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My Top 5 MCU Films

This is my top five Marvel Cinematic Universe Films, Note that my opinion does tend to change so this list might not be set in stone but is what I feel currently are my favorites so If a new MCU Movie comes out then the list may change or If I have second thoughts.

Before we start I feel I want to list off some honorable mentions.

  • Spider-Man Homecoming
  • Avengers AOU
  • GOTG2
  • Iron Man

With this said let's begin.

List items

  • After seeing this film at first I got mixed feelings with it, While I most certainly enjoyed it's choreographed fight scenes, soundtrack and solid CGI I felt as with so many characters cramped in one film there where many that I believed didn't get as much (If not hardly any) attention or screen time, The main villain (Thanos) not a fan of his design.

    However after going over it again I realize how detailed Thanos is as a character, his motivation, Ideals, Goals and Overall personality really intrigued me.

    I won't go into deep spoilers here since it's still new in theatre's and has yet to be released (maybe after re-watching it my opinion will change) but for now lands as my favorite.

    Overall thoughts, Solid CGI, Amazing Fight Scene's, Interesting character interactions and intriguing character growth and the villain I think to be one of the best.

  • Steve's squeal really does shine out of the three movies he's received and shows how much he's developed as a character to his past self.

    Having him faced with fighting the past coming back to haunt him, the allies he's loyally served turn on him really does bring a new dynamic to his character.

    Not only facing his old nemesis (Hydra/Zola) but possibly the closest person to him as a friend Buck Barnes turned Antagonist after being brainwashed by Hydra to commit atrocities.

    Definetely one of the best Marvel Films to date (imo), The Soundtrack composed by "Henry Jackman" brought to life the war vibe in modern times and with excellent choreographed fights makes this film stand out.

    I would highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoy's character growth, dynamic theme's and development though you would need to watch the first one in order to properly grasp whats going on.(Also, I admittedly do have some bias towards Cap guilty)

  • Another and arguably best Thor film of out the three, Completely flips the typical marvel formula upside down by deconstruction it's characters both physically and mentally, the world as well brings a sorta GOTG vibe to it.

    With well educated fight scene's without a doubt Thor vs Hulk being the highlight and well choreographed.

    A fun film to watch indeed, Similar to ones such as GOTG, Homecoming and Ant-Man feels like the movie that can be enjoyed without being outright die hard serious.

    Not the best but is a solid contender for this list and I do believe it earns a spot here.

  • Taking a break from the mainstream Avengers we are now following a new team of superheroes with some looking for wealth and fortune, power or just crazy people who go around causing trouble.

    This is a film that everyone can enjoy and doesn't require you watching like 2 or 3 other films before getting to the main one.

    The characters are hilarious, one liner jokes are killer, the interactions between the characters funny as hell what's not to love about this film.

    Visually doesn't look half bad, If your a fan of old time classic music then your gonna love the soundtrack for this movie that contains songs originating from the 80s and I myself who LOVES classic music most certainly appeals to my liking.

  • Where do I start with this film, because of the nature of it's law the film creators really went all out with the CGI I mean like "Woah, Am I high" with special effects of the roof is truly a sight to be seen.

    The movie intruduces Interesting theme's similar to Thor with the supernatural, mythical and out of this world powers that really just make your mouth drop.

    The soundtrack composed by Micheal Giacchino the same composer who worked on both Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes as done a phenomenal job for this movie some might argue it's too much like those films but I think it works for Strange's character and to be honest I find it awesome.

    his character growth throughout the film was refreshing and seeing him transform from essentially a normal dude to an all powerful wizard that can warp reality, create portals, teleport and control time is just awesome.