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The Dark Knight = win.

I saw it with Punchinello and another friend a few days ago, and it is made of win. :D

So far, the only things I didn't like was the editing and open endings to some characters and scenes, and not as much Joker screen-time as presumed.. thankfully, there were no idiots in the cinema, just one kid who didn't say a thing; though some people in front of us had their mobiles on. They left soon, though =D

Hopefully the DVD will have more scenes, especially the ones that were in the trailers/TV spots but were left out of the actual film. =\

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Another one. O:

Another order arrived, with 3 man-bat stories! Two of them were.. ahem. Marriage: Impossible! issue, though, had some good art by Adams, as usual. Need to scan some of them for a new portrait, here on the 'Vine!

That's pretty much it for an update )=


One measly order.

So, only one of my ordered man-bats arrived, with Punchy's big order(s). This makes me sad, there should be more comics of man-bat that are more like The Subterraneans. Even though man-bat isn't a very popular character, the comics of him that I own are particularly.. plot-less with the one (sometimes two) goals.

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