Why Americans will never accept Soccer as a "real" sport


Soccer as it is known to Americans, is the worlds most popular sport! It is played by millions in every country around the world. The world cup in 2006 had and estimated 700+ million viewers not including people inside and outside the stadium. The two biggest leagues (English Premier League and Italian Serie A) have more fans than the NFL, MLB, NHL or any other American professional sports league. The fans are amazing (I mean they riot for the most pointless games, yet in the US you have to win a World Series to riot). Games have near 100,000 people at them, every one sings songs, drinks, celebrates, and cheers on their favorite club. Every one I know that has traveled to Europe and gone to a match has become a soccer fan because of the atmosphere at a game. Yet why do Americans still consider it a "sissy" sport? Professional Soccer players or as Americans insist on calling them "Foot fairies" have a skill and athletic ability that most people can only dream of. This years world cup takes place in South Africa from June 11th through July 11th. The United States actually has a good team this year yet no body seems to care. Is this because the MLS has been a huge failure? Or are people in America too stubborn to realize that this sport is truly a great sport! Sorry Americans but your version of Football is only watched by 1 country, REAL FOOTBALL is watched in every country in the world! Does any one know why soccer cannot be accepted in the United States?


DC vs. MARVEL: Battle for the best videogame!

First there was MARVEL Ultimate Alliance, then Batman Arkham Asylum (Batman), and most recently MARVEL Ultimate Alliance 2 (MUA2) was released. It just so happens that MUA2 came out just shortly after Batman coincidence? I think not! It seems as though Marvel and DC could be starting a trend of going back and fourth with who has the best videogame. IF you have noticed they have posted ads in all of your comics, and have came out with 2 good games. I believe this could be a good thing for people who love comic based videogames. I think we do not see enough competition in videogames and having the two biggest names in Comics make videogames to compete with each other can only bring out the best in their games. Personally I am a DC guy and L!O!V!E!D! Batman Arkham Asylum and wish I could play it all day every day (but I have other things to do... work etc). I have only played the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance, my opinion on that is not positive or negative. It was a game that took a little while to get into, but once you did the story was good, the graphics ok, the controls WEAK! I am looking forward to trying MUA2, but only once I have heard from a couple friends how they liked the game. I believe this little competition might spark some life into more videogames. There are Spider-Man, Wolverine, X-Men, Transformers, Superman games out there, but they have all sucked because they were solely based on the one of the movies and were just a little crappy games put together to coincide with the movie release date to make more money. Batman and MUA2 are different. They seem to be made for the comic videogamers who want a good story, good graphics, and want to be able to become the character! Keep it coming DC and Marvel we want more awesome videogames and we want to see who can come up with the best videogame.
Don't forget DC has DC Universe Online still coming out... no one knows when but if its taking them like 5 years to make it should be AMAZING! 

For those of you that have played both games which one did you like better? Do you think there is a deep competition going on between DC and Marvel for the best videogame? What do you want to see for the next DC videogame?

Addiction to technology

Having an iPhone makes you addicted to facebook, twitter, espn, papertoss!, the internet etc. You cannot go one day with out your iPhone. If you try it, I guarantee you will freakout! It's kind of sad. After seeing one of the articles G-Man did on Spider-Woman Motion Comic #1, it got me thinking. Are we going to see a lot more motion comics? Will there be a motion/digital comic app where all the new comics for the week will be able to be downloaded straight to your computer or iPhone? Instead of going into comic stores and buying our comics, are the big companies going to start making more of these motion comics? What do you guys think? Did you like Spider-Woman Motion Comic #1 that G-Man reviewed? Do you guys like digital or motion comics? Do you think that our addiction to technology will end comics as we know them today?

Comics becoming popular again!!!

With the hype of Tyrese's Mayhem, Geoff Johns Blackest Night, COMIC CON, and so many other big upcoming comics, it seems that people who don't read comics are once again noticing comic books! What do you think is the biggest factor playing the role in bringing life back to the comic industry? Is it because comic based movies and extremely popular and make a lot of money in theaters? Or do you think the industy was lacking in good writers and artists? Tell me your opinion I personally believe it has to do mostly with the fact that comic based movies are extremely popular... but I could be wrong let me know!


Who should play a superhero?

Since superhero movies are extremely popular right now a lot of movie stars are beginning to take on roles as our favorite comic book characters. Who would you want to see playing the role for your favorite characters? (i.e. I would like to see Conan O'Brien play the Riddler... Just Kidding)


New to comics.

Hello every one! I just recently began reading comics. I haven't read any since I was a little kid and need some advice. I have picked up the Blackest Night volume which is amazing by the way, also Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and Green Lantern Rebirth. What else do you think I would like? I want to find a good Superman volume, Flash, and maybe a good Batman volume (I've never been a big Batman fan but reading a story about a rich bada$$ is always fun). Give me some pointers if you can and thanks to every one in advance! Anything with a good/great story and the art is always important to me.


Comic Vine iPhone

Does any one know if there is a way to view videos from comic vine on an iPhone? I just see a little blue box where the video is supposed to be.