Characters Who Deserve More Focus in the New 52

Huh, another blog about DC. It;s surprising to me because I've always found myself to be more of a Marvel fan, but I guess it's hard to keep that attitude when you get horrible events every year and an entire line-up of titles that are either X-books or Avengers members (with the exception of Scarlet Spider, The Punisher and Loki in Journey into Mystery).

And I suppose that's the main difference between the companies now. Marvel is so focused on keeping it's sales in light of DC's boom and using the success it's admittedly fantastic movies brought them that everything seems much more homogeneous as a result. DC, on the other hand, actually has a good chunk of their books devoted to characters that some would consider C-list, as well as a pretty big variety of the genres present in the books they put out. for example, DC publishes Horror, Sword and Sorcery, and Westerns, something Marvel will never do.

And so, with that in mind, I got to thinking about certain character's, none of them big names, who haven't quite made much of an impact in the new 52 yet. Some of them are just plain obscure, others haven't even made an appearance yet, and some have only had cameos.

Thinking on that, I decided to compile a list of a few character's currently in DC's stable that could be put in either their own titles, a team book, or as supporting casts for certain characters. In any case, I truly wish to see these characters appear in some way shape or form, and hope they get their due some time in the new future.

And before anybody asks, I will not include Wally West, Stephanie Brown, or Donna Troy in this list. I love them too, but I think enough's been said already about how much we want them back that we border on being redundant/annoying. Let's just look past this and see other characters that could be used.

1. La Sangre

This is a character that, too my knowledge, only appeared rather recently in James Robinson's fantastic The Shade limited series, and she really struck a chord with me. To give you a basic set-up, she is the adopted, semi-vampire daughter of The Shade, who is the beloved protector of Spain. Yeah, I know, "another vampire? BAWWWWWWW" but I feel she has the potential to be far more than just another Blade knock-off. If we only just accept that her powers are vampiric in nature and instead just look at her day-to-day adventures as she protects Barcelona, I feel there's enough potential there to carry a series.

Of course, it is difficult for characters who haven't already been firmly established to get their own title, so then what I would propose is to include her in Justice League Dark at some point, or have her guest in I, Vampire. Now, James Robinson is one of the few writers who has complete control over his original characters, regardless of DC's wishes, so if he chooses to exorcise this right, she probably wouldn't get a chance to appear, but if she shows in up any of Robinson's future stories, I'd be quite happy with that.

Also, read the Shade if you haven't already. I missed out when the first few issues were released, but I caught up recently with scans, and can't wait for the trade to come out so I can get my own copy.

2. Dr. Light

No, not THAT Doctor Light. Screw that guy. Kimiyo Hoshi is an altogether different person. Now, admittedly I am only passingly familiar with the characters's appearances, but I do like the idea of her powers, as well as her role as a scientist (which is seen a lot) and as a mother (which is rarely seen in comics today).

Obviously, she probably couldn't support a book of her own, but as a supporting cast member, or as part of an ensemble, I think she could really... (sunglasses) Shine. Plus, she was a member of both the Outsiders and the Doom Patrol, both of which are books I'd love to see come back (though preferably the outsiders shouldn't be run by Batman, he's stretched pretty thin as is. He's have better things to do than lead yet another team).

3. Cyborg

Yeah, yeah, he's part of JLA, but really, what has he done? Sure, he's the tech guy, handles transport, and we did see his origin in the first arc, but besides that, what has he actually DONE?! Be mad at his dad? for 5 years? even after seeing a hint of resolution at the end of issue 6?

It's just completely wasted potential, especially considering the controversy that surrounded the decision to include him as a founder instead of the Martian Manhunter, for "diversity" reasons. Now, I actually defended this choice at the beginning, since he has proven himself to be a capable hero in his own right over the years, but it's hard to do so when he doesn't really do ANYTHING. He doesn't seem to have much of a relationship with his fellow members, he has no supporting cast, and the only time I, personally, saw him outside of JLA was in that one issue of JLDark, and that was just a two sentence cameo.

He needs to get his due, either in his own solo series, or just a bigger role in JLA. Otherwise, why bother including him at all?

4. Raven

Ok, I really love Raven. I was introduced to her through the Teen Titans cartoon, and found her comic book counterpart to be equally enjoyable, for different reasons. And I've whined before about my disdain for the entire Young Justice line of books DC puts out, so I won't waste my breath on it, but let's just say I have no urge to see her in Teen Titans or the Ravagers any time soon. Instead, I vote she earns a place in JLD, or, in a perfect world, she gets her own solo series, which could work if she had very dark, classic Dr. Strange-esque adventures, traveling between worlds and exploring a very metaphysical corner of the DCU. Unfortunately, no matter how much money I throw at my laptop, no comics are coming out, so I can only hope.

5. Ray Palmer

Now, this isn't my own idea, but I heard online someone suggesting that since Ray Palmer is not an active superhero at this point in time, that they could reintroduce him in his own title, written by none other than Grant Morrison. Now, I'm trying to jam a handful of twenties into my USB slot, but all I'm getting is mild electrocution. This planet sucks.

6. The Secret Six (hey, that's, like, ironic or something)

You know what, I'm not gonna even bother explaining, you all know why already.

7. Renee Montoya (The Question)

Now, odds are she's gonna make an appearance soon, either in Batwoman or one of the other Gotham-centric books, so no rush here. I loved the character, and feel that she was perfect for the role. Of course, I prefer Vic Sage, like most, but in 52 I do believe he received one of the most noble deaths that anybody could have asked for, and they picked the best possible replacement to take up his mantle, and bringing him back would just cheapen it. As such, I'm fine with Renee keeping the identity, and hope she shows up soon.

Well, those are my list of characters/ I'd appreciate seeing more of sometime soon. If you can think of anyone that hasn't quite gotten the respect they deserve, tell them to me, I'd love to hear it.

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