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 Name: Beatrix 'Bea' Warren
Nationality: American
Age: 18 (soon to be 19)
Height: 5'7
Hair Color: Black, changes to Purple
Eye Color: Green, changes to Purple
Place of Birth: San Francisco, California (USA)
Family: Bethany Warren (mother, living), Unknown Father (persumed Warlock), Belle Warren (Older sister, living 2 years older), Blair Warren (Older cousin, living 4 years older), Brenda Warren (Grandmother, living mother's side), Bianca Warren (Aunt, missing, mother's side), Belinda Warren (Great grandmother, deceased mother's side)
Powers:  When accessing the spirit of Circe, she can move things with her mind telekinetically (a purple aura appears around it), read people's thoughts (telepathically), shoot mental blasts (a telepathic purple butterfly appears), turn men in to any animal/half-breeds they want (this includes sexual manipulation - plus only able to use when really concentrating max. 5 men), teleport (in a purple smokey form) and shapeshift (but only able to use it once during a course of the day). She can also cast various spells by uttering them in Latin, for example, she could shoot fire, by saying the word 'fire' in latin.   


Chapter One; A Long Line Of Witches

 The Coven was preparing. They had stacked up their herbs, used all their spices and took out all their scriptures. Marina Halliwell, the leader of the coven, yet not the eldest, stood perfectly still in the midst of the chaos. Her eyes were wide open, and she would carefully watch every move her ''sisters'' made. Her ebony black hair had been tied back in to a tight knitted bun, whilst her olive skinned hands clutched her round stomach, rubbing it gently as she felt a small kick inside.  <"Everything alright, sister?">
 <"Yes, yes. Just little Minerva kicking away. Have you prepared the scripture on Hecate? Minerva must be blessed by the Great Goddess or else our line shall be doomed forever,"> Her roman accent lingers within her ''sister's'' ears. Her ''sister'' smiles, gently nodding and slowly shuffling away from the pregnant wicca. 
 Lightning cackles outside of the cave, a heavy storm heading towards the witches. One witch stands by the entrance of the cave, releasing a sort of dust substance in to the air, blessing the wind and praying to the great god, Jupiter, that the skies will become clear when the new baby is born. <"Hecate is coming, I can feel it. Prepare the hexagon..."> The eldest witch cried, ordering her 'daughters' to assemble the shape of a hexagon, from pure rose petals. This moment of panic was short lived, as a drenched figure rushed towards the cave entrance.  She had striking violet hair, with a slender yet voluptuous figure. She wore a dark green cloak, a hood shrouding her face.
<"It is I, Circe - daughter of the great goddess Hecate. I had to visit you as a human, either wise I would of risked the baby's faith. All of you must come with me to the island of Aeaea, where my mother is waiting. The angry humans are on their way, and are hungry for witches,"> She spoke perfect latin, her words slipping out like silk, soothing the chaos within the room. Wether this was an effect of her abilities, or just plain manipulation, it worked. The females gathered their belongings, following the great demi-goddess in to the stormy skies. All of the women had left, except for Marina. <"Sister, are you coming?"> A familiar face poked around the cave entrance, the female's skin smooth and brown. <"I have forseen the events, sister. Only one shall survive...">
And soon, the cave was empty.  

Chapter Two; Throughout the ages.

And so, baby Minerva was born on the island of Aeaea, where she was blessed by Hecate to have the magical abilities to cast any spell in the acient latin language, and the results come out perfectly - depending on your emotions. She also granted Minerva's long line of ancestors to only produce female children.  Once Minerva was born, the wiccans fled back to Rome and lived a life full of mystery and hate from man. They were titled gypsies and often left alone to their own business. Minerva had started a long line of witches, Circe granting her the power of immortality. This allowed Minerva to stay and live on, whilst her wiccan sisters died around her. Minerva at first thought of this to be a powerful gift and challenged any warrior who dare title her a 'gypsy'. But, by the time it had reached the ages of AD - Minerva cursed the demi-goddess Circe, telling her that the gift was unwanted and that she wanted to return to being a normal witch. 
Circe could not give back Minerva's life, and instead, with the help of her mother, Hecate, put her in to a long and peaceful sleep, which lasted for milleniums upon milleniums - guarded by the God of The Underworld - Pluto. But, back in the overworld - the Halliwell name was living on. Now living in the Hallewill family, Layna Hallewill was heavily pregnant with her daughter, Laura Hallewill. Not only had the Halliwell name been changed to Hallewill, but Layna was now married to male mortal, Brennagan Morter. Brennagan at first seemed charming, sharp and very suitable for a husband. But, he turned out to be a server of Pluto, a warlock. Disguising himself as a simple jewish man, he struck Layna down only a day after the birth of Laura. Layna'a last dying breath was for Brennagan to forever burn in the Demonic wasteland, and so he did.  
Walking through the ages of a witch, were these women....
Laura Hallewill (formeley née Morter) --- Astrid Hallewill---Aileen Hallewill, Grace Rolanta (née Hallewill), Gelinda Rolanta, Gail Rolanta, Paige Winters (née Rolanta), Piper Winters, Phoebe Winters, Priscilla Winters, Paige Winters, Patricia Winters, Pamela Mayan (née Winters), Penelope Mayan, Pfieffer Mayan, Catherine Mayan, Caterina Mayan, Cathleen Mayan, Carmen Mayan, Carly Mayan, Catherine (Cate) Mayan, Suzanna Mayan-Richards, Sophie Richards, Sindella Richards, Sersi Richards, Sofia Richards, Samantha Pritchard (formeley Richards), Marina Pritchard, Grace Pritchard, Olivia Pritchard, Ophelia Pritchard, Hallie LeVeure (née Pritchard, formeley Broscella), Harmony Veure (formeley LeVeure), Hallie Veure, Bethany Veure, Beatrice Veure,  and many many more. Finally reaching 
Bianca Warren, the young witch set up her own 'club' of witches, who would gather together and chant spells and discuss everything wicca.  
The club worshipped the goddess Hecate and would often summon the demi-goddess, Circe, for spiritual advice. Circe had spoken of a Minerva, the first known wiccan woman of the Warren (pre Halliwell) line. She said that Minerva's sleep was drawing close to an end, and that her time in the Underworld has tipped her view on life as good and evil. Pluto himself had awoken Minerva during the late millenniums of her sleep, and made her his queen, effectively becoming Queen of the Underworld, 


      Her Grimoire
      Her Grimoire
  •  The Grimoire - Circe's book of spells begun with her great grandmother,