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Top 10 most powerful villains in my hero academia

This is my personal opinion on the top 10 most powerful villains in my hero academia. I'll be sticking to the anime and current manga so stuff like Two Heroes will not be factored in for this list. That said I would like to list some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

  • Kurogiri
  • Toga
  • Mr. Compress
  • Moonfish

List items

  • Not really a surprise to anyone, AFO is currently without a doubt the most powerful villain in MHA. With All Might level stats in-combination of all of the quirks he's obtained over the years stemming from augmentation, teleportation, shape-shifting, energy projection, air pressure, power stealing and countless others no one can really compete with this guy except for the symbol of peace.

  • Some maybe surprised to see Chisaki so high on the list, myself included at first but this version is composite which also takes in his fusion form. The same form that can withstand multiple 100% blows from Deku which are one the same level as All Might. But the real reason I place him above the noumu's is because of his Quirk, arguably one of the most OP quirks in the series. Able to reassemble and disassemble anything by waving his hand speaks for itself.

  • All while not as physically strong or fast as the OG noumu, it's his versatility/abilities and Intellect that sets him slightly apart imo. Even seemingly processing regeneration equal to the USJ Noumu. He rather comfortably overpowered the Pro-Hero Endeavor, Now sure it's obvious endeavor isn't as strong as All Might but it's worth noting High-End only lost to essentially Endeavor being amped by Hawk. And what I said before this particular noumu so far is the most intelligent one out of them all.

  • The USJ Noumu proved to be one of the LoV's successful creations yet. Though wasn't able to beat All Might the fact this thing showed the capability to keep patch with him in speed is very impressive. That and his regeneration and shock absorption did make All Might work for it which puts him in the top 5. The only reason he falls behind High-End is due to lack of Versatility and Intelligence, but still as a brawler is one of MHA's most impressive Noumu's to date.

  • Muscular being able to tank repeated blows from a 100% Deku dwarfs the characters below him, the speed to match and outpace Deku who is certainly no slouch in speed and striking power to bring down buildings.

  • While I do think Gentle and Stain are both on the same tier, I place him above stain due to his quirk elasticity. Simply offers him too much versatility in combat and is a great counter to characters who specialize in CQC. In his Lover-State he was able to match Deku even with 20% air pressure and was stated from him that Gentle was the toughest opponent he faced.

  • I personally believe Stain is one of the most impressive characters here in skill, due to his strive to purge the "fakes" from hero society sparks tenacity and determination beyond most characters in combat. Even when fighting against three superhuman's he was holding his ground before getting reckless. The only reason I put him below Gentle is because the quirk difference. In almost any 1 v 1 fight with his quirk Stain more often than not would win.

  • Reason I place Dabi above Rappi is because of his abilities and technique. He's shown to be more experienced and skilled with his fire than Todoroki, as well as just as great (If not potentially more) output than him. For that reason and his status as one of the most strongest in the vanguard action squad puts him a step ahead imo. Reason why he isn't higher is that he needs more feats, Just like Shigaraki he too will likely move up at some point.

  • One of the precepts of death's physically formidable member earns a spot at number 9. His brute strength and speed allowed him to overwhelm Kirishima in Red Riot Unbreakable and overload Fat Gums durability.

  • Shigaraki falls flat mainly due to lack of feats, especially in speed. However based of what we do know, his performance against Aizawa on top with his quirk earns a spot at number 10. Again, he falls here due to lack of feats and because his quirk requires physical contact makes it extremely difficult to tag the villains above him. It's likely his placement will change down the road but till then here he is.