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Did Geoff Johns forget about Hal Jordan? 0

I thought this issue was good, but did they get it right? Was this supposed to be a Green Lantern Corps issue? Where is Hal ? This issue felt more like a GL Corps issue than a Green Lantern issue. This issue has the Green Lanterns Corps, Blue Lanterns Corps, Sinestro Corps, Black Lanterns Corps, Red Lanterns Corps, Orange Lantern Corps, and the Star Sapphire Corps, but no Hal which is typical of the GL Corps volume. When I got to the end of this issue I honestly forgot this was Green Lantern, I...

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Just buy it! You won't be disappointed 0

  Archaia did a great job with this one. Days Missing #1 I thought was a great book. It is an interesting story about a man who has been alive since the time of the dinosaurs. Jumping in and out of time trying to help humanity. The art is great, the writing even better. I recommend this story to any one who likes a comic that is different from the mainstream superhero comics. From the first page you get a news story about a disease taking over Swaziland. People are dying all over th...

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Blackest Night Superman #1 0

  Personally I found Blackest Night: Superman #1 to be disappointing. I believe this will be a decent mini series, but I feel it doesn't add much to the Blackest Night series. I believe this series needs to be more like Blackest Night: Batman. In Blackest Night: Batman #1 we get valuable information about the Black Lanterns from Deadman. And it seems like the Batman series will continue on giving us more information as the 3 part mini series continues. Maybe this is because Batman ...

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