The Floating Butterfly: A Snyopsis

So, some of you may know me as queenfrost_ of the social world or ' Queen Frost' of the RPG world. But right now, I'm on Circe of the RPG world. As much as I love writing about comic book characters, tv characters, movie characters, book characters and giving my own take on them - I've decided something new. A Fan-Fic based on my own character, Circe. I guess you couldn't call it a fan fiction, as I'm not the fan, I'm the creator. So perhaps a story? I dunno, for the time being, it's a Fan-Fic. YES I do have a account, but I'm not gonna post the URL cos it's got my old fanfics on it and frankly, they're EMBARRASSING. Like, seriously cringe worthy. >.<
But anyway, enough of me and my weird views, here is a basic run-down of what 'The Floating Butterfly' has to offer.

 The Floating Butterfly.   (edit by me)
 The Floating Butterfly.  (edit by me)

The Floating Butterfly - Characters

Beatrix 'Bea' Warren aka Circe -  A teenage witch who Inherits the spirit of the demi-goddess, Circe.  
Lei Wu (pronounced Lay Woo) - A mysterious Geisha, wears the tattoo of the Hidden Dragon.
Mistress Kimiko Maryanoshi  - A powerful enchantress, leader of a powerful Empire.
Takeshi Wang - An assassin and loyal guard, very deadly. 
Yin Xian - An assassin and loyal guard, very deadly.
Michelle Barnes - A southern american, hopeless romantic teen, quite bimbo-esque.
Jin Lau - A skilled ronin, very enigmatic and captivating. 
Pi Pei - A retainer to Mistress Maryanoshi.
Shizuka -  An outcase who wields a sai and shurikens.
Jo-An - An advisor to Mistress Maryanoshi, a telepath.
Master Wu - Created the mystical tattoos, the guardian of limbo.
Sensei - A powerful wizard, and martial arts teacher. 
 (more to come)

The Floating Butterfly - Synopsis

Beatrix Warren is a witch. A witch who one day cast a spell to inherit the spirit of demi-goddess, Circe. Now, combining the two spirits, Beatrix joined the Young Champions to fight off evil and protect the country. But, in the midst of all the chaos that surrounds her life, Circe makes a shocking discovery. Her pacifist nature slowly starts to decrease, becoming more and more violent by the second. She begins to use martial arts skills she never thought she had, or wield blades that she never thought she could wield. So when she finds a mysterious purple butterfly tattoo on her back, she decides it's time for some answers. The goddess Hecate points Beatrix in the direction of Dallas, where she meets Michelle Barnes, a young teen who works at a Diner and is planning to travel to Japan. Beatrix convinces the young teen to let her travel with her, and soon she's on a plane to Japan. But, during the plane journey, a wicked storm strikes and the plane goes down, crashing and killing all those inside. Aside from Beatrix and Michelle. Awake and un-harmed, the girls find themselves in the historical times of feudal Japan, where the geisha Lei Wu awaits them. 
Will Beatrix find the answers she is looking for? Will she ever find her way out of the mysitcal islands of Japan? 

(sorry it's kinda crappy)