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The CaVables

Like my previous list this however will be more straight forward, this list will contain universes I am knowledgeable enough to use in CaV's, Tourney's and all of that stuff unless otherwise specified.

I've very likely forgotten a lot of characters, Will update this in the future.

These universes I more or less focus on a lot of the time on the vine. Though I do try new topics and expand of course, This is my bread and butter in a sense.

UPDATED: (11/10/2018)

Added Kill la Kill, Durarara, Foxverse Deadpool, DCEU, Kung Fu Panda, Code Geass and Parasite the Maxim.

UPDATED: (22/11/2018)

Added Daredevil series

List items

  • RWBY TV Series vol. 1 - (Haven't read the mange)

  • This series is rather obscure surprisingly, It shares many similarities to RWBY to an extent.

  • Started diving into this game recently, didn't disappoint (well except for the reboots)

  • The OG Series and Ult.

  • No CCC stuff though, Looking to expand my knowledge in the fate verse.

  • I can rep any animated character from this series, Looking to restart at some point.

  • A franchise that gets both a lot of hate and is very underrated on the vine (Though for reasons I don't blame them)

  • The modern movies and books.

    Sauron, Gandalf, Balrogs.

  • The series and on going.

  • Composite rising, catching up with the other MGS games. Will update.

  • All of the anime original and the new 2011 version.

  • Both the original and Ult. Version

  • Composite Anime/Manga, Both the original and brotherhood

  • Anyone, Preferable's are Shoto Todoroki, All Might, Lemillion and Overhaul

  • I can rep any character from this verse (Haven't read the IDW Comics but I can gather feats from them)

  • I can represent any character from this verse all pre timeskip, post I'm still catching up but I can still dig up feats and use.

  • Both secret service and the golden circle, any character here.

  • Basically any character from the MCU.

  • Composite Anime and Manga, I can rep any character from this franchise (DB, DBZ, DBGT and Super) though I do prefer the original and Z.

  • Canon and Expanded Universe, Don't follow Legends but I can gather feats for it.

  • Modern day series and the books

  • A series filled with OP characters, destruction and a interesting cast of characters, I follow the anime and can dig up stuff from the manga.

  • On a case by case basis, I can rep anyone from this series. Though I prefer Lelouch over anyone else.

  • Case by case basis, can rep anyone. Prefer Shinichi over anyone else.

  • Can use anyone from all three movies, I prefer movies over the series. Haven't seen all of the series but I can dig up feats from it.

  • On a case by case basis, Still catching up with the rest of season 4 but I can gather feats for it. My preferable favourite to use is Eobard Thawn.

  • Anyone, Favorite would be DCEU Wonder Woman.

  • Anyone from both movies. Looking to use Cable or Ajax.

  • Anyone.

  • Anyone, But I prefer Ryuko over everyone else.

  • Dealt with on a case by case basis, specifically want to rep Matt Murdock (In-progress, haven't caught up with all episodes yet)