Library of Congress Adds Graphic Novels to the National Book Fest

Richard Thompson, Kazu Kibuishi, Allen Say, Rachel Renee Russell and Eric Wight were invited to the National Book Festival on the National Mall. This event hosted by the Library of Congress highlights and honors some of the literary worlds most respected creators.

So glad to see that they have added graphic novels as a category for the first time.

Past attending authors that have written for comics include:

Jodi Picoult

Neil Gaiman

Brad Meltzer

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Who would you cast in the role? - Part 1 -LSH

I would cast the following for Legion of Super Heroes, who would you pick?

Saturn Girl: Alexz Johnson 
Lightning Lad: Calum Worthy 
Cosmic Boy: Ryan Kennedy  
Triplicate Girl: Lexi Ainsworth
Brainiac 5: Chad Duell
Timber Wolf: Ian Somerhalder 
Phantom Girl 
Chameleon Boy 
Colossal Boy 
Invisible Kid 
Star Boy  
Sun Boy 
Shrinking Violet: Selena Gomez
Bouncing Boy 
Ultra Boy 
Karate Kid 
Ferro Lad 

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