RWBY: Character Tiering List (Unofficial)

RWBY: Power Tier/Ranking

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I've seen a lot of controversy within the RWBY community about who's stronger than the other and so I decided to make a thread dedicated to solving these issues, This thread "Just as what the title says" will be taking RWBY characters and each give them a respectful rank in the Tiering list.


  • Please be respectful towards one another in the comments
  • If there an issue with the Tiering list do let me know and we can discuss and resolve the issue, about a particular characters placement and ranking on said list
  • This "Just as the title suggests" is technically Unofficial Which means this list is not set in stone and I don't expect it to as characters are always getting stronger or weaker as the series continues, This tiering system is to simply give the best possible answer as of now and clear up any misconceptions or disagreements.
  • RWBY characters are current versions unless otherwise specified (Example a character that's not current will have Vol. X next to them indicating the version used
  • This will be done in a letter Grading style from Highest rank - Lowest rank: Tiering System

With this being said let's begin

Grading Scale (NOTE: = - Equal, =/> - Both equal, though one is slightly above the other or is still debatable)

Z (Zwei Tier)

  1. Zwei

S (G-d Tier)

  1. God of Light/Darkness
  2. Salem

A (Demi G-d Tier)

  1. Raven Branwen
  2. Cinder (Post Full Maiden) =/> Professor Ozpin
  3. Amber

B (Natural Peak Tier)

  1. Glynda Goodwitch
  2. Cinder Fall (Half Full Maiden)
  3. Hazel (w/ Amped Dust)
  4. Tyrian Callows
  5. Qrow Branwen </= Base Form Raven Branwen

C (Huntsman)

  1. Neopolitan
  2. Base Form Cinder Fall
  3. Winter Schnee
  4. Mercury Black
  5. Weiss Schnee
  6. Ruby Rose
  7. Pyrrha Nikos
  8. Adam Taurus
  9. Penny Polendina
  10. Nora Valkyrie
  11. Yang Xiao Long
  12. Yatsuhashi Daichi
  13. Roman Torchwick
  14. Velvet Scarlatina
  15. Lie Ren
  16. Blake Belladonna
  17. Sun Wukong

D (Academy Student Tier)

  1. Illia Amitola
  2. Coco Adel
  3. Dove Bronzewing
  4. Flynt Coal
  5. Neon Katt
  6. Reese Chloris
  7. Jaune Arc
  8. Russel Thrush
  9. Sky Lark
  10. Oscar Pines
  11. Jaune Arc V3

E (Low Student/Prep Academy Tier)

  1. Cardin Winchester
  2. Melanie = Militia
  3. Jaune Arc (Vol. 1-2)
  4. Emerald Sustrai

F (Poor Tier)

  1. Atlas Bots
  2. White Fang Soldiers
  3. Jaune Arc (Vol. 1)
  4. Beowulf
  5. Gangster
  6. Civilian

UD (Unverified)

  • Summer Rose
  • Taiyang
  • Watts
  • Professor Oobleck
  • Vernal(TBA)
  • Fox Alistair
  • Grimm Reaper (Prime)

Leave your thoughts below about this list, If there's anything that you think is out of place please do let me now, and If you have any other character recommendations for this list leave them down below (Note: I'll be adding teams to this list soon, Just not sure where to rank them and I'd prefer discussing that with you guys)

Please do give your own list on this subject.

With all of this being said

Peace out :)

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Different types of Strength, Speed and Durability THEORY

Now throughout all of comics, anime and other forms of media we see characters like Silver Surfer, Superman, Goku and Toriko preform extraordinary feats within all these categories. Though throughout all of the vine I see people getting themselves confused with them and mistake feats for something they are not.

Within this thread I'll be going over a solid theory (If not Fact), which consists of different types of Strength, Speed and Durability which I'll list below.

You viners can have a look at them and leave your thoughts below, here they are.


Lifting Strength: One capable of carrying or holding up a specific amount of weight.

Striking Strength:A character capable of admiting incredible force through punches, Kicks and even headbutts.


Travel Speed: Traveling from point A to point B, Someone capable of moving at extremely fast speeds to different places.

Combat Speed:One capable of moving there muscles much faster than ordinary human's, Capable of throwing punches, kicks as well as fight opponents at extremely fast speeds.

Reaction Speed: One's mind capable of processing images faster than an ordinary human's, capable of thinking, solving and anticipating things at extremely fast speeds.


Physical Durability: A character that is capable of tanking physical damage such as punches, kicks and headbutts.

Energy Durability: One capable of withstanding massive energy damage, such as explosives and energy attacks/lasers.

Piercing Durability: A character that can withstand attacks from bladed weapons for example, Swords, katanna's and shurikins

Radioactive/Poison Durability: Processing high resistance or immunity to radiation and poison's

Thoughts on this, Do you guys agree with these different types of strength's and speeds, If not I would like to hear your thoughts on this as many people seem to confuse themselves with this.

P.S - Some of you may be aware that I made this thread a while ago but I decided to remake it as a apart of my blog.


My Top 5 Favorite MCU Characters

This will be my Top 5 Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters as off now and with that said let's get started, After watching Infinity war gave me the idea to make my own list of characters.

#1 - Loki Laufeyson

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G-D of mischief, Son of Odin and imo one of my favorite MCU Villains what's not to like about him. His character growth throughout the universe especially with his Brother.

He's a manipulator, get's into peoples heads and plays them for fools (though unintentionally makes himself one lol) he's funny as hell.

#2 - Thor Odinson

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G-D of thunder, Son of Odin and prince of Asgard, protector of the nine realms and wielder of what's possibly one of the most badass weapons to ever exist Mjolnir.

Starting off from what seemed to be an irresponsible, foolish warrior develops compassion and learns from his mistakes and grows throughout the franchise.

#3 - Captain America

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Steve Rogers a simple man who grew up in the 1940s in Brooklyn and was a helpless person who suffered from numerous diseases, Volunteering for a SSP that turned out sucessful became the next revolutionary superhero and possibly the greatest off all time.

His true shine (at least imo) in The Winter Soldier, where we get to see a darker side of the character, character interactions, depth and themes. Ideals clashing with modern society, a War Soldier up aganist the whole world, a man against G-ds and comes out on top.

Earns my spot as number 3.

#4 - Spider-Man

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This is my favorite Spider-Man, different from the other times we've seen him either serious or near perfect we are given one that is like the opposite, A kid who's maturing and growing to be something greater.

His optimism always shines makes his way on number 4.

#5 - Doctor Strange

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Doctor Stephen Strange, A hard working wealthy business man who suffered severe injures, lost everything and was forced to venture out to the mystical world and finds something beyond the one dimension world.

Imo, one of the most badass Superhero's introduced into the mcu, his calm like charm, intelligence and sherlock like personality combining mystical forces offers one interesting character.

He wins his fights through brain, wits and magic something that we don't see often in most action films, Would love to see more off him in the future.

Honorable Mentions:

I like these characters and some I think in my mind could've made it on the list, was close but didn't quiet make it still cool characters.

  • Iron Man
  • Black Panther
  • Star-Lord
  • Hawkeye
  • Drax
  • Howard The Duck
  • Scarlet Witch

This was a difficult list to make, a lot of characters from the MCU are likable and entertaining but I do believe this would be my rough list of top 5 MCU Characters, things may change in the future.