day.

In addition, her imp form has the ability to teleport short distances, and her hair is prehensile to the point that she seemingly form it into small constructs. She can hover at her walking speed, but not fly particularly well.


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  • Lust: 6
  • Envy: 5
  • Gluttony: 2
  • Sloth: 5
  • Wrath: 5
  • Avarice: 3
  • Pride: 6


As a fairy, Leena is not without a selection of weaknesses to exploit. The first and foremost is her hubris -- though this is best exploited with her imp form, where her power does not match her pride.

Additionally, though she may seem capricious and mischievous, Leena has a soft heart and is prone to developing superficial attachments to humanoids, becoming jealous or clingy at a moment's notice.

More palpably, Leena is weak towards iron, specifically magnetized iron, which seems to cancel or at least block the direct application of her reality-adjusting abilities.

Wish you were here.
Wish you were here.