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Chronicplane's list of characters to rep in a CaV (TBU)

These are my choices of characters/versions I would like to use in a CaV(whether it be 1v1, 2v2 or FFA), these are just the bare-bones of details will elaborate further when said character is in discussion.

Disclaimer: Haven't seen World Heroes: Mission yet so I won't be using feats from the newest movie, will update eventually.

Update 12/12/2021; Added OPM characters Tatsumaki, Saitama and Garou

Update 17/05/2022; Added DBZ characters Frieza and Future Trunks, Strode character Jack The Ripper and FMA character Wrath

Update 20/05/2022; Added MCU characters Thor and Iron Man. Composite Buu and Canon Count Dooku and DBS in-universe MU's listed below

List items

  • Version:

    Post-AFO / / Current - MHS and easily beyond Multi Mountain Level with unconvential durability ignoring hax

  • Version:

    Fight against Seras - High Hypersonic and Small Building with intangibility hax

  • Version:

    TYPE-MOON Writers Nasu, Urobuchi & Higashide - High Hypersonic and Mountain with intangibility & self dimensional teleportation hax

    TYPE-MOON Writers Sakurai and Harita - MHS and Small Country with intangibility & self dimensional teleportation hax

  • Version:

    Full Cowling After from all of the Arcs goes to: 5% - 8% - 20% - 30% - 45% - Faux 100% - Full Power 100%

    Pre-Timeskip Deku - High Hypersonic and Town Level | Limited to 30%

    Current - MHS and City Level

  • Version:

    End of Series - Hypersonic and Wall level with Body Move-Reading hax

  • Version:

    Prime - MHS+ and Large Island Level

  • Version:

    Pre-Timeskip Todoroki - High Hypersonic and Town Level with unconventional durability ignoring via fire manipulation

  • Version:

    Pre-Timeskip Bakugou - High Hypersonic and MCB+ Level

  • Version:

    Fight against Father - Supersonic+ and Large Building with transmutation hax

  • Version:

    Saiyan Saga - Relativistic and easily beyond moon busting level

    Android Saga/Post Kami Fusion | Fight against no.17 - FTL+ and easily beyond dwarf star level

  • ONE & Murata - Top Tier of the OPMverse

    Psychic Powers | Continental-Multi Continental and low Quint Mach Sub-Relativistic

  • Version:

    ONE & Murata - God Tier of the OPMverse

    so everyone else in the series is basically fodder to him an thus he would upscale massively from them easily | at least Planet Level and FTL

    Disclaimer: Only willing to rep him if he's under bloodlusted/morals off conditions

  • Versions:

    ONE & Murata - A Master Martial Artist, Skilled in the form of Fist of the Flowing Water and can physically adapt as he fights

    Human Garou - MHS and City Level

    Don't feel comfortable repping Half Monster or Full Monster Garou yet

  • Version:

    Namek Saga | Fight against SSJ Goku - FTL and easily beyond planetary level

  • Versions: DBZ

    Android Saga/Post ROSAT | - FTL+ and easily beyond dwarf star level

  • Versions:

    Fight against Luther - beyond hypersonic and wall level striking with Body Move-Reading hax

  • Versions:

    Fight against the genuine Greed - beyond hypersonic and wall level striking with enhanced precision and monstrous fighting ability

  • Version:

    Composite Nanotech suit - easily beyond hypersonic in perceptions/reaction, faster in travel and large city level striking

  • Version:

    Composite/IW fight in Wakanda - MHS perceptions/reaction and easily beyond mountain level striking, greater with lightning

  • Version:

    Composite - FTL-MFTL and easily beyond solar system level with various hax and op regen, can elaberate further in discussion

  • Versions:

    Canon - easily beyond hypersonic and wall level striking with lightsabers as hot as the sun and psychokinesis an various other abilities

  • DBS *in-universe debates only

    Versions & MU's:

    . UE Vegeta(Repping) vs UI Goku(???)

    . Broly(Repping) vs Jiren(???)

    . Hit(Repping) vs Moro/Goku Black/Janemba?(???)