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Suicide Squad on Smallville

Rick Flagg, Deadshot, and Plastique have appeared on Smallville and have started the team.  Would Bronze Tiger or Count Vertigo work as core members? Count Vertigo

is in Green Arrow's rogues gallery?

Comic Vine who do you think should make an appearance with the Suicide Squad before Smallville finishes it's Swan Song?


Suicide Squad

The Secret Six launch has a feel up the old Ostrander series. Interchanging members out after 1 to 2 story arcs without the villian fodder. 
Is there any interest to have a new ongoing Squad book. Would a story line work with what is going on in The DCU? 
Comicvine community, what say you. Would you like to see a new Suicide Squad tittle penned by Ostrander or someone else. Should it have the same tone as Secret Six or darker? There are probably a few characters unssen for decades that would make some interesting fodder for a team without Deadshot and Only Bronze Tiger and Flagg leading them.

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Hall of Fame for Comics

     The city of San Diego has recently renewed their contract to hold the SDCC  for the future. This past year while the convention was being held in San Diego.
The NFL was holding their Hall of Fame ceremony during the same weekend. I began to wonder where A Hall of Fame for comics should be located. The Eisner's have
been given out since 1988 to one or two deserving winners. How about an induction ceremony for five worthy creators every year? Those creators that paved the way
for  future writers and artists that we cherish today. Who would be in the first class of inductees? Will Eisner. Jack Kirby, and Stan Lee. There are very original pioneers
that would be their for an induction ceremony.
     What do you think comicvine community? Who would you start with?