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A pretty good one-off storyline! 0

I don't normally read Elseworlds (between me and Punchinello, we find them a bit extreme and the writers don't often pull the AU concept off well) but this one is pretty good for a one-shot story. It is about a pair of animal activists who break into a genetic compound in the middle of nowhere, only for *SPOILER* to disrupt their plans, though a special serum was stolen in the process... Batman soon finds out that the thief has been kidnapped by a family of man-bats, specifically Kirk Langstrom'...

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A supernatural Gothic Victorian story. 0

Only for those who like reading comics set in the gothic victorian time period, as the title suggests this is based on the original Batman Elseworlds story; Gotham by Gaslight.The supernatural parts involve vampiric man-bats, and ordinary Man-bat (Dr Kirk Langstrom)The artwork is decent, expected for a one-off segment of a brand-new series, the bats look closer to actual bats than in other Man-bat comics where he is drawn resembling a 50's wolf-man, or a flying gorilla. It is unfortunate that mo...

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